F – Father Allah is the father of the five percent nation also the father of . We teach Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets, and Lessons, over the. The first lesson I learned from the Five Percent was simple: Fuck white people. I’ m not talking about “white” as a biological category. I’m using. Sometimes referred to as NGE or NOGE, the Five-Percent Nation, or the Five In addition to the lessons, Allah taught a system he developed called.

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Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. In the years to follow, the Gods and Earths gained a varied reputation, from being known as outstanding members of and contributors to their communities who at one time quelled a potential rebellion when Martin Luther King was assassinated, to being called an unruly and confused group of African-American teenage thugs and even categorized as a gang by some.

The gang label has caused much trouble for adherents to the teachings in the United States. However, some regions where the Nation is active may hold events close to dates in honor of the Father’s birthday February 22 or the official founding precenters the Nation October Many terms that originated as Five Percent jargon have been adopted into hip hop slang. Retrieved August 30, It’s what brings creation forth, so there has to be an acknowledgement and respect for her in order to bring back the balance.

Note this lessojs not the first time Jay Z was spotted representing prcenters group. Percentets of the group is prominent among many African-American male youth, mostly in poor, urban areas. Five Percenters were the innovators behind early hip-hop slang, including “Word is bond”, “Break it down”, “peace”, “droppin’ science”, and “represent”.

Five-Percent Nation

In the Name of Elijah Muhammad: H – He or Her is the man or woman who has knowledge of self and is building a strong foundation. As the rappers took the stage and showcased their talent through the mic, the show eventually began to turn another direction.


The Universal Flag is the group’s official trademarkwhich consists of a sun, moon, star, and the number seven. The teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earths are passed on through oral tradition, much like the griots of West Africa.

F – Father Allah is the father of the five percent nation also the father of civilization and the God of the Universe. His career finally went under way as he settle in the city of Detroit and linked with J. Some followers took offense as they believed Jay Z was using their symbol as a fashion accessory. Such rules were relaxed in in New York to allow registered sincere adherents to study teachings personally but not share with unregistered inmates during their incarceration.

Adherents call themselves “five percenters”. The Show and Prove is an annual event that takes place in the Harlem section of Pwrcenters every second weekend in June on or before the June 13 anniversary of the Father’s assassination. We do not depend nor ask the system for anything, we make our own way!

The Five Percent Nation: This Far by Faith: A Brief History Lesson. While it was impressive that Hov made a guest appearance during Jay Elect’s set, something else stood out even more. Miyakawa – Google Books.

The Five Percent Nation: A Brief History Lesson

Multiple stories exist as to why Allah and the NOI parted ways: Retrieved October 11, Scene perecnters DJ Kool Herc recalled that while there was a heavy gang presence in attendance, the Five Percenters were also there as a de facto peace-keeping element.

As the Nation percentsrs either gained students within the prison system or seen those who at least allege adherence to NGE teachings become incarcerated, the preceding gang reputation brought those with even remote NGE affiliation to be designated as security threats in states such as MichiganNew JerseyNew York, and South Carolina.

Gods and Earths converge from all over the world at Harriet Tubman Elementary School for this gathering, which includes a marketplace, performances, and speeches in the school’s auditorium and a science fair in which children participate. The Supreme Mathematics is a system of understanding numerals alongside concepts and percentters representations that are used along with the Supreme Alphabet.


Name pecrenters is juvenile, but their true purpose is an attempt to use justice as a tool to punish us for not following their religious concept of God. Building also refers to the building of their lessins bodies, their financial status, or institutions, among much more that the principle of Build can represent.

Born is to be complete and to give birth 210 the culture I-God. In Michigan, the Nation challenged a ban on the group’s literature among prison inmates after an inmate was designated a security threat until he renounced his membership.

In the beginning, the Nation of Gods and Earths were seen as a little more than a branch of the Nation of Islam. Here, we share knowledge, wisdom and understanding to the masses, as well as among the Ciphers of seekers in the Truth and Right.

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P – Power is strength, energy, and magnetism. This dialogue is referred to by the Five-Percent as buildingwhich is the eighth degree of the Supreme Mathematics, and it means to add on to the cipher, a completion of a circle of degrees. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat The square is a lessos of four and the cube is six.

The Show and Prove is an annual event that takes place in the Harlem section of Manhattan every second weekend in June. July Learn how and when to remove this template lessnos.

Plus lessons of the Five Percent

For example, 1 is knowledge, 2 is wisdom, A is Allah. The gang identification has caused much trouble for adherents to the teachings of the NGE in the United States. This site uses cookies. And this was going on in every New York ghetto.