German Cars Top Latest ADAC Reliability Survey. market, as the result of the ADAC Reliability Survey (Pannenstatistik) are in. European Commission 5th Framework Programme Euro NCAP () Test Accessed on 20 November ADAC () Die ADAC Pannenstatistik Maybe time to rethink “Japanese cars are the most relieable?? de/Auto_Motorr

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German Cars Top Latest ADAC Reliability Survey – autoevolution

Fuel costs and insurance were also said to be low. One taxi driver says that his Volvo was the most reliable car ever for And still buys a Toyota for his next ride. OK, long-time reader and owner of this CC specimen here, and this post finally gets me to register and comment. Cos everyone knows them fancy It’s not outstanding in any one area, but there’s little for drivers to worry about, either.

However, a particular manufacturer still uses the same suppliers for their wiring harnesses, interior knobs, speedometers, glow pugs, injectors, coil packs, etc. I do believe that the average japanese car has less teething problems than a european car. All times are GMT Maybe time to rethink “Japanese cars are the most relieable??

Decent reliability means owners didn’t make too many unscheduled dealer visits, although mechanical problems and gremlins in the cabin were more troublesome than the exterior. German speakers can look at the Wikipedia article http: It was ninth overall in and is well inside the top 20 this year.

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Does Mercedes provide free roadside assistance in Europe like they do here, and do they contract with someone other than ADAC? Drivers said that running costs were no better than average, and insurance and servicing bills were dear.

Auris owners weren’t too impressed with fuel economy or insurance premiums, although the cost of servicing wasn’t a worry. High marks were awarded for fuel and insurance costs, and service and repair bills.

It’s a similar story with the cabin and the design — acceptable, but not outstanding. As for problems inside the cabin, forget it — these are very well made cars.

Eighties and nineties absolutely neutral. We also get a lot of people who put petrol in diesel cars. I think you get the idea? In fact, the Honda might have come top if it wasn’t for the Civic’s disappointing mechanical reliability.

Paul, thanks for taking the time to translate all this for us.

Running costs play a part. Goes to show once again that one car is a pretty small sample. Unscheduled visits to the local dealer were wdac likely to have been caused by the exterior.


German Cars Top Latest ADAC Reliability Survey

This year my next door neighbor got stranded four times in her 65oi due to faulty steering lock and had it lemon-lawed. I am not alone with this opinion. Avatars by Sterling Adventures. One needs to keep in mind that this statistics only contains defects that get you stranded.

Judged purely on reliability, the Corolla fares better than the Honda Civic. For advertising information click HERE. After incessant complaints from a to zI am now calling all of my characters “special.

TÜV auto reports – cars reliability ratings — An used car

Can you provide evidence for this? Back to Top Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. I have learned my share of graduate level statistics. Contact Us Archive Top. Facilities were rated excellent and so were the staff. What exactly is an economy brand for you?

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I notice almost the complete abscense of Mercedes W in the list. Toyota Corolla Vehicle owner satisfaction score: Log in or Sign up Close Panel. We are already there in Europe.