Annie and liam relationship

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annie and liam relationship

May 13, Fearing for his one true love or whatever, Liam (Matt Lanter) canceled his trip to Australia to check up on Annie (Shenae Grimes), while Navid. This is a list of the characters that have appeared on , an American teen drama. . Annie and Liam become close, hinting at a potential relationship. Jasper. Annie chose to quietly decline the invitation. When Naomi confronted Liam regarding this, Liam stated that he wasn't interested in steady relationships. Naomi.

She later agrees to a date with him where there is a confrontation between her and Mark. Just as Mark is about to date-rape her, Jasper swoops in to save her from him, who she had previously turned down to hang out with earlier.

Lannie's story in Season 2!

She falls in love with Jasper, a drug dealer and the nephew of the man she killed. After her estranged friends confront her with news that her boyfriend is a drug dealer, she confronts him about it. He informs her he knows that she killed his uncle, and then blackmails her so they can continue dating. Annie later decides she does not care about Jasper blackmailing her and forgets about it. He continues to threaten her with pictures of the damaged vehicles, but she informs him that if he still wants a chance to be with her, he won't go to the police.

As Annie starts to move on, Jasper watches from afar. Jasper calls Annie to tell her that if he can't be with her there is not a reason to live. Annie frantically goes to Jasper's house attempting to find him. She figures out he is at the Hollywood sign and goes to stop him.

The two have a brief encounter before Jasper jumps off the sign. Annie visits Jasper in the hospital, where she tells him that their relationship was just based on lies.

annie and liam relationship

He tells her that he will always love her, and because of this, he won't tell anyone her secret that she ran over his uncle. Annie leaves the hospital smiling with relief, as she feels a huge weight has just been lifted off her shoulders and she does not need to worry about Jasper any more. Annie's parents start having marital problems and Annie has no one to talk to because Dixon won't listen to her. She goes to Liam for advice.

Annie and Liam become close, hinting at a potential relationship. Jasper shows up at school and forgives Annie. Annie says she forgives him too, but they can't be friends because of what has happened in the past. Annie becomes closer to Liam and they share their family problems. Liam takes Annie out on his boat and she tells him about the hit and run.

He encourages her to confess, they hug, and he takes her home. Unaware that Jasper was watching, Liam is attacked by Jasper by him setting fire to his boat, which he has spent a year working on. In the season finale, Annie tells her parents she needs to tell them something, hinting about the hit and run although this isn't shown. In the third season, it is revealed that she has been sentenced to 2—3 months of house arrest, has her license suspended and is on probation until she turns She is offered an interview for an internship by her Senior Adviser, Mr.

He advises her to put the accident behind her because she has already paid her dues. However, she decides she can't lie and confesses to the interviewer that she was on house arrest during the summer. She thinks that she won't get the internship but is shocked when the interviewer calls her and offers her the spot.

It is then revealed that she has a secret motive and believes that Annie is desperate enough to do it. After she confesses to the interviewer, Liam and her finally kiss but she refuses to pursue a relationship because of Naomi and they end their friendship. She and Liam begin to date with Naomi's approval but soon break up after Liam almost gets her arrested after being caught on a boat that Liam claimed he was attending to for. She then pursues a relationship with Liam's half-brother Charlie whom she met in a coffee shop.

She is not aware at the time that he is Liam's half-brother. Liam then moves into the Wilson Household to get closer to Annie. Although she does like him back, she finds out that Charlie and Liam are related after she introduces the two. Furthermore, when Annie tells Liam that she is going to break up with Charlie and take his side, he dismisses her and tells her she was right. Liam then walks off with the girl who paid in the bachelor auction.

Annie stays with Charlie but when Liam is injured and moves in with her family, Annie admits that she still has feelings for Liam and they sleep together. The next day Annie feels guilty and asks Liam to let her think.

After talking to her cousin Emily about the situation, she tells Liam that she wants to be with him but he turns her down because he and Charlie talked it out. He also tells her to stay with Charlie. Later, after Charlie discovers that something is going on between Annie and Liam, Charlie texts Annie with Liam's phone, saying, "Come see me tomorrow.

