Athrun and meyrin relationship questions

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athrun and meyrin relationship questions

In the beginning, Athrun was in a relationship with Cagalli. position to sort out the issues that have plagued Orb while she has been away. Fukuda has the right to destroy the relationship between Athrun and and Cagalli have to talk heart to heart to settle their Athrun Zala (アスラン・ザラ Asuran Zara) is the deuteragonist of both Mobile Suit During the final stages of the war, he and Cagalli develop a romantic relationship . . Athrun demands that Shinn stop attacking Orb and questions if what he is.

At that point, Epstein hadn't said anything, only looked silently at her as she'd coloured, and then watch him move off. Epstein hadn't spoken much to her since then. With a start, Cagalli realised she had been so caught up and preoccupied with Athrun that she hadn't even spoken to Epstein over her entering the basement after he'd left the study. But now she recalled what Athrun had told her of his past and Epstein's relation to it.

It was time, Cagalli decided. She had to speak to Epstein sooner or later. Also, Cagalli was thinking that he had mistaken Athrun's recent lack of time spent with him and work as a sign of Athrun's unhappiness with Epstein's carelessness. After all, Athrun had certainly been staying away from the study where both of them usually worked.

She bit her lip, thinking that she would tell Epstein of this because it was an opportune moment when they were alone. He looked up and then sat there stolidly, staring at her without any clear emotion on his face. But that's changed now. Epstein paused, wondering what to say to her. But she was his friend, and he knew he could not refuse Cagalli at any point. Now isn't convenient though- I have to run some errands.

Don't worry about your bringing me into the study and my finding the basement and storeroom. It doesn't matter- I've spoken to him and he's told me what's going on.

He told me what was going on. He nodded, looking more guarded than she could recall. When you first came, I didn't, of course, but I eventually wormed it out of him. Despite the numerous times that Epstein had asked, Athrun had always told him that it didn't matter. But after the incident when Cagalli had been the only one Athrun had accepted in allowing her near to tend to his wounds.

Epstein had spoken directly to Number Seven. Seven had been reluctant too, but he had eventually told him of the past Athrun Zala and Cagalli Yula Atha shared. Since then, Epstein had been a little less forthcoming with Cagalli, because he didn't know what to make of a person who'd rejected the parent he thought so much of for reasons that didn't seem to make sense. Nor did Epstein want to get too close to Cagalli, who could make him forget himself.

But all that didn't really matter. What mattered was that Epstein did not want to let the parent he loved so much be inwardly unhappy even while struggling to keep the little bit of peace he'd found with the captive. So Epstein looked straight at Cagalli, who was looking a little confused. She did not understand that his motivation for making Cagalli discover the basement had been a very simple one. In Greyfriars' house, Athrun opened a suitcase.

As usual, the record was going on, and it seemed that the rather ancient mechanism Greyfriars favoured to play the music made the room seem frozen in time.

Unlike the dining room that Athrun had been in before, this room was completely different. That dining room had been filled with riches- gifts from Greyfriars' followers. Many of them were indebted to him.

Athrun and Meyrin: Here Without You

However, this gramophone that Greyfriars used had been assembled and made by Greyfriars himself. He stood there, watching Greyfriars examine the suitcase' contents and then nod approvingly.

Not bad at all, Estragon. And that, I must admit, took quite a pretty penny. I don't know what yours is, frankly. You can't expect me to believe at this point that it's just your nature as a businessman that's making you fund research for our weapons and the production of everything we need. Greyfriars was not a simply, empty-headed person who took every follower for granted.

athrun and meyrin relationship questions

Greyfriars was charismatic precisely because he understood what each person wanted and how the person would work for him if he convinced them he could achieve it. As much as he despised the truth, Athrun knew there were similarities between himself and Greyfriars. He should have known that Greyfriars would ask for the real reason that Rune Estragon was working with him- if not in the past, then now.

But that was where Athrun was more than equipped to deal with Greyfriars. It was covered with lace and was empty at this point, but he knew Greyfriars would not let go of the past so easily. People tended to trust those who were most like them, or those that they could sympathise with.

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And people tended to sympathise with others who had suffered the same plights. There was a silence for a moment as Greyfriars eyes passed over Athrun. I didn't expect you to tell me. And for your grief, and for all you've done for me, I will make sure he suffers. But he shook his thoughts free inwardly and concentrated on Greyfriars as he had to. Greyfriars was not someone to sympathise with, Athrun told himself firmly.

