– Buy Los exploradores de Hitler: Ss-ahnenerbe (Unknown History) book online at best prices in India on Read Los exploradores de. The Oera Linda Book is a manuscript written in a form of Old Frisian, purporting to cover was the immediate impulse for the foundation of the Ahnenerbe Nazi “think tank” by Himmler and Wirth, together with Richard Walther Darré. Hitler: Hitler’s ANTARCTICA UFOs, the Ahnenerbe Society, the Piri Reis Map, HAARP and other Mysteries (Hitler in Antarctica mysteries, ufo Book 1) (English.

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The text was nevertheless a source of inspiration for a number of occultists and speculative historians. This basic theory led to the thinking that great civilizations throughout history–the Persians, the Romans and even Tibetans–must have some sort of “Nordic blood”. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Every historian and archeology student should read this! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It also shows the history of the Aryan argument, the actual historical basis of these historical facts and how the Nazi’s perverted them to their own use.

The book never bogs down into deeply technical jargon, rather the reader is kept fascinated by the series of events, fanciful imaginings and some downright scary scientific realities that represent the legacy of the Ahnenerbe. It would almost be funny, if the same lines of reasoning weren’t used as justification for murder on a mind-numbing scale.

Yrjo von Gronhagen, the scholar who recorded the magical spells of Finnish shamans for Himmler, was deemed to have worked as an “extraordinary representative of the Finnish government furthering German-Finnish cultural exchange”. It had become such a running joke amongst Germans about Nazi’s who “had a Jewish friend that they saved” that a new term- Persilscheine White Washing Certificates was coined for the tribunal’s paperwork.


Gustav Neckel had praised Wirth’s work before publication, but upon seeing its content published abnenerbe dismayed recension. The public defeat of Himmler’s scholarly brand of “esoteric Nordicism” resulted in the foundation of Ahnenerbe, which attracted occultists such as Karl Maria Wiligut and was viewed with suspicion by the mainstream National Socialist ideologues of Amt Rosenberg.

Oera Linda Book – Wikipedia

This Ur-Race, he argued, was distinguished by those certain physical characteristics; it was Nordic, golden-haired, blue-eyed, intelligent, Nordic, warlike. Wirth’s fourteen plasts of rock art he took for the Ahnenerbe.

Within the first few years after the appearance of the Oera Linda Book, its recent origin was established not only based on the exceptional claims being made, but also because of a number of anachronisms it contained. Himmler assembled a team of academics from fields as lkbro as anthropology and geology to travel Europe and the seven continents looking for lost Germanic ancestors.

The manuscript’s author is not known with certainty, hence it is unknown whether the intention was to produce whnenerbe hoaxa parody or simply an exercise in poetic fantasy. Jump started by Aryan invaders. But in spite of the German tradition of Christianity, the Nazis promoted the notion that Christianity was a pseudo-religion.

Oera Linda Book

The claim is also made that this Frisian civilization possessed an alphabet that was the ancestor of the Greek and Phoenician alphabets. Feb 02, Francisco Becerra rated it really liked it. Historian Goffe Jensma published a monograph on the manuscript inDe gemaskerde god The Masked Godincluding a new translation and a discussion of the history of its reception.

An article in late by Jensma [10] says that the three authors of the translation intended it “to be a temporary hoax to fool some nationalist Frisians and orthodox Christians and as an experiential exemplary exercise in reading the Holy Bible in a non-fundamentalist, symbolical way.


Modern movies and books think Raiders of the Lost Ark often emphasize the Nazi infatuation with symbols—pictographs, petroglyphs, hieroglyphics, and so on.

If Poland came under German rule, Polish farmers could be dispossessed and their lands distributed to the more capable and superior German farmers. Aug 04, Vidar rated it liked it Shelves: Not surprisingly the system had its flaws and Nazi’s manged to filter through the holes.

The final chapter of the book traces the final outcomes of these luminaries and it is rather interesting. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from December Articles with permanently dead external links Articles with Dutch-language external links Use dmy dates from September During the Holocaust the Ahnenerbe actively participated in many of the medical experimentation on Jewish prisoners.

One chapter of roughly ten pages had more than fifty end notes. It is also known by it’s name- Forschungs- und Lehrgemeinschaft des Ahnenerbe.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It made me wonder what zhnenerbe must have be It’s oddly fascinating to read the litany of bizarre things Himmler and like-minded Nazi scientists were willing to believe. Regrettably, these could only be dated back to Roman times—no help there. Jensma concludes his article by saying “It is a perfect irony that a book written to aunenerbe the Holy Bible as a book of human making was to become a bible itself.