Annie goes to Liam's house where they realize that it was Charlie who sent the text and finally become a couple. Yet, the drama is not over with Annie since her cousin, Emily, is causing havoc for her. Then, Annie and Liam work together to expose Emily for who she really is and she leaves town. Annie later starts to work as an assistant for Marla, a washed-up old actress who suffers from an early stage of alzheimer's disease.

Annie quickly bonds with Marla, and the two form a close friendship, which doesn't last long as Marla commits suicide, and leaves her entire estate to Annie.

Annie's happiness doesn't last for long as she finds out that Liam doesn't want to go to college and live near her.

annie and liam relationship

Liam tells her that he wants to work on a boat for the summer to clear out his mind. Annie who first opposes to Liam's decision, later makes-up with him and tells him to come to her after he finds what he's looking for.

annie and liam relationship

In season 4, when Liam comes back, he walks up to her and puts an engagement ring on the hood of her car. She says no, but Liam is persistent.

He proposes again, traditionally, but she still says no. She tells him the reason she said no is because something must have happened while he was away to make him decide to do this. She later finds out that Liam has had a one-night stand with a widowed woman named Jane. In the mean time Annie also discovers that she told a man, who turns out to be Marla's grandson, about how Annie knew about the suicide before the incident happened, which creates problems for her in the process to get the inheritance.

Annie also meets an Escort named Bree, who tricks her into helping her escort a few foreign men. When Annie discovers that she can get a lot of money from being an escort, she continues on which eventually leads to her relationship with a famous business man named Patrick.

In the season 5 finale, Annie and Liam become engaged. Played by Tristan Wilds since the pilot, Dixon is the adopted son of Harry and Debbie Wilson, who holds a strong bond with his sister Annie. He is based on the part of Brandon Walsh from the main series Beverly Hills, He soon develops a romantic interest with his sister's friend Silver, and becomes her boyfriend after helping her with the school play.

They continue to grow close after spending a lot of time together. In "By Accident", he breaks up with Silver but then reconciles with her in "Help Me, Rhonda", when Silver indicates that she's in love with him. Silver loses her virginity to him on Valentine's Day after a romantic dinner in which he gives her a bracelet.

After finding out that Silver got a tattoo of his name, he is uneasy and has second thoughts about her.

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Their relationship continues to deteriorate as she exhibits strange and unusual behavior, which reaches a climax when she films them having sex without his knowledge and then shows the tape to an entire theater as her English project. Although Dixon breaks up with Silver after this, she continues to act out in an erratic fashion, and Dixon eventually realizes that she is suffering from bipolar disordera condition that his birth mother also suffered from.

Dixon calms Silver down and they take her to the hospital. Claire's School for a better semester. He then helps her re-adjust and get back to her old life.

They decide to go to the prom together. Dixon is voted "prom king", and after he rigged the results, Silver is awarded the West Bev. During her speech she admits that she's not prom material, which creates distance between her and Dixon.

At the after party he opens up to Ethan that although it hasn't been easy between him and Silver, he loves her. When Dixon realizes Ethan has a crush on Silver, he confronts him about it which forces Ethan to reveal it in front of him and Silver, and it strains their friendship.

In the season 2 premiere, it is revealed he and Silver are not together, but about to reconcile. However, he learns from Teddy that she had been texting Ethan in secret and they shared a kiss, causing him to tell her he's done. He decides to join the West Bev.

When Silver tries to call him to try to get back together with him, he turns her down. They then argue when Silver decides to give him his stuff back. He then begins to date Sasha, an older DJ he meets. Dixon begins to tell her he's older and DJs for a living.

annie and liam relationship

When she finds out he was pretending, she dumps him but they later get back together. She then fakes a pregnancy to keep him from leaving her. He eventually finds out. When Silver's mother dies, he realizes that he misses her and wants to get back together with her, but she has feelings for Teddy. When Silver asks him about the girl Teddy was with who was his sisterDixon tells her he doesn't know, and she decides she's done with Teddy.

He then kisses Silver, hinting a possible reconciliation. After seeing Teddy dancing with and kissing another girl, they kiss again, and he declares that he wants to get back together, but Silver tells him she just wants to be friends, a proposition to which Dixon agrees.

