11th and 12th doctor meet

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11th and 12th doctor meet

Years later, in the TARDIS, Clara Oswald asks the Twelfth Doctor about the planet Clara then reveals that the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors will eventually meet. Fall of the 11th: How the 12th Doctor's Personality Came To Be. March 2 The only friendly face he could properly trust was someone he met a. Next version, Twelfth Doctor. The Eleventh Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction . Smith debuts fully in "The Eleventh Hour", where he first meets Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) as a child while investigating.

We can't drop any hints about their future, and that he loses them soon afterwards. And don't do that thing with your eyes when you see him either, that thing where they go all big and weird, we don't need that.

11th and 12th doctor meet

A lot different from me, I mean he's all old and wrinkly, that's sonot cool. You two must be Amy and Rory, I've heard so much about you. It was an earlier version, but undeniably her Doctor. Or was that not the case any more? It's weird, but you remind me of another Oswald, someone we met, well sort of. She was called Oswin Oswald.

We never saw her, but she sounded a lot like you. I wonder how we leave. So what are you two doing here anyway, we nearly crashed!

11th and 12th doctor meet

I was going to fly off straight away, but Clara insisted on getting out and saying hello. Since you're here now, coming to see the flying kittens? Not actual kittens, but they do look the same. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes. We'll be waiting for you.

11th and 12th doctor meet

Three Doctors, a girl's biggest fantasy" Clara smiled, "Or nightmare. She wasn't at all convinced by the Doctor's arguments. Surely the Doctor wasn't … jealous of his previous self?

11th and 12th doctor meet

Then it occurred to Clara that the Doctor would be finding the return of Amy and Rory rather painful, as she knew how badly he had taken their loss.

He had the guilt of one war eased, only to be replaced with the guilt of another. Only this one is permanent. He may have avoided his death, but it was at the cost of generations of lives over the near millennium. He became the monster that he worked so hard to get away from once again.

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Eleven was able to be happy in his parting because he knew his personal suffering was at an end. But the suffering of the entity known as the Doctor was still ongoing, and it took the regeneration to finally settle it in. Naturally the effect of war to the psyche can be devastating. It can change them. The Twelfth Doctor is a war veteran, twice over. He is the summation of everything that was building up in the Eleventh Doctor throughout the war.

Fall of the 11th: How the 12th Doctor's Personality Came To Be | Doctor Who TV

From the onset of the first three episodes, Twelve displays symptoms, such as emotional numbness and distance. And even then only with people he is familiar with and trusting towards. He tries to deal with his self-hatred after the war by not feeling much of anything. The second symptom is that Twelve also displays signs of hyperarousal, or a constant state of being on edge. The Doctor is constantly suspicious, and searching for threats, making him easy to lose sight of logic.

The man has lost everything thanks to the War, much Nine did. He has a Clara to travel with sporadically. Combined with the events of Into the Dalek, of which he saw a Dalek less than 72 hours after regenerating after destroying a whole army of Daleks. But now we have the Doctor crippled to the point to where even his face shows how truly worn down he is.

Fall of the 11th: How the 12th Doctor’s Personality Came To Be

After all the experiences that he has had, the Doctor now has to rebuild himself and re-sensitise himself, and take himself out of his own depression, which by the end of Last Christmas, is working like a charm.

And with the exception of Clara, he has no one to help him but himself. The Doctors each come up with a different plan. While Alice and Clara are annoyed at the inability for the three Doctors to be on the same page, Gabby goes with the Twelfth Doctor's plan of finding the oldest thing in the room, by grabbing an old mirror, which a Reaper attacks. Alice asks what the creatures are, and the three Doctors explain.

Eleventh Doctor

Suddenly, the Reapers focus on the Eleventh Doctor, who fends them off with his comic books. The group quickly run out of the cafe, with the Reapers following, still targeting the Eleventh Doctor. He deliberately runs away from the group, with the Reapers following him. He tries running past the comic stand where he got his comics, but they ignore it, leaving him wondering why they are targeting him.

The Doctors were already expecting this and have a solution. At this time, the Eleventh Doctor runs up to them, still being chased by the Reapers. Clara tells the three Doctors to hurry up.

When the Second Doctor meets the Twelfth... (Impressions)

The group runs inside to find themselves in the Twelfth Doctor's control room. The group runs out of the control room and down some corridors, ending up in the Eleventh Doctor's control room.

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Before they can explain much more, the Reapers break into the control room, forcing the group to leave. The group ends up in the Tenth Doctor's control room.

The Twelfth Doctor starts using the controls, much to the objection of the Tenth Doctor. The Eleventh Doctor slows them down, by making the air older. The Tenth Doctor thinks they should enact the plan now, as the Twelfth Doctor's decision to wait is putting the others in danger. The Twelfth Doctor continues to wait, stating it's for the greater good.

This forces the Reapers out of their environment, leaving them with the option to either flee or die. He explains to Clara that he waited, only to ensure he got all the Reapers.

Otherwise, he'd never had put them at risk. He asks Clara if his previous selves will understand that. Clara thinks the three Doctors need a bit of time together, and Clara needs to explain what caused all this to happen. The group meets up again in Paris, the Doctors still bickering. The Eleventh Doctor is glad the Twelfth Doctor exists, because it means they have a future beyond their normal regeneration cycle.

The Tenth Doctor, on the other hand, is concerned. Where could they have gotten more regenerations? He knows they couldn't have come from the Time Lords. Plus, he is still worried about the eventual existence of the Valeyard. The Twelfth Doctor refuses to tell the two about their future.

11th and 12th doctor meet

Clara decides now is the time to show the three Doctors the picture of them on Marinus, a planet that none of them remember. The Tenth Doctor wonders why it's only the three of them in the picture. He speculates it may be because the three of them are from after the Time War. The Eleventh Doctor is concerned about the fact that neither he nor the Twelfth Doctor have no recollection of these events. The Tenth Doctor states that the picture is a trap of some sort, and the three Doctors decide to head to Marinus, despite Clara's objections.

The Tenth Doctor explains that they could go to the museum Clara found, but he doubts they'll learn anything new. So, that leaves him with two options. He can either spring the trap or live in fear. He doesn't like living in fear. The Tenth Doctor notices that there are no signs of life.

He also notices that the planet seems familiar to him, an observation shared by the other Doctors. Clara asks the Tenth Doctor why he would risk the end of the universe by coming here. The Tenth Doctor says he is not. He points out the poses of himself and his other two selves in the picture. So long as they don't assume those poses, they are in no danger of causing the end, and can freely look around.

Unknown to the group, someone else is watching them.