The Numbers had warned him of this, as had the Eyes. Working as a spy was only for those who knew where their loyalties really lay. And his could not possibly lie with a man who had planned to have Cagalli killed for reasons she didn't even understand.

Greyfriars paused as he touched the vials but did nothing as stupid as to inhale the powder. The original powder that the Eyes had obtained from Mullin's suitcase was very lethal, and a simple dosage through inhalation would cause death quite immediately. Greyfriars had been quite eager to get hold of the drugs that Mullin's company was capable of producing, but Rune Estragon had beat him to it. From what Greyfriars had been guided into believing, Mullin had never meant to sell Greyfriars that drug and to help him reproduce it.

After all, that explained why Mullin had happily died from a heroin overdose and his suitcase had been found with nothing more than that drug by itself. However, as Rune Estragon had offered, Greyfriars had another viable alternative. Here was an already trusted business partner who owned other drug companies that were capable of creating a drug that Greyfriars had heard of and wanted to use.

Besides, Greyfriars thought to himself, Rune Estragon was on his side, and Rune Estragon had proved to be a worthy man and business partner worth keeping. Rune Estragon was already handling the weapon companies that Greyfriars had wanted to acquire for so long, and Rune Estragon needed Greyfriars to complete his side of the deal.

In other words, Greyfriars was quite sure Rune Estragon was to be trusted. Now, Athrun watched as Greyfriars snapped the suitcase shut and handed it over to him, nodding again. He stared hard at Athrun, who looked fearlessly back at him. Hiding his smirk, Athrun knew that the biochemical weapon that Greyfriars was relying on so much was going to fail the minute it was sent out of the factories in their crates.

Kitani Harumi was doing a fine job of controlling those companies and even the raw material companies that supplied the key ingredients for the weapon-producing factories. In other words, those would never reach the customers. Greyfriars wasn't the only customer ordering through Rune Estragon of course, Athrun thought inwardly. There was another customer that would be enraged to find out that his weapon stores weren't increasing.

In the meantime, Greyfriars leaned back, closing his eyes, then reopening them with a very tired expression. Forcing a note of impatient incredulity into his voice, he answered. Killing her now would be ruining the impact you hope to create.

It's the same reason why it was better letting her survive the scuffle on the SS Rafael. It was you who convinced me that it was better bringing her back to the Isle alive and in one piece so we could use her and her voice to tell the world of why she was being brought there. But that never materialised did it? She's been in your manor for ages and even Decant Corriolis was killed when he tried to kill her. Her immediate death would be less impressive than to have her being watched by the whole world.

His eyes were dark. He sat up and then looked directly at Athrun, who was standing before him. I'm not a Danish terrorist like them or like you. I will pledge my support to the group that serve my interests, and that includes the leader that can serve it for me. He had grown too reliant on Rune Estragon by now, Athrun realised. But for your sake, Greyfriars, don't rush things. I want my side of the deal to be fulfilled, and I'm a fair person.

I'll fulfil your side of the deal, which you can only hope to achieve if you follow my advice. Probably because his group was badgering him too much, Athrun supposed.

I've been curious though-," He paused, looking at his right-hand man. She doesn't even know why she's here. He cast an eye over the tiny coffin in the corner. Those were surrounded by new bouquets of red clovers, and he knew Greyfriars would never recover from the pain of losing his wife and children.

When Athrun spoke, his voice was calm. With a jolt that ran through her aching feet to her sluggish mind, Lacus sat up, a photo-album still in her lap. Leon was still sleeping by her side, and blearily, she looked at Shinn. Right behind him was Meyrin, and she gazed around before she remembered that Lunamaria had flown back to Panama for some urgent business. She looked at Lacus smile wanly and Shinn held up a milk bottle.

She looked at Leon who was still fast asleep. Turning back to Lacus, he saw he stroking her baby's cheek, her hair falling softly over her shoulder. Despite what people said about mothers taking on a glowing appearance, Lacus did look a bit pale and Shinn felt a tug of worry. He'd only just received Kira's call an hour ago, and he had promised Kira to ensure Lacus was eating well and healthy.

He raised his eyes to her questioningly and his friend smiled. Smacking himself on the head inwardly, Shinn grimaced. Of course it was Lacus. He gazed at the woman in one picture who was holding a bundle of white and pink.