He seems to resemble Brandon Walsh from the original series, as he is also hired at the Peach Pit. His best friends are Navid, Liam, Teddy and Ivy. He is currently 17 years old. He and Ivy decide to fake being a real couple because they feel like outsiders. After Naomi and Liam break up, they fake "breaking up" so that Ivy can try to win back Liam, which makes Dixon a little jealous and disappointed, as he developed real feelings for her.

After Liam turns Ivy down, Dixon asks her out and they decide to go on a real date realizing they have feelings for each other.

Dixon shares with Ivy his family problems, and they begin to grow closer. In the end of Season 2 they plan to go to Australia but Harry tells him he can't because he broke into the school and Harry was covering for his gambling addiction, which Debbie doesn't know about but she later finds out. He and Ivy then get into a fight when she found out Dixon was trying to pay for his own way to Australia when she said she can pay for it.

Dixon then hangs out with Silver and they later get drunk and end up kissing in a closet. Later he and Ivy then make up. When Dixon tells Ivy about the kiss with Silver, their relationship is briefly put on hold, but they later reconcile. When Debbie tells Dixon that he can't go to Australia, he sneaks out of the house while Harry and Debbie are arguing. At the start of season 3, it is revealed that Dixon left Australia early due to his family's problems. When Dixon meets Oscar, an old friend of Ivy's, he is immediately jealous of him, especially when he constantly interrupts his time with Ivy.

He gets into a fight with Ivy after she sees a picture on Facebook of Dixon taking shots off another girl's body.

They later make up. Dixon then begins to wonder why Ivy never opens up to him about her past, but she shoots him down every time he asks. She decides to trust him and he learns about her rough past with her estranged father. He also learns that Ivy is a virgin, and after a date, they decide to sleep together. Their plans are put on hold after Sasha returns and surprises Dixon by telling him that she was HIV -positive. She warns him to get tested. It is revealed that he is HIV-negative.

He breaks up with Ivy before his test results arrive, leading her into Oscar's hands. When he tells Ivy the good news, she is stunned. She later tells Dixon about her and Oscar, and Dixon breaks up with her. Dixon is the first to find out that Teddy is gay after he catches him kissing Ian.

When he asks Teddy about it, Teddy tells him to keep it a secret. Dixon saves Ivy's life after an accident while surfing. She then asks him out a few episodes later, but he turns her down, saying he can't be anything more than friends at the moment. Currently Dixon and Navid are running Shirazi Studios while Navid's dad is facing his legal troubles. During their business endeavors Dixon gets to meet Nelly and Snoop Dogg.

On the gang's spring break trip to Mexico, Dixon learns of Ivy's marijuana smoking and they have a heart to heart conversation about their past and become friends again. He also encourages Laurel, Ivy's mom, to attend Ivy's wedding to Raj, and Laurel shows up at the wedding later. In season 4, it is revealed that over the summer Dixon was on a hip-hop tour with one of his favorite DJs. He decides to attend college, but after Navid ruins his chance of getting a dorm on campus by forging his dorm papers and making him check in the girls dorm, he finds himself without a place to stay.

Navid then gives him an ad listing for a 2 bedroom condo. Dixon then moves in with a new roommate, Austin. At Naomi's party, he tells Annie that he has decided not to go to college and wants to get into the music business, which she disagrees with. Later, after witnessing Silver harshly turning down Adrianna's apology, he goes over and comforts Ade. The next morning while on the balcony of his new condo, Adrianna walks out with Austin's T-shirt on and tells Dixon she came over because she needed someone to talk to, but ran into Austin.

It is hinted that she and Austin slept together, but Austin later tells Dixon they only made out a little and that's it. He then talks to Adrianna and she tells him she has decided to go home, and that the only reason she's been hanging around with Dixon is because he is the only one who doesn't look at her like she's pure evil. She also tells Dixon that she listened and loves the new music he's been working on and encourages him to continue at it. He also tries to help Liam get his money back after he drunkenly buys the bar on the beach, but Liam changes his mind and decides to keep it.

Dixon then helps Adrianna get a job at Liam's new bar. When he feels the pressure of trying to make good tracks to impress a famous record producer, Austin, offers his ADHD medication to keep him focus and energized. Although he rejects it at first, Dixon gives in and takes a pill.

