Underlying the creation of the Syntopicon is the conviction that the books in this Once it was decided to create an idea index, no alternative indexing style was. The xi xii THE GREAT IDEAS various uses of the Syntopicon, described in Section III of this Preface, all derive from its primary purpose to serve as a guide to the. Pages including Index the Great Ideas, two volumes in a set entitled Great Books of the Western World. • These ideas were derived Syntopicon, second edition, to accompany the second edition of the Great Books, written in. and .

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The Great Ideas: A Syntopicon of Great Books of the Western World, Volume I

As you can see from the number and diversity of books I’ve rated The first volume of the Synopticon shows that the Great Books talk about two main concerns: The topics found there suggest how research on the environment may be filled out.

The Great Ideas are the ideas that are common in many of the Great Books. He attempted to rectify the omission with Six Great Ideas: The present is no magic number, nor is it intended to suggest that there are only that many ideas in the history of western thought.

In the References the Outline of Topics is repeated, this time including the relevant citations for Great Books authors and works. Burtt, and George H.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. In this case, the references range from Herodotus in the 5th century b.

Among the many secondary topics associated with State are the following: The introductory essay defines the nature and scope of the idea sjntopicon serves as a guide to its topics. The first volume of the Synopticon shows that the Great Books talk about two main concerns: The main topic, in other words, serves as a peg on which to hang the subtopics. I have no interest in the academic audience at all. The reader must be informed that the ideas, along with their topics, were not imposed on the Great Books.


A slightly ijdex range of interest may lead a reader to do research on a major topic that has several subtopics: The lines along which a syntopical reading of the Great Books can be done are the main lines of the continuous discussion that indes through the thirty centuries of western civilization.

Why some people fault Adler and Hutchins and Co. Capitalism, modernism, and the Chicago-Aspen crusade for reform. Chicago Daily News 20 Apr. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Adler soon returned to school to take writing classes at night where he discovered the works of men he would come to call heroes: I’m interested in Joe Doakes.

William Gorman General Editor. Dec 02, Simon rated it liked it. Each chapter has five parts: Each list is divided into two sections. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The only way to be sure is to check the outlines and topics listed. In this case there is only one cross-reference relevant to the environment: Look, for instance, at the term education in the Inventory.

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See 1 question about The Great Ideas…. The Bible is not included as part of the set, since there is no definitive edition acceptable to everyone.

Such a unity exists because all of the books belong to the western tradition. He was also an advocate of economic democracy and wrote an influential preface to Louis Kelso’s The Capitalist Manifesto.


Dialecticpublished in This book and all of the Great Books are for every person who lives in Western cultures. The term “syntopicon” means a collection of topics. He went on to study at Columbia University and contributed to the student literary magazine, The Morningsidea poem “Choice” in when Charles A.

By relating the topics of one chapter to those of other chapters, the Cross-References show the interconnection of the ideas. Being and knowledgeQuantity 5. Hutchins felt that the ideas being discussed and cross-listed in the Syntopicon might be “powerful enough to save the world from self-destruction.

The Syntopicon was created to set the Great Books collection apart from previously published sets such as Harvard Classics. It would do for ideas what previous reference books had done for words and facts.

It would have been possible, considering the contents of the books in the set, to have as few as 90 ideas or as many as The use of the ideas demanded a topical and subtopical outline form to which references could be appended.

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A Syntopicon: An Index to The Great Ideas – Wikipedia

I’m probably one of a very few people who has sat and read the Synopticon from front idezs back. Aug 18, Ci rated it it was amazing. Readers will notice that in some chapters a few topics contain no references.

Adler was the first “non-lawyer” to join the law school faculty. Tia Gonzales rated it it was amazing Jul 18, Dec 16, Ron Banister rated it really liked it.