Her mother looked almost plain and looked nothing like Lacus- not the pink hair, or the blue eyes or the face, save the strangely classic dignity that radiated from both women. Other than that, the resemblance was almost impossible to find. Lacus must have sensed his thoughts. She offered, "I look more like my father.

athrun and meyrin relationship questions

She chuckled warmly, but Shinn looked at her with doubt in his eyes. He hoped Lacus would stop being so ambiguous, as she had a habit of being.

Shinn liked simplicity- he liked black and white. He wanted people he could trust, and people he'd bite if they got near. He didn't want to have to deal with people who could be either friends or enemies at any given point.

Even though the war had taught him that it was not always possible, black and white never seemed possible with Lacus. But for once, he suddenly wished she would be more ambiguous so he could pretend he was unaware of what she was really referring to.

Athrun x Cagalli... What will Fukuda do with them?

Just as this child will never say hello to his grandfather. But that can't be helped, can it? Inwardly, he berated himself for going down this line of conversation and even allowing Luna to insist he come and visit Lacus and the newborn baby with her and Meyrin. What if the things he'd agreed to help Athrun do were actually harming Atha?

Privately, he made a silent prayer that everything he had helped Athrun do was not anything wrong per se. Lacus' blue eyes were very clear, and he thought of a helpless frog being dissected.

He was the frog. Swallowing the sudden disconcertment in him, Shinn shook his head. Kira's doing all he can. At least, he assumed that whatever Athrun Zala was up to, it would not involve hurting Cagalli Yula Atha.

I was thinking that it would be a sad thing if Leon never got to see his godfather. But of course," Her eyes turned to his meaningfully. But as luck would have had it, the next page contained a few pictures of a young Athrun and a person who could have only been Athrun's mother.

There were a few pictures of Athrun and Lacus as children, sitting next to each other quite formally and posing for the camera. Both resembled little dolls which were being ushered into their positions at the tea table. But there were also other pictures of Athrun playing hopscotch with Lacus as children, and pictures of Patrick Zala on the adjoining page.

Of these, many featured Siegel Clyne standing next to Patrick Zala and smiling, both comrades and colleagues at that point.

Lacus was still studying Shinn. He wondered if a thousand small beads of sweat were at his hairline. I suppose the last time I met him, he did look like this kid-," He pointed, feeling like an idiot, gesturing at a somber-looking eight year old Athrun who was standing next to a waving and smiling Lacus.

Despite himself, he thought of the grave Athrun who had always seemed so stoic but had been so quietly desperate each time he'd approached Shinn for help. Lacus bent a little closer, but he was aware her eyes did not move to the photograph but seemed to be seeing through him. Feeling incredibly pressured now, Shinn flipped a little faster and came to a page that featured photographs of something infinitely safer for Lacus' wellbeing and his blood pressure- landscapes.

But that was what he had thought. Meanwhile, Lacus had taken another photo-album and was flipping through it too, smiling at some memories only she could summon to her mind. But now, as Shinn kept his hand on the page, Lacus' eyes turned to him. Lacus passed a hand lovingly over that photograph, pointing at it. It featured a wide-swept sea and coasts of shells and beech trees. It could have been taken anywhere, but there was an aged, austere charm to the view.

Then she shook her head. My father took all these photographs, and I've never seen this place. I suppose that must be a place he visited on Earth's territory. There were pictures of wide cliffs and grey seas, and put next to the pictures of the gardens that Lacus had expressed fondness for, the cliffs seemed to overshadow the bright colours of the flowers because of their sobriety.

It must have been back on Earth. He hadn't, as far as she could recall, but he'd told her that he'd lived amongst Naturals once. This is the place he lived in when he went to the Plants and married your mother and started his family-," He gestured at the photographs Lacus seemed to have more familiarity with.

And Lacus selected one of stormy seas and those beautiful cliffs, wondering if her father had continued with his habit of marking every photograph he took and labeling it at the back. Plucking it from that page, she flipped it, and Shinn paused and drew a little closer. His voice was puzzled.

Lots of places were destroyed by radical Naturals back on Earth- even before many Coordinators migrated to space. The ancient places of Venice, Greece- so many places. You see, there were many Coordinators who populated those beautiful, old places where the wealth seemed to be drawn to.

