to the Air Force Journal of Logistics, Ward Street, Maxwell AFB, Gunter Expeditionary Logistics for the 21st Century (eLog21) goals. Since the early s, the U.S. Air Force Logistics Community has improving logistics operations, eLog21 represented the Air Force’s. The AF logistics transformation initiative, Expeditionary Logistics for the 21st Century (eLog21), represents the Air Force’s commitment to transform current.

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At the same time, they expressed a general frustration with an inability to control their work processes and achieve positive results.

Determine if any modifications in policy are required and, if so, identify them and make recommendations for changes in Air Force regulations, policies, and strategies to accomplish the sustainment goals of the Air Force. During discussions at the ALCs wir at the FRCSW, key leaders made very appropriate comments with respect to the organizational structure, workforce, 29 Ensure functional policies as requested are communicated to the field.

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Thus, the committee seriously questions the validity of this statement over the longer term. The ability of the United States Air Force USAF gorce keep its aircraft operating at an acceptable operational tempo, in wartime and in peacetime, has been important to the Air Force since its inception.

At this stage in the chapter, five of the six criteria for an effective sustainment effort have been discussed. In addition, responsibility for managing nearly all remaining non-reparable items expendables was transferred from the Air Force to the DLA center in Richmond, Virginia.

The leadership teams are engaged with the workforce and constantly demand process improvements and efficiencies; however, the current work rules logitics the flexibility to achieve these efficiencies. The briefings were both detailed logisticcs comprehensive, the tours were open and thorough, and the discussions were frank and responsive to the questions posed.

Packaged Rorce and Enterprise Resource Planning. CRMSDC is celebrating its 46 th anniversary as a not-for-profit economic development organization supporting growth in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Northern Virginia through programs and services that help corporations enhance the diversity and innovation of their supply chains.

Weapon system software sustainment is well supported at the three ALCs, but the Air Force has no central governance body to sustain software, and the various Headquarters staffs are technically ill equipped to deal with software issues. Share buttons are a little bit lower. These involve cost targets, reallocation of priorities for spare parts, and stockage effectiveness targets that fail to realize that parts delays often cause inefficiencies that impact workforce and facility use in a far greater way than the savings created by constraining supplies investment, to say nothing of the direct impacts on material readiness in warfighter operations.


These sustainment strategies range from total contractor support, to hybrid support from contractor and organic sources, to total government support.

Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS) – ppt download

Determine if any modifications in policy are required and, if so, identify them and make recommendations for changes ari Air Force regulations, policies, and strategies to accomplish the sustainment goals of the Air Force. Page 37 Share Cite. Determine if any modifications in technology efforts are required and, if so, identify them and make recommendations regarding the technology efforts forcf should be pursued because they could make positive impacts on the sustainment of the current and future systems and equipment of the Air Force.

Additionally, as Figure shows, strong performance factors are derived from partnering relationships. Sign up for email notifications and we’ll let you know about new publications in your areas of interest when they’re released. Sustainment activities should be focused to maintain a system in the status for which it was designed.

For future system acquisitions, however, as part of initial program planning, strong consideration must be given to a single government en. Without a firm and universally accepted definition of depot maintenance, program managers will make decisions that best optimize their own programs. Page 44 Share Cite. The committee did not detect any reluctance or inability by ALC program office personnel to accomplish technology insertion, including the associated master planning and the execution, when opportunities arose.

It loigstics important to realize that all of these factors are inter-related and inter-dependent on an ongoing continuum that affects the ability of the ALC to meet the sustainment aiir that are established above the ALC commander.

Although the committee saw displays on aircraft status in the work area and delivery times as a center overview, it could not find evidence that these metrics were being pushed to production teams as a whole.


The Air Force should continue its eLog 21 approach to sustainment improvement and should aggressively continue to pursue incremental fielding of the ECSS as an enterprise resource planning solution. Design and engineering applications will be linked to provide accurate BOMs, routings, revision levels, and effectivity dates.

Harvard Business Review September-October.

Page 54 Share Cite. Its far-reaching goals will demand greater cooperation and integration.

How data processes enhance this support is covered in detail in Chapters 2 and 6. Despite the challenges presented by the statutes, policies, and processes and the ever-evolving and never-settling engineering and data efforts described above, the senior members of the Air Force sustainment community understand logisgics plight and are working to improve the sustainment enterprise.

Page 41 Share Cite. The Air Force should develop key metrics for sustainment that flow to ALC commanders loistics that highlight the success or shortcomings of ALC activities, drive appropriate behavior for the workforce, and allow Air Force leadership to assess the health of the enterprise and the adequacy of resourcing for the sustainment process regardless of organizational affiliation. The software leadership of the three ALCs have formed a laudable working arrangement to address workload, process improvement, and policy, fiscal, personnel, and other corporate software issues, 53 but this body has little to no formal authority.

The results, highlighted in Figure. Determine if the Air Logistics Centers have the necessary resources funding, manpower, skill sets, and technologies and are equipped and organized elo2g1 sustain legacy systems and equipment and the Air Force of tomorrow.

To this end, the ALCs play a key, but not the only, role. Developing cross-cutting support in engineering and acquisition Change management within engineering and acquisition communities. For example, advanced automobiles use upwards of 30 million lines of code, and there exist projections of a million lines-of-code car. Purchasing Must Become Supply Management.

With this brief history in mind, it would be a mistake to view the ALCs in a monolithic fashion. The committee was told that increased man loading cannot be done because the ALCs have not invested in a.