Altantuya and najib relationship quotes

NAJIB Nervous: Altantuya & Scorpene Scandal

altantuya and najib relationship quotes

Altantuya Shaariibuu Murder: In the name of Justice, Najib Razak must be made to answer KUALA LUMPUR: The father of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu, . Quote: “ it would help if Dr. Shaaribu can provide more evidence of his . Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations . Anwar also called attention to Najib's connection to the Altantuya case. . which included the quotations from Razak in its early morning Feb Mr Najib and 1MDB deny any wrongdoing over $m that landed in his Ms Altantuya was in a relationship with Abdul Razak Baginda.

Baginda was acquitted in October and has since moved to Britain with his family.

Balasubramaniam Statutory Declaration : Najib Razak Had Anal Intercourse With Altantuya

But six months later the policemen were sentenced to hang for murder. Their appeals are still to be heard. Baginda had earlier played a leading role in the negotiations for two diesel-electric Scorpene-class attack submarines, which have been sold also to the Chilean, Indian and Brazilian navies. The submarines, commissioned inwere built jointly by Armaris, a company formed by giant corporation Thales International its regional offshoot named Thint Asia with French government-controlled DCNS, and Spanish naval architects and builders Navantia.

One submarine is named for Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia's first prime minister, the other for Tun Abdul Razak, Najib's father and the country's second prime minister. Najib travelled to France several times with Baginda during the negotiations with Armaris for the deal.

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A prominent Malaysian non-government organisation, Suaram, with about members, started two years ago to try to track down where the money went. When it invited a lawyer it retained in France, William Bourdon, to come to Malaysia last year to help gather evidence, he was deported for misusing his visa. This is a civil court, but criminal hearings will also take place, in parallel. French police began their own preliminary inquiries two years ago. Cynthia Gabriel, one of three directors of Suaram, who flew to Paris to direct the NGO's case for a hearing from the French courts, tells The Weekend Australian the judges confirmed they would issue subpoenas for those whose testimony was deemed important.

She anticipates this will include Najib, while admitting "there's no way to compel them".

altantuya and najib relationship quotes

If the court chooses to extend via the European courts the boundaries for serving the subpoenas, she says, it may make holidays anywhere in Europe awkward, if those subpoenaed appear not to take the process seriously. And Baginda is living in Europe, in Britain. Suaram is the plaintiff in the civil hearing in France.

altantuya and najib relationship quotes

The French inquiries are already making headway, she says, with company officials under questioning about the submarine contract. There remain more questions than answers about the whole case.

But Malaysians are in a frisky mood. If the French judges hand down their verdict before the election, even Najib's artful liberalisations and handouts may not be able to protect his party and its coalition partners from a historic defeat. It is the fiduciary duty of the board and the management to do the right thing.

I expect them to do the right and to follow the law. They are not bound to follow. If I were to give something illegal and not in consonant with the law, then they must not obey.

altantuya and najib relationship quotes

They must object to it. The board has fiduciary duties, and the management had fiduciary duties. That is the law. I want to stop and say that the board and management have fiduciary duties in accordance with the company act, they had to do things to the best interest of the company.

I cannot pass judgment. But there are certain things which he may or may not have done.

altantuya and najib relationship quotes

But I am alright to say that investigations should proceed and if anyone is found to be on the wrong side of the law, let the legal process take its course. All those items he never invoked my name, but he did say he was acting for someone else. But whatever he did ultimately is the responsibility of the management and board. They have to decide, you can engage anyone you like, but ultimately you have to decide whether it is the best interest of the company or not.

All I know is when I asked my wife, she said that there was one instance it was supposed to be a gift for her. But she never received it.

There is some international ramifications if I were to say, because I would name certain prominent individuals who might affect our diplomatic relations with them.

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It was on that basis I refrained from saying it. I would also like to place on record that Riza has done very well