He frowned a little, not sure why he was babbling about his own past at the mention of Siegel Clyne's and Lacus' vague recollection of the things her father had told her. That's why we went to Orb- which welcomes Coordinators and Naturals alike. I remember looking at a book of ancient places that were sadly, destroyed, and I remember the picture of Kowloon. It was during a world history lesson with my tutor- it was a long time ago, probably. Despite her queer ways and somehow disarming mannerisms, this woman seemed truly kind and pure even though she was probably cleverer than most were aware.

He was forcibly reminded of Cagalli in an instant, and feeling a bit flustered, he dropped his eyes. Lacus, however, had returned to the photograph. She stared at it for a little longer, aware that she had never been to the place despite having looked at this photograph many times before. And then Lacus nodded, replacing it and calmly pressing the plastic sheet back.

At least they were not talking about Athrun, who he was supposed not to have been in contact over these few years. He repressed a slight twitch of his shoulders and concentrated on meaningless conversation. I wonder where those are?

Lacus stiffened with attention, gathering the baby up and quickly bringing it to her. The child began to cry a little more insistently and she shook her head haplessly. Shinn watched her make a sound of distress for a second, then remembered the bottle and passed it to her.

She sat up straighter in bed, holding her child and smiling at Shinn gratefully, and he returned the smile. Neither of them remembered the photograph album or thought about anything more than getting Leon to pipe down right after that.

Epstein's form was hunched over as he weeded. He was nearly on his knees, and in his hands, the shears were making distressing sounds. Grass was flying into the air, perfuming it with the scent of dew and fresh green juices. Some distance away, Cagalli watched him. She was weeding at a far less efficient pace than Epstein, despite insisting that she join him to do the same.

Without the bulkiness of his usual suit and because he'd taken off his shirt to work, she could see his slimness and youth. He'd taken off his glasses too, and she could not ignore how much he looked like his mother now. The new knowledge that Athrun had given her now allowed Cagalli to feel sorrow for both Gilbert Dullindal and Talia Gladys. More than that, she felt great sorrow for the little fragment of their past that they had left in their present- Epstein himself.

But Cagalli found that she could not concentrate on anything. Her head was throbbing slightly but insistently, and upset, she tried to concentrate on whatever she was doing.

But what was she doing? She was thinking of thoughts that were as fragmented as her concentration. Epstein noticed she had been staring at him for quite some time, and put down his shears, sitting carefully in the grass.

She did the same, smiling hesitantly and he returned it. It came as a shock to me when Athrun first told me. I was arguing with him over a mission I was supposed to be going for, one that he refused to let me go into.

I told him he didn't really have a choice or a decision since he wasn't my parent and that I didn't have any anyway.

athrun and meyrin relationship questions

Even on the days when I wasn't at my best or wasn't listening to his instructions, Athrun never scolded me or told me off. But that day, he had to control himself from socking me in the face, I'm sure. But he told me that my parents didn't die so I could join them in the afterlife by chasing after some foolish ideal either, and that's when I realised he knew more than he let on. I didn't even know the circumstances of my mother's death until that moment.

He told me the rest eventually, of course. And then Epstein shrugged "I don't look much like him, I know. I've seen pictures of him, and I don't really have his features as much as you would have expected. Gilbert Dullindal had been a brilliant man, filled with ambition, talent and potential. When he had died, Cagalli had been in Orb at that time, commanding the troops from where she was and praying for the safety of the others.

When the news of his death arrived, she had not been as relieved as she thought she would be. Rather, she had thought of Dullindal as that highly intelligent, persuasive person that Cagalli had sincerely admired but had disagreed with in the end. The ministers around her had been cursing the man who had orchestrated the apocalyptic situation the world and society might have faced. Yet, all Cagalli had thought of was what a brilliant person he had been, how driven he had been, what a waste everything had been.

She had not been unable to comprehend why such sympathy had instinctively arose in her at that time.

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But now, Cagalli knew why Dullindal had strove to create that future. His pain had been far to great for him to bear, such that his final dream was to eradicate the possibility of dreaming again.

If only he knew that Talia had given him a son, she thought with a pang. If only he known of that the child she'd bore for them. The only father she knew was Uzumi Nara Atha, and Ulen Hibiki was someone she'd never met or never hoped to. I know he never knew I existed, but that's only because he never bothered asking for the real reasons why his lover suddenly upped and left.