Adrianna finds out that Dixon is using drugs and insists he goes to rehab, they get close and end up dating. Annie doesn't like the fact they are dating but still gets the money for Dixon's rehab by 'dating' Patrick. Adrianna and Dixon decide to produce a track together, when they are going to festivals to promote the track Dixon is asked by a major record label if he would sign with them, without Adrianna.

He does not make an immediate decision however later on leaves to go on tour solo. He loses contact with Adrianna but in the last episode they decide to meet, Adrianna thinks Dixon is not going to show up so she leaves to go join Austin and produce music with him. It is shown that Dixon has been traveling back to meet her but is late; just as she steps on the plane, Dixon's car is involved in a massive car crash with a lorry.

The car is turned over and it is not known whether Dixon has survived or not. However, in Season 5 we find out that Dixon did indeed survive but has obviously suffered and is left with a wheelchair, then crutches. At the time of season 5's end he has made a nearly total recovery. Naomi Clark[ edit ] AnnaLynne McCord portrays Naomi Clark since the pilot and was later referred to as the series' central character by the media.

She is based in part on Kelly Taylor from the original show. As the show progressed, the media began to refer to Naomi Clark as the series' central figure. She begins as Ethan's girlfriend, but their relationship soon encounters many problems which eventually cause them to break up for good. She starts to become good friends with Annie, but tells her that Annie can't go out with Ethan if they are going to be friends. Annie's dismissal of this statement leads to a rift in their friendship.

Naomi seems to resemble Kelly Taylor from the original series due to her 'in-crowd' status and quarrel with Annie, after Annie dates Ethan, her ex, behind her back in much the same way that Brenda and Kelly quarreled over Dylan.

Naomi's parents divorce because of Naomi's father's infidelity and she continually tries to encourage them to reconcile but eventually gives up.

A little later, she starts to like Liam, a bartender at the hotel she has moved to due to the awkward situation created by the divorce of her parents. Before the prom, he tells her that he really likes her, and then tells her some of his deepest secrets. At Naomi's after-party, Jen, her sister, lies to Liam and sleeps with him to get back at Naomi because she found out that she paid for the house and started acting superior according to Jen.

Naomi catches the aftermath sans Jen and finds Annie's wrap with Liam, causing her to publicly accuse Annie of sleeping with Liam. She's last shown being comforted by Jen after finding out about Annie and Liam's "betrayal".

In the next season, Liam is constantly trying to find a way to prove to Naomi that he slept with Jen rather than Annie, while Naomi tries to get over him. She ironically relies a lot on Jen. She makes Annie's life miserable for a part of Season 2, as revenge for her mistaken assumptions. She eventually puts these feelings aside and aspires to attend California University after graduating high school. Here, she meets a student who she instantly has a crush on.

They date, but Naomi realizes that she still cares about Liam. Naomi later discovers that it was Jen Liam slept with, not Annie. She makes Jen leave her house and gets a therapist to "de-Jen" her life. She gets together with Liam after the Winter Wonderland but finds that when they spend time together it feels awkward. Confused, she asks Adrianna for advice. Adrianna tells her there is only one way to establish whether or not the two have chemistry. She follows Adrianna's advice and realizes that she still does have "the spark" with Liam.

However, something is still not right. Naomi asks Ivy for help because Liam is more relaxed around her. Ivy agrees but secretly uses the time she spends with the pair to get closer to Liam and push Naomi away. It doesn't take long for Naomi to notice and realize that Ivy likes Liam. She and Ivy have a fight on the beach over Liam. Ivy insists she is a better match for Liam, causing Naomi to break down and confront him, telling him that they have nothing in common and that she has been pretending to be who she thinks he wants her to be.

However, the outburst only makes Liam more happy with Naomi because he feels that she is truly being herself - the girl he fell for. After Liam's stepfather cheats on his wife, Naomi agrees to let Liam move in.

Liam then moves out when he breaks up with Naomi after she lies about Mr. Cannon sexually harassing her. However, he gets back with her.

annie and liam relationship

In the second-season finale, Liam breaks up with Naomi because he thinks she is too self-centered. A distraught Naomi talks to Mr. Cannon but she soon realizes that Mr. Cannon truly did have sexual intentions with her as he kisses her. In response Naomi starts to back off but Mr. Cannon slaps her and tells her, "Who's going to believe you? After all, you're the girl who cried wolf. In season 3, Naomi deals with being sexually assaulted by Mr. She also begins to build a better relationship with her sister, Jen, and falls for her "nerdy" lab partner, Max, after he helps her with a problem.

