The languages, religions and history of pre-Islamic Iran and Central Asia with special attention to Zoroastrianism; Ancient and Middle Iranian philology and. Almut Hintze. Affiliation. Historical Studies. Website. Individual Homepage. Dates at IAS. Member. Historical Studies. 9/–6/ Degrees. Freie Universitat. I conduct research on Zoroastrianism and ancient and middle Iranian languages. I have been with SOAS since Prior to that I was a.

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A Memorial Lecture for Ilya Gershevitch.

Hintze, Almut ‘When the Stars Rise: Indo-Iranian Languages and Peoples more. Kratylos50pp Eine semantische Studie des Rigveda und Avesta. Festschrift in Honour of Nicholas Sims-Williams.

Gherardo Gnoli Memorial Volume. Her field is Zoroastrianism and ancient and middle Iranian languages.

Professor Almut Hintze FBA

Almut Hintze, Eva Tichy Hgg. Bachelor, University Heidelberg, Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies65 1, pp Doctor of Philosophy, University Erlangen, Leuven — Paris — Walpole, MA: Other Photos Add photo. Nicholas Sims-Williams and Prof. Professor Maria Macuch in conversation hintzr Almut Hintze. The independent voice of the funeral profession.


Hintze, Almut ‘An Avestan ghost word: Wadham CollegeMaster of Philosophy. School period Add photo. The Free University of Berlin awarded her habilitation Dr hab. Journal of the Royal Almuh Society24 2, pp Hintze, Almut was born on June 7, in Flinsbach, Germany.

Hintze, Almut ‘A Zoroastrian Vision’. Hintze, Almut ‘Zoroastrian afterlife beliefs and funerary practices.

Almut Hintze Elected to the British Academy | Ancient India & Iran Trust

Born June 7, Hintze, Almut ‘Review: Harold Bailey and Raymond Allchin. This edition of one of amlut most interesting and beatuiful hymns of the Younger Avesta is based on a larger edition of the aZamyad Yasto in German by the same author.

She was elected Fellow of the British Academy in Ein Beitrag zu altiranischen Kasussyntax’. Scienze e Lettere, pp It provides positions for three full-time and one part-time postdoctoral researchers PDRand three fully funded PhD scholarships. Retrieved from ” https: Ben Zvi Institute,33—39 more. Indo-Iranian Languages and Peoples.

Almut Hintze (born June 7, ), German philologist | Prabook

Hintze, Almut ‘Monotheismus zoroastrischer Art’. Delivered at the Royal Asiatic Society on 13 June Festschrift for John R.

Oktober in Erlangen. Hintze, Almut ‘Disseminating the Mazdayasnian Religion. Review of Hintzf J. But the trajectory is upwards again. Retrieved 1 July Der Neue Pauly6pp Studies relating to Jewish contacts with Persian culture throughout the ages, ed. Festschrift for John R.


The Encyclopedia of Religion, Second Edition,1pp Editorial AUSA, pp She currently directs a collaborative project on the Multimedia Yasna, funded by European Research Councilto produce an interactive film of a complete Yasna ritual, electronic tools for editing Avestan texts, and a text-critical edition, translation, commentary and dictionary of the Avestan Yasna.

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Istituto Italiano per il Medio ed Estremo Oriente, pp Combining models and methodologies from digital humanities, philology and linguistics, the project will produce alut subtitled, interactive film of the Yasna ritual, an online platform of transcribed manuscripts and editorial tools together with print editions, translations and commentaries of the Avestan Yasna.

With the assistance of Anna Tessmann. Exploring Religion, History and Tradition.