Home / Electronics Articles / Advantages, disadvantages and There are some disadvantages of PCM (pulse code modulation) which are given below, Difference between PCM and DPCM ยท Difference between pulse. Answer to Briefly describe an advantage and a disadvantage of using differential pulse code modulation (DPCM) over pulse code modu. This page covers advantages and disadvantages of mentions PCM Also refer advantages and disadvantages of DPCM >> and ADPCM >> techniques.

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It has been shown that under the mean-squared error optimization criterion, apart constructions of quantizatior and predictor are good approximations of joint optimization.

DPCM compression depends on the prediction technique, well-conducted prediction techniques lead to good compression rates, in other cases DPCM could mean expansion comparing to regular PCM encoding. Each code has the same number of bits and requires the same length of time for transmission. We choose weighting factors in order to minimize some function of error between and like mean-squared this leads us to the minimization of quantization noise better signal-to-noise ratio.

Digital Transmission.

With conventional PCM, each code is a binary representation of both the sign and the magnitude of a particular sample. Download ppt “Digital Transmission.

The maximum analog signal amplitude produces the widest pulse, and the minimum analog signal amplitude produces the narrowest pulse. In both coding intra- and inter- frame the value of target pixel is predicted using the previously-coded neighboring wnd. The rounded off error is called the called the quantization error Qe.


It can be reduced by decreasing the step size. Basic concept of delta modualation can advanntage explained in the DM block diagram shown in Fig 3.

Digital Transmission. – ppt download

The magnitude of a quantum is also called the resolution. It is important dcpm point out that in forming a prediction reciever i. Intra-frame coding exploits spatial redundancy and inter-frame coding exploits temporal redundancy. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

The PCM code shown in Table is a three-bit sign- magnitude code with eight possible combinations four positive and four negative. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. This necessitates transmitting several identical PCM codes, which is redundant. DM encoder Input signal is compared to the integrated output and delta signal difference between the input signal and the pulse signal is brought to quantizer.

Delta modulation D elta m odulation DM is a subclass of differential pulse code modulation. The digits of binary representation of the code number are transmitted as pulses. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. In PCM, the analog speech waveform is sampled and converted directly into a multibit digital code by an Analog to Digital converter. Histogram of PCM sampled image Fig 5.

Can be reduced by increasing the step size. A sample-and-hold circuit is a nonlinear device mixer with two inputs: So, wnd signal contains bipolar pulses. In ADPCM quantization step size adapts to the current rate of change disadvanntage the waveform which is being compressed. Introduction Pulse modulation consists essentially of sampling analog information signals and then converting those samples into discrete pulses and transporting.


The good side of the ADPCM advantave is minimal CPU load, but it has significant quantization noise and only mediocore compression rates can be achieved 4: DPCM conducted on signals with correlation between successive samples leads to good compression ratios.

The amplitude of a pulse coincides with the amplitude of the analog signal. Analog signals contain an infinite number of amplitude possibilities.

Published by Elijah Jenkins Modified over 3 years ago. The digital code is stored in the memory and which is later re-called for the playback.

Note, however, that all pulses have the same amplitude. Design of DPCM system means optimizing the predictor and quantizer components, because the quantizer is included in prediction loop there is complex dependancy between the prediction error and quantizaton error so joint optimization should be performed to assure optimal results. If the magnitude of the sample exceeds the highest quantization interval, overload distortion also called peak limiting occurs. Fundamentals of Data and Signals.

For the code shown in Tablethe quantization interval is 1 V.