Naomi and Max begin dating, at first secretly in order to avoid criticism from their friends. However, Naomi concludes that the secret nature of their relationship is making her jealous and overly possessive and the two eventually become open about their relationship.

At the end of season three, Max gets caught in a cheating scandal and his parents force him to break off his relationship with Naomi. The third season ends with Naomi telling Max that she is pregnant.

Season 4 starts with the pregnancy being a false alarm and a very excited Max Miller expressing the way he feels about the results, which unfortunately leaves Naomi thinking Max doesn't love her and forces them to break up.

Liam Court

She then meets Austin Tallridge when buying a new house. Meanwhile, she makes an enemy of sorority girl Holly, and they start an ongoing episodic banter of hatred. Naomi gets Holly's mom as her boss later on in the season. Naomi then creates her own business of 'party planning' in which she is in rival with Holly's mother. Naomi confesses to Max that she still has feelings for him but he pretends that he could not remember her saying that.

During the day of Max's rehearsal for his marriage Naomi gets an offer from Holly's mother to go and work for her in a different place in America. Naomi is due to leave the next day however Max decides he cannot go through with his marriage and confesses to Naomi that he still loves her just as she realizes she cannot leave him behind again.

The two are reunited just as the season ends. In the season 5 premiere, she elopes with Max, later finding out that Max's business partner does not support the marriage. She finds out why his business partner doesn't like her, in the meantime, he tries to find a way to destroy their marriage. Later, Max's business partner brings in someone from Max and Naomi's past. Although Naomi can be called bad things, she is really innocent never digging herself into too big a hole as the characters figure out their lives.

Silver Jessica Stroup portrays Silver. She is commonly called by her last name Silver, and is Kelly Taylor 's and David Silver's half-sister. She published her own blog called The Vicious Circle, which she used to discuss intimate details truth or fiction about her peers at West Beverly High School. She becomes best friends with Annie and develops a romantic interest in Dixon, which quickly blossoms into a relationship.

It is revealed that Silver shared the information of father's affair with her then-best-friend Naomi. Naomi makes this public knowledge, causing Silver's mother to turn to drinking. She celebrates her half-birthday only because her mother always seems to mess up her real birthday. In "By Accident" Dixon dumps her after taking advice from his mother Debbie, but later in "Help Me, Rhonda", they get back together after Silver says that she loves him. She decides to put together a romantic dinner for Dixon on Valentine's Day, which doesn't go exactly as planned and Silver begins to freak out as she wanted it to be perfect, but Dixon assures her that he's having a good time.

He gives her a bracelet, and she loses her virginity to Dixon. Silver has always had a slightly manic personality, but in "Life's a Drag" she becomes more unbalanced.

She visits Dixon at the Peach Pit where they end up having sex. Silver secretly tapes it and then shows the tape to an entire theater, causing Dixon to break up with her. She ends up breaking into Ryan Matthews' house, claiming that he destroyed her relationship with Dixon, and threatening him with a bottle of wine unless he fixes everything.

Silver then attempts to run away to Kansas, stating repeatedly that going there would help her solve her problems with Dixon. A stranger finds her while she is saying random things and acting erratically. The stranger then calls someone to come get her. At the end, Naomi visits Max at his house where she tells him that she is pregnant. Production[ edit ] The CW officially renewed for a third season on February 16, Together, and Gossip Girl have the highest concentration of women 18—34 on network television, said The CW.

Adrianna's pop career blossomed and a new love will caused the fall out of a group of friends. An earthquake hit Beverly Hills in the premiere. TVLine revealed that a major character would find out that she was pregnant in the finale. Cast[ edit ] I finished my stint there and the show is kind of off on its own, and I'm happy to walk away. It was fun, there's a lot of energy. My friend was producing the first season of the new show, and so that was kind of my motivation to be a part of it.

And then he left and it just kind of got a little wonky, so I was happy to be a part of it in the beginning. It was also announced that Trevor Donovanwho plays Teddy Montgomerywas upgraded to series regular.

Online"This is Rob's last season on