Just align your optic on the black dot and bore sight on the gray dot. UPDATE 2: It may go without saying but this target can also be used to. Since the offset on a 10M Boresight Target is a mathematical calculation with symbols placed on predetermined grid coordinates on a sheet of. This 10 Meter Boresight target is designed for the M16A4/M4MWS rifle with a top rail EoTech Holographic Sight. Target includes diagrams for Laser Bore.

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To properly aim with the TWS, soldiers must ensure that the correct reticle is selected in the sight. The integrated act of firing with the M68 is identical to the iron sights except for the change in sight picture.

The meter boresight target grids are 1-centimeter squares, unlike the meter zero targets. When the soldier is ready to fire, the elbows are boresightt planted on the ground to prevent the laser from taeget excessively.

If boresihgt firer does not get the same sight picture after the second realignment, he more than likely has a fundamentals problem with his firing position and sight picture. The engine compartment, exhaust, and tires of a vehicle that has been moving are all examples of thermal cues. The meter zero target for the M and M4-series weapons is the standard M16A2 zero target with the appropriate strike zone marked on the target Figure B.

This fundamental of marksmanship does not change during night firing.

Zeroing Target – 50/200 Yard Zero at 10 Yards

Adjusting the brightness, contrast, and polarity helps enhance the thermal cues of a target, allowing for quicker detection and identification. The TWS gives the soldier the ability to see through camouflage, such as paint, foliage, and camouflage netting, thereby increasing both day and night target-detecting 10j.


The image shown is not to scale. Weapon stabilization is boreskght, orientation is irrelevant. Using an SOP can reduce the number of oral orders needed to control fire. The reversible magazine release button that can be positioned for either right-or left-handed shooters. The fundamentals are changed as follows:. A lightweight, self-contained, man-portable, high-explosive, disposable, shoulder-launched, multipurpose assault weapon-disposable SMAW-D that contains all gunner features and controls taget to aim, fire, and engage targets Figure For more detailed information see FM Incapacitating Shot Placement —The only shot placement that guarantees immediate broesight total incapacitation is one roughly centered in the face.

Conduct the following procedures for these specific weapons:. Leaders of all levels need to educate themselves now on this so that they can be more efficient in their use of one of our most valuable assets: During the dry-fire exercise, soldiers acquire a sight picture on all exposed silhouette targets before conducting the field-fire scenario.

At ranges of 50 meters and beyond, parallax is minimal. Figure shows the backup iron sights training program. Remedial action is the action taken to reduce a stoppage by looking for the cause and to try to clear the stoppage once it has been identified. You may be instructed to begin, shift, and cease boreeight at a set time.

They also have much less backblast and launch signature. To apply the corrective steps for remedial action, first try to place the weapon on SAFE, then remove the magazine, lock the bolt to the rear, and place the weapon on safe. Keep your head up and both eyes open. Shots in this area maximize the hydrostatic shock of the round.


Boeesight — rounds per minute to round bursts 2 to 3 seconds between bursts.

With your nonfiring eye closed, look through the M68 to ensure you can see the red dot clearly. All procedures for the M68 are the same as with standard iron sights.

Close the front lens cover before turning the rotary switch counterclockwise to the OFF position. Sound signals boresigyt good only for short distances. Care must be taken when annotating the impact of the rounds.

FM Chapter 8 Advanced Optics, Lasers, And Iron Sights (Phase V of

Thanks for all the great info on your site! A lightweight, gas-operated, air-cooled belt or magazine-fed, one-man-portable automatic weapon that fires from the open-bolt position Figure If the visible laser cannot be located when the soldier spins the borelight to the half turn position, start this procedure at 2 meters instead of 10 meters. Keep weapon muzzles pointed downward when traveling on aircraft.

Zeroing at 25 meters must boresihht conducted to ensure the TWS is properly zeroed. It works well because of the compressed distance for which it is designed to be used. boresighh