Did Epstein know she had pitted herself against his father, and did he forgive her for that? Or did he even know who his parents were, or did he think of them as strangers despite actually having met them?

Cagalli bit her lip. Did Epstein know of her and Athrun's role in his parents' death? It occurred to her that Epstein was the son of the man that she, Athrun, Kira and Lacus had indirectly caused the death of. By pitting themselves against Gilbert Dullindal, they had only been keen to prove that their ideology was superior to his- and he had failed and would be the person history thought of as a villain. Conversely, Cagalli Yula Atha, Athrun Zala, Lacus Clyne, and Kira Yamato were the victors that books featured and academics recognised as important forces in shaping history- particularly the two women.

Now, Cagalli saw the four of them as merely correct only because history was written by victors. They were the victors- they had imposed their ideology on the war's survivors as much as Gilbert Dullindal had attempted to impose his on them. Gazing at Epstein, Cagalli was aware of how many things she had not understood in the past. And Athrun had been requested by Talia Gladys, or perhaps even Kira, to look after her son. Had it been merely because they were there? Or was it for a reason that only Talia knew?

Talia Gladys had been just another woman, really, torn apart by her loyalties to her job and her desire to return to her son. She had exceptional leadership qualities and was a very good officer, but beneath that, Talia had been little except a woman fighting her demons every day.

From the information Kira had gathered, Cagalli had understood that Talia Gladys had probably continued her relationship with Gilbert Dullindal. He'd eventually stepped aboard the Minerva and came face to face with her, and Cagalli could only presume that they'd either been attracted to each other again or had never fallen out of love.

Either way, they'd probably entered a semi-casual relationship, as Arthur Trine had revealed to Kira Yamato, and Talia had probably never even told Dullindal that they'd had a son. Naturally, Cagalli had not paid much attention to the presence of the boy that Kira had showed her a picture of.

athrun and meyrin relationship questions

At that time, she had also been too bogged down with rebuilding Orb. Thus, she had clean forgotten about the child, who bore a strong resemblance to Talia Gladys, a boy whose smiling, happy face had seemed normal.

athrun and meyrin relationship questions

She was looking at that same boy and she was aware that he had taken on some of Athrun's traits. Epstein was a bit guarded, a person who was a bit mistrustful, a person who kept to himself, and a person who had his own insecurities just like Athrun. I hold to that, even now. Epstein shook his head. I don't think I can be. I don't think they deserve a person like him to tell their child that the parents who left him were good people. But your parents-," "My birth father didn't want me. Not even my mother.

That's why she left me back there with her husband and let him throw me out! I know Athrun said she wrote letters- but what's the point? It was obvious she didn't even think that her husband would throw me out after she'd left for the Plants. She pulled his hands into hers. I'm sure your father wanted your mother to stay with him.

But he couldn't marry her at that time and let her have a child. As a young politician, a family would be a weight to a career that was about to take flight. She left the man she married back in Germany, just because she had been offered a promotion back in Zaft, which she had previously resigned from. She wanted her career more than me. Did you know that? Cagalli had cut off all information of her birth father, not wanting to know anything of him.

But here Epstein was, providing her all the facts she had not wanted to know of. Epstein looked at her directly. Gilbert Dullindal had been a brilliant physicist and doctor- under the tutelage of your own father, of course.

My birth father witnessed your twin's birth. Whatever you call it. Maybe that's how Gilbert Dullindal realised that if you planned the future for everything, the child would never have to worry or to be hurt.

Your father used your brother in his experiment- and he would have used you too if your mother hadn't intervened. Then she had to watch her marriage fall apart because of that. The grass flew furiously into the air. In the past, she too, had thought of Gilbert Dullindal as delusional and Talia Gladys to be emotional to the point of being irrational. But now, she could not say the same. After all, Cagalli realised, she knew what it meant to do anything to reach an almost impossible ideal, and she knew what it meant to want to give everything up for a loved one.

How different was one human from another, really? Cagalli thought of Kira, who had given up a future of quiet and anonymity for Lacus. She thought of Lacus, who'd given up that same future to work for the ideals of peace and harmony between Naturals and Coordinators. Hadn't Lacus sacrificed things for her ideals too?

