Alex romero and norma bates relationship help

You've got to be 'shipping me: Norma and Romero on Bates Motel |

alex romero and norma bates relationship help

Vera Farmiga discusses the new union between her character, Norma Bates, and Sheriff Romero (Nestor Carbonell) on A&E's 'Bates Motel.'. This season has given us complex relationships, deaths and huge The romance between Norma Bates and Sheriff Romero has loomed With Norman in a mental institution, Norma is desperate to get the insurance to help. Norma & Sheriff Romero Bates Motel Cast, Bates Motel Season 4, Norma Bates, ᑭEᖇᖴEᑕTᒪY❤ Norman Bates, Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel, Relationship.

With Norman in a mental institution, Norma is desperate to get the insurance to help her son, so as a quick fix, she marries Romero.

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Norma saw in Romero a person who legitimately cared for her, and fell for the sheriff quickly. The beginnings of the Bates-Romero romance might have been strange, but what came out of that was a legitimately sweet romance.

But imagine how terrible being at a strip club would be if you imagined you were your mom? When Norman and his institute-friend Julian break out for the night, they go to almost certainly the classiest strip club ever, placed in a strip mall.

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While getting a lap dance, he blacks out and starts to… enjoy the experience as his mother. Dylan Is Finally Interesting!

Perhaps the most problematic character throughout the run of Bates Motel has been Dylan, the son of Norma and brother of Norman. This season however, Bates Motel had him focus on his budding relationship with Emma.

You've got to be 'shipping me: Norma and Romero on Bates Motel

By the end of the season, Dylan and Emma moved to Seattle, giving both of them a season of almost complete normalcy. Instead of throwing Dylan into whatever darker plots the show could come up with, the character excelled and finally became intriguing when he was simply one of the more normal characters in the series.

alex romero and norma bates relationship help

Season Four ends with their anger towards each other at an all-time high, as Norman kills his mother and the woman Romero loves. But yes, Season Four ended with Norman finally killing his mother, a moment that has been expected since the very beginning.

Still, it was shocking to see how early Bates Motel decided to kill off one of its leads. She tried to convince him of Romero's goodness and to be thankful for what he'd done for them.

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He paid Romero a visit at work, telling Regina to let Romero know that his wife's son wants to see him. Romero warily met him and Norman politely thanked him for everything he had done for them and then promptly told him that he and Norma could get a divorce now that he was home. Norman went on to say that now that he was out of Pineview he could get a second job in order to get more money and insurance and that Romero wasn't needed any more.

Romero was taken aback by both Norman's request and insistence that he divorce Norma and told him that things had changed.

During a trip to purchase a Christmas tree, Norma finally told Norman that she and Romero loved each other and Norman threw up.

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Later that night, they decided to sleep in the motel but Norman elected to sleep in a separate room. He tried to sleep but failed and was distracted when he heard Romero pull up outside Norma's room. An upset Norma said she told Norman everything and while Romero comforted her, Norman snuck into the adjoining room and listened through the walls.

He went a step further by removing the painting on the wall and used some tools to widen a hole so that he could spy on them having sex.

alex romero and norma bates relationship help

The following day, Norma told Norman that she has invited Romero over for dinner and was through with Norman's hissy fits. As Romero helped Norma set the table they shared a kiss but were interrupted by Norman. During the meal, Norman acted overly polite with Romero, addressing him as "sheriff" and again informing him of his intention to get another job and his own insurance.

Things escalated when he realized just how involved in their lives Romero was and when Romero told him he would get used to it, Norman completely went off the rails, informing him that he would never come between Norma and him.

alex romero and norma bates relationship help

Norma finally lost her cool and told her son that she loved Romero and he loved her and he had to deal with it no matter what. He stormed outside to chop wood and Romero followed him in order to try and have a heart-to-heart with him.

alex romero and norma bates relationship help

However, Norman was furious and Romero made a huge mistake when he asked him if he thought that Norma deserved to have a man in her life.

Axe in hand, Norman advanced on him but instead of harming Romero, he took his anger out on a shed and told him he hated him before running back to the house and storming up to his room.

A clearly frightened and shocked Romero told Norma that he was going to move back in with her. Unfaithful As Norman prepared to check himself out of the hospital, Romero showed up and he was the last person Norman wanted to see. He lashed out at Romero, saying he tried to warn him and that he didn't want to see him anywhere.