Lieutenant General Sir Adrian Paul Ghislain Carton de Wiart VC, KBE, CB, CMG, DSO (5 May . the war correspondent Anthony Loyd (born ). In his memoirs, Happy Odyssey, Carton de Wiart makes no reference to his wife or daughters. Read “Happy Odyssey” by Adrian Carton de Wiart with Rakuten Kobo. Adrian Carton de Wiart’s autobiography is one of the most remarkable of military memoirs. Happy Odyssey by Adrian Carton de Sir Wiart, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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At that moment I knew, once and for all, that war was in my blood.

Adrian Carton de Wiart

I know now that the ideal soldier is the man who fights for his country because it is fighting, and for no other reason. Causes, politics and ideologies are better left to the historians.

His enthusiasm was that of a true sportsman. It often spilled over into recklessness, though his numerous wounds proved no deterrent. This was demonstrated early in his military career. By this time I was seething with excitement.

I got a glancing blow in my eye, but I was too wound up to stop — I had to go on trying to get in. The next hit was in my elbow, and I plucked a large but not too damaging splinter from it. But the following shot split my ear, and as the doctor was standing conveniently near he stitched it up there and then, looking meanwhile at my eye which was feeling pretty painful. It seemed to be beyond immediate repair. While I was being sown up Lieutenant Simmons made an attempt on the threshold, but he had the back of his head blown off by one of these soft bullets and was killed instantly.


Patched up, and still wound up, I tried again to storm this blockhouse, but a ricochet from a bullet went through the same damaged eye. We were so near the Dervishes that I could touch their rifles with my stick which was only a couple of feet long. Our Somalis were having heavy casualties, and Tom Cubitt decided to let the Indian contingent have their try.

But they fared no better and, as the light was beginning to fail, we withdrew to camp not far away to take stock of the situation and lick our wounds. Rather magnanimously, we offered the Dervishes their lives if they would surrender, but our generous gesture brought forth a still brighter volley of rudery as to our parentage. It had avrian been most exhilarating fun and the pace too hot for anyone to have any other sensation but thrill, primitive and devouring.

But by the time I got back to camp I was in bad shape, my eye very painful, and I was practically blind. Asrian the Dictionary of National Biography has it: But there was more to Carton de Wiart than his mad, buccaneering streak: He was a great one for country sports too, hunting, fishing and shooting.

Adian was forced to abandon this sporting idyll by the onset of war, being re-called to lead the British mission to the Polish government. Soon he was forced to leave the country altogether as the Poles went down, taking a circuitous but still dangerous route home. I was told an anecdote concerning this trip by a don at Oxford.

It may be revealing of the particular virtues Carton de Wiart brought to wartime diplomacy. To wjart back home he had been forced by advancing German and Soviet troops to travel far to the south before turning west, which he did at the Romanian border.

He marched up to the guards, saluted vigorously, before informing them in parade ground fashion in each of the half-dozen languages he spoke that there carotn three sorts of Romanians: Whilst having no idea which of these he was addressing he demanded free passage.


Happy Odyssey : Adrian Carton de Sir Wiart :

Or perhaps they do, but merely lack the opportunity to display their martial virtues. I love that book. One of the few books that actually has me doubled over with laughter.

The man was barking. Marvelous, but barking none the less.

Adrian Carton de Wiart – Wikipedia

We need a few more like him, if only to add colour, gaiety and a piratical aspect to our drab world. A version of this post originally appeared on The Dabbler in Britain History Oddities People. Oct, 15 RIP Malty. Jan, 13 David Bowie: Six Songs from Six Decades.

Dec, 02 The Algonquin Odysswy Table: A real bunch of characters. He was a real player in great power politics.

I think it was Churchill who sent him to China. RIP Malty Oct, 15 Conflicts of Interest by Terry Stiastny Aug, 09 First-rate Monsters — the Mapp and Lucia novels of E. Benson Jul, 05 Decline of the English barrister May, 25 Post-Truth set in early May, 22 Hello, I am the owner of a Edsel Ranger and could I enjoy learning about these social shibboleths.

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