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Since Exo's first headlining tour in , the band has performed over concerts across four tours and has participated in multiple joint tours. Exo is also . This is a tutorial on how Mwave's 'Meet & Greet' sessions operate. What is Meet & Greet? Meet & Greet is an online fan meeting where you can. Plus, comeback performances from electronic trio Clazziquai, vocal diva Ailee and the lovely duet from Soyu and Urban Zapaka! Will TTS beat.

It may contain cheese, chicken, tuna, beef or pork. Bingsu One of the most popular Korean desserts is bingsu. This brings a nostalgic feel to Koreans because it is a big part of their childhood. This dessert is made up of shaved ice with various toppings. The most traditional bingsu are those topped with beans and milk.

Currently, they are widening the choices for the masses with vast variety of fresh ingredients for toppings. These treats are easily accessible now in the metro as bingsu shops starts to pop-up. Tteokbokki Tteokbokki is a pinch of sweetness and a kick of Korean spicy paste. These savory and chewy cylindrical rice cakes are easy to eat.

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This food combination strongly heightened fried chicken craze to a new level as fried chicken shops popped out in Korea. The popular ones are the shops that offer double-fried chicken, wherein they use the method of frying the chicken twice in different temperatures to get the perfect crunch their consumers love They also come in lots of flavors. You will not also have a hard time looking for these kinds of shops as there are lot of Korean chicken shops in the malls nowadays!

Japchae Our traditional pancit with a twist is like Japchae. It is made of glass noodles with meat, mushroom, egg and vegetables. Tune Camp released an official announcement stating that this was a rumor and that both Joon and Thunder are in talks with the company regarding their future activities. Tune Camp revealed a mysterious image on their official Twitter which showed the date November 25, It turned out to be the release date of their upcoming album which is made up of self-composed songs.

Tune Camp revealed the tracklist on their official Twitter and the album which appears to be titled " Winter ". Back and Thunder studying music for a while. D Luv", and "Y". Tokyo, aired in earlyshowing the public their experience with Japanese culture and traditions over a period of four days. On December 15,it was announced that the group would be part of season five of the Idol Show Hangul: Idol Army, She Has Arrived! In addition to his MC role in M! My School which is also became a permanent member of.

Lee Joon became known as the only Korean Hollywood idol star after starring in Hollywood film "Ninja Assassin" with world star and mentor Rain.

MBLAQ - Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core

The show started airing in August My School, the show ended on May 29, In June, it was announced that G. The concert consist of live performances by 38 legendary singers. MBLAQ was the only idol group to performed at the concert.

The song was written by one of Korea's best composer, Ha Kwang Hoon. It was rearranged by producer and songwriter, Shin Jae Hong. Your profile picture will occupy that space, that is why it is important to have a picture. It will be easier to find your tile s.

When you click on a tile, you can see the messages other fans left. There are multiple pages of 49 tiles. To scroll through click the arrows.

At some point during the live stream 15 tiles on each mosaic board page will be selected to receive an exclusive Mwave photo card.

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If your tile has a pink boarder around it that means you were chosen to get the exclusive photo card. For every one of your tiles selected, you will get that amount of photo cards. So, the more tiles you purchase, the higher the probability of being selected. The artist will then scroll through the mosaic pages and read a few of the messages fans have left. The mosaic tile boards were what confused me the most.

But, once you participate it's quite simple. Sometimes when you buy an album the live stream doesn't have a set date or time yet. Mwave will announce it as soon as it is set, so keep checking back. Mwave will not notify you when streaming begins, you will need to put it in your calendar to remind yourself. If you miss it live, no worries. You can watch it anytime you want, and you can check which tiles won.