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Cagalli thought of the way she'd done things she had never dreamt of doing in order to ensure her service to her country was no disrupted by anything. When had it ceased to be a service and more of a personal raison d'etre? Had it been merely when her father had died? Or had it been all those years later, when she'd believed that she had nothing else to live for except Orb, and that Orb would be the one thing that she needed for the simple reasons hat Orb needed her in the first place?

It was difficult, she realised. She was pulling at straws, because nothing she seemed to think of could deny the fact that Epstein was truly against his birth parents. That's why your mother left him to have you.

If not to meet him again, then what? She never told him I existed, I suppose. And she left me with a man who didn't care for me- so I'm not convinced when you say having a child made her forget her ambitions. She went back to the Plants because she couldn't give up her relationship with my birth father even when she had me and another person who loved her. In any case, her husband soon realized I wasn't his son and threw me out fast enough.

My birth father didn't want me too. He let her leave him because he wanted to focus on his career too. So what if she was carrying his child? Hadn't that path meant sacrificing everything humankind had used as motivation for an unknown future?

Had he made his decision when his own dreams had vanished and he'd found hollowness in trying to believe and hope again? Or had it been when he'd met the living creations who were all but waiting to die and trying to leave their own make on humankind?

Hadn't those living creations been the sons of someone who had worked so hard and had been so infinitely hopeful as to alter his own genes in hopes of writing his future for himself? Looking at the son Gilbert Dullindal had left behind, Cagalli couldn't say she knew any better.

Whether Gilbert Dullindal had known that he had a son or not, he had believed that the only way to prevent unhappiness and pain was by writing and dictating lives. While people would never know how to expect and would therefore never dream, they would never feel the disappointment Gilbert Dullindal had personally felt. They would never aspire for what they could possibly or possibly not have, and they would never have to suffer if their dreams never came true. After all, as Dullindal had reasoned, they wouldn't know what a dream was like, or what it meant to dream.

Then he sighed and nodded. Epstein shook his head tersely. He shouldn't have burdened you with that. But now, she knew whose hair and eyes he had, whose face his resembled. A fine way to associate the sons of madmen. Cagalli grabbed his face in her hands, lowering his head slightly so she could stare at him. I never thought that of either of you. He put away the shears, no longer able to vent his frustration.

And that's why I had to make sure he had a chance at his own happiness. And she was forcibly reminded that Epstein was not as old as he made himself to be, not so matured as she had thought, and in an instant, Cagalli had flung herself into his arms, hugging him tightly Her voice was soft.

He already cares for you too much for me to change anything, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I knew your parents briefly- Athrun may or may not have told you that. His death was his own making. Besides-," A hard look crossed his mouth, which made him look uncharacteristically cold. It pained her to realize how similar he looked to his father suddenly.

He's the one who gave up his freedom to keep me safe. That's why I promised him not to go in the end. That's why I decided that he was worth dying for if he wanted me to, except that he would never accept it because he is the person who really cares for me. She patted him on the back, and then on impulse reached forward, holding his face tenderly, and kissed his forehead.

This was the child she had been, Cagalli realised. One who'd had a vague recollection of someone who ought to have been around but wasn't. Only two days after that, did Athrun appear in the evening. She hadn't seen him for a few days, and Cagalli wasn't even sure if he was around in the manor at all.

Nevertheless, she had spent the nights in his room, waiting until she had fallen asleep. While good at following orders, Athrun has trouble acting as a team leader due to his compassionate outlook in life.

In Destiny, Athrun's personality and ideals does not change much, but he does mature in some respects, especially when he rejoins ZAFT at the personal behest of Gilbert Durandal to command and become part of the ZAFT forces as a field commander aboard the Minerva.

Due to his status as a hero to the PLANT colonies and ZAFT ace pilot, he somehow instinctively portrays a very professional aura and doesn't hesitate when giving orders that can come off as being harsh or demanding. Despite the former's particular distaste of being ordered around, Athrun still manages to act as a mentor to his young subordinates, such as Shinn Asuka and Lunamaria Hawke.

His perseverance to find himself and discern the truth of the moment amidst the chaos in both wars waged in both SEED and Destiny eventually eclipses that flaw. His second flaw is a by-product of his first flaw as his indecisiveness comes off as being labeled as a traitor to either side of the war, much to his frustration and denial. After his defection to Terminal, Athrun seems to regain a sense of what he is fighting for, but it is not clearly portrayed if he has resolