Android 18 and krillin relationship questions

Dragon Ball: 25 Weird Facts Only Super Fans Knew About Android 18’s Body

android 18 and krillin relationship questions

Bulma created a detonator to shut down the androids and instructed Krillin to do it . As a married couple, they have a good relationship and appear devoted to. Related Questions (More Answers Below) Who is going to replace Krillin and Android 18 in the Tournament Of Power? to romance with only small tidbits of the meatier relationship displayed in the anime and manga. As evidenced by her very first fight against Vegeta, Android 18 has infinite approach to combat and that's reflected in their relationship with Ki.

Not a particularly interesting fact, but most fans might not have known what the household dynamic of 18 and Krillin is like. This personality trait seemed to stick around in the Buu saga, when Android 18 was seen scolding Krillin for not bringing in enough money for their family.

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This was also the reason that she decided to enter the World Martial Arts Tournament, forcing her husband to join along with her so they could win the prize money. Android 18 is also easily swayed into doing things by a cash reward, something that is displayed in Dragon Ball Super. Whenever they are in a fight, or compete in any way, they always have each other's back, fighting tag team and combining attacks to take out powerful enemies.

We saw this in the Buu saga and we see it in the Tournament of Power. They also seem to have a strong sense of nonverbal communication whenever working together, as 18 was able to tip off Krillin during a poker game with nothing more than a few gestures. This might seem like a boring fact, but think about how deadly this husband-wife fighting team would be in a fight when they are perfectly in sync with their attacks and strategies. She isn't a cold, emotionless robot or anything, she just tends to play things close to the vest.

android 18 and krillin relationship questions

Now, it does make sense to a degree. With infinite stamina alone, 18 would be stronger than any Earthling in the series. In interviews, though, Toriyama goes all out with new information. Before they were ever kidnapped and modified by Dr. Gero, Lapis and Lazuli were just two regular teenagers. The only eyebrow-raiser is the name choices themselves. In real life, a Lapis Lazuli is simply a bright, blue stone. Their real names break the usual Toriyama pattern.

On the other hand, the villains fare far, far worse. Android 19 is eviscerated by Vegeta; Dr. Gero gets backstabbed by Android 17; Android 16 gets his head crushed by Cell, and Android 17 blows up along with Cell during the final Kamehameha.

Granted, she survived mostly from hanging out in Cell's body, but it's still impressive. Upon turning Super Saiyan 2, Gohan ends up punching Cell so hard that he pukes up 18, reverting him to his Semi-Perfect form.

Of all the characters to make it out of the Cell saga alive, 18 is the most fitting candidate. Sno only shows up in cameos after Goku takes down Muscle Tower; Lunch is unceremoniously written out after the 23rd Budokai in search of Tien; Chichi comes back as a martial artist in the 23rd Budokai only to become the stereotypical Shonen housewife in the Saiyan saga; and 18 loses her relevance the moment she marries Krillin.

At the same time, it would have been easy to just ignore 18 and toss in Gotenks. Toei actually ended up using her incredibly well, giving her more characterization than she ever had in Dragon Ball Z, but the manga seriously dropped the ball with her. The list goes on and on.

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Even characters who never get names for their techniques in the manga have signature techniques just on a visual level. Except for Android Of all the major Z-Fighters, Android 18 is the only one with no signature move. Every time she fights, she either uses basic melee attacks or energy blasts.

android 18 and krillin relationship questions

She has nothing that resembles a signature skill even visually. This is not the case with a single other Z-Fighter. What does Android 18 have? Nothing unique in the slightest. When Cell was losing to Gohan, 18 was freed from Cell and Krillin immediately took care of her, despite the protests of the other Z Fighters. After Cell was defeated, 18 was ready to leave and refused to acknowledge Krillin, but she secretly stayed as Shenron was summoned and Krillin wished for the bomb inside 18 to be removed so she can be more human-like.

When questioned for this, Krillin admits his feelings for her but believed she and 17 were a couple. Despite this, Krillin still hoped there was a chance 18 harbored an interest in him.

Over the next four years, Krillin continued to pursue 18 romantically until she finally agreed to marry him. A year after their marriage, their daughter, Marron, is born. Krillin retires from martial arts after settling down and spends time with his family.