A view from the bridge catherine and rodolfos relationship tips

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a view from the bridge catherine and rodolfos relationship tips

Rodolpho is interested in Catherine from the beginning. He the goes on to court her, with Eddie's permission, and they go out on a date. A View from the Bridge: Eddie and Catherine's Relationship In the play, "A view We see that Catherine and Rodolfo have been spending more time together. A View from the Bridge study guide contains a biography of author Arthur Miller, literature When Beatrice sees how upset Catherine is and how affected Eddie is, she becomes angry. . as a benign and rational explanation for his antipathy toward the relationship. What is Eddie's opinion of Rodolfo?.

Marco is weighed down with responsibility but he feels that he can start to support his family in Sicily even though he must make the sacrifice of not seeing them for possibly several years.

Rodolpho is young and carefree, but Marco does not envy him. This shows how strong his love for Rodolpho is. Example 2 At the end, when Marco knows he will have to go back to Sicily, the stage directions are significant. Forbidden love How does Miller show this?

a view from the bridge catherine and rodolfos relationship tips

Eddie With your hair that way you look like a madonna, you know that? Eddie Analysis These are not really the sort of comments you would expect a father, or father-figure, to make to his daughter. Evidence When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie?

Catherine Analysis He is unwilling or unable to have sex with Beatrice because of his feelings for Catherine. Example 3 Alfieri sees the situation. Evidence Eddie, I want you to listen to me. You know, sometimes God mixes up the people.

Alfieri tries to explain gently to Eddie, but is ignored. Example 4 Beatrice also sees the situation. Beatrice When Beatrice says this to Eddie, he is shocked, horrified because he has never analysed his feelings before. Analysing the evidence How does Miller use the characters to demonstrate different types of love? Reveal answer up down Miller presents a range of types of love through his characters.

He shows romantic love in two contrasting ways; through Eddie and Beatrice at the end of a long marriage and through Catherine and Rodolpho at the start of their relationship and in the way it progresses.

They are ecstatic at the opportunities available in New York, though they will later find that immigrating brings with it perhaps as many problems as opportunities.

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Marco is also motivated out of love for his family, and a desire to provide for them by sending money back home. Active Themes Catherine asks if Rodolpho is married. Rodolpho talks about what a status symbol a motorcycle is in Italy, and then says that he is also a singer, and once made money singing at a hotel.

Catherine is intrigued and wants to hear him sing.

a view from the bridge catherine and rodolfos relationship tips

Catherine is quickly becoming infatuated with Rodolpho, a budding love that will greatly trouble the overprotective Eddie. Marco tells Rodolpho to be quiet. Eddie notices that Catherine is wearing high-heeled shoes, and tells her to go into her room and change them. Eddie is waiting impatiently for Catherine and Rodolpho to return from seeing a movie.

Beatrice tells him to stop worrying. Eddie thinks this is ridiculous, and is displeased at the idea of Rodolpho and Catherine being together. He says that Rodolpho sings while working, so that the other longshoremen have nicknamed him Paper Doll. He goes back to the subject of Catherine, and Beatrice says that Catherine is eighteen and old enough to make her own decisions.

Eddie is uncomfortable with Rodolpho, but perhaps more generally with the idea of Catherine leaving him for another man.

  • A view from the bridge – Act 2: Scene where Eddie kisses Catherine and Rodolfo.
  • A View from the Bridge: Eddie and Catherine's Relationship

Mike and Louis leave, just as Rodolpho and Catherine enter. Catherine says that Rodolpho has been telling her about Italy, where there are fountains in every town and orange and lemon trees.

Eddie tells Rodolpho that he wants to talk to Catherine alone.

a view from the bridge catherine and rodolfos relationship tips

Rodolpho leaves, and Eddie says that he never sees Catherine anymore. While Rodolpho has abandoned Italy for the opportunities of America, Catherine is fascinated and intrigued by Italy, partially because she is oppressed and stifled by her own home. Catherine insists that Rodolpho respects both her and Eddie.

Eddie says that Rodolpho is trying to use Catherine to become an American citizen through marriage. Marriage would potentially offer Rodolpho a way to solidify his immigration and truly become an American. Active Themes Catherine is upset, and insists that Rodolpho loves her.

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She runs into the apartment and Eddie follows her. Inside, Beatrice angrily tells Eddie to leave Catherine alone.

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Eddie walks outside, and Beatrice talks to Catherine. She tells Catherine that she is no longer a baby, and asks what she wants to do. Catherine says she wants to get married but is worried because Eddie is so against it. Beatrice stands up for Catherine, as Catherine is still not independent enough to stand up for herself. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations Beatrice tells Catherine that she needs to act differently and tell Eddie not to order her around, because if Beatrice tells him this, he will only think she is jealous of Catherine.

Catherine is astonished and asks if Eddie said Beatrice was jealous of her. Beatrice tells Catherine that she is a woman now, and Catherine promises to behave more like an adult. The idea that Beatrice might be jealous of Catherine suggests that Eddie has a taboo desire for Catherine. Note that Beatrice's advice that Catherine be more independent is also a bit self-serving, as it would get Catherine out of the house and separate her from Eddie.

Active Themes Alfieri comes on stage and tells the audience that around this time, Eddie first came to him. He says that when Eddie came to his office, he looked passionate and upset. Alfieri goes to his office, where Eddie is sitting.