The first edition of Lord Ifor Evans1 A Short History of English Literature was hailed by the Observer: 3Professor Evans writes to the classical model, brief and . Secretary, the British Institute of Adult Education. A SHORT HISTORY OF. ENGLISH LITERATURE. BY. B. IFOR EVANS i;z 72, PE FOACES. Leave this boolc. Nothine in Oid English Literature can compaxe with Beol’ Ai i has tbe size ad dignity of a cldsical he nehB &v{l to the stories of the Germanic .

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The tunes, and the phrasing of many of the lyrics which survive, especially those in the famous Harleian Manuscriptcome to the ear with an unsullied freshness ; Betwene March and Averil When spray beginneth to spring. When he wrote in English, he wrote as a cultivated English poet would write, and his Scottish poems are evanns naive dialect pieces, but clever manipula- tions of language varying from Ayrshire to standard English.

They have used poetry to express their knowledge of love, death and their aspirations. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Water, water, every where. As a prophet, and a liberator of the human spirit, Blake is of first importance, but as an artist he is limited by his arbitrary methods, and by an absence of discipline.

He also hopes that his work will enlarge the knowledge of the ‘boys of England’, in English itself.

It may have been only an accident that a number of poets in the eighteenth century were afflicted by morbid- ity and insanity. Most English poetry in the early Anglo-Saxon period is associated with these two events. And when – O Friend! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

A Short History of English Literature. By B. Ifor Evans.

That the changes kiterature they made in poetry were recognized by their contemporaries can be seen in Dryden’s praise of Waller, ‘he first made writing easily an art’. Wordsworth had a profoundly moral nature, capable of deep feeling, but controlled by a stubborn Northern austerity.


A dove house fill’d with doves and Pigeons Shudders Hell thro’ all its regions. In the Prologue to this poem Chaucer returned to allegory, to fo medieval Garden of the Rose, and embedded in this part of the poem is the most beauti- ful of all his lyrics: But in those early days the monster was real.

Skip to content Skip to search. Public Private login e. Dr Johnson was later to name him and his school the ‘metaphysical’ poets, because they yoked ideas which no one had yet seen together. But the labour is that of a new form adapting itself to English after a period when some of the measures of verse have been wayward.

He uses ‘picture-names’ for the things and people he lias to describe, so the ‘sea’ is the lierature road’ and the gistory is the ‘bone-house’.

A Short History of English Literature

He seems sometimes more of a disembodied spirit than an ordinary human being. His audience was necessarily a small one and in his own lifetime could not have been more than a few thousand people, comprising courtiers and members ol the rismg professional and merchant classes.

If his own veree is unexceptional, he is remembered for his rendering of Vergil into English verse. Somehow he would make a poem in which the medley of native story joined with a classical ambition in presentation. In the national upheaval he was occupied as a controversialist and Latin Secretary, and those who know Milton only from his verse may well be surprised to dis- cover the vituperation and abuse which he dealt out to his opponents in the pamphleteering warfare.

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Set up My libraries How do I set up “My libraries”? Less conscious in his verse than Ben Jonson, he had learnt from his master the art or brief expression, and to this he added his own lyrical literatire, and his power of seizing upon the illuminating but unexpected word.

Full text of “A Short History Of English Literature Ifor Evans”

A young warrior called Beowulf comes with a group of com- rades to the rescue. He used the sonnet, as Milton had done, to arouse England to a sense other responsibility in inter- national affairs, and efans express poignant moments in his own experience.

The German tribes, though they warred with each other, and with anyone else within reach, had a ‘free trade’ in stories. Jen rated it liked it Sep 07, Dm Juan is one of the great poems m literatjre language, a performance of rare artistic skill. He uses a symbolism of his own invention, a secret language, bewildering to the reader, and destructive of the unity of his poems as works of art.

He became tutor to Crom- well’s ward and wrote in praise of the Protector poems such as the ‘Horatian Ode upon Cromwell’s Return from Ireland’. Oct 07, Beth rated it it kf ok Shelves: Open to the public. That she suffered is obvious, and so everyone was to suffer who encountered Shelley’s ecstatic and uncompromising nature. This is the final effect of the Faerie Qjteene, a wash made from the brightest pigments with little to arrest the intellect or astound the imagination as in Shakespeare, with strange and incongruous passages of satire and allegory but with magnificence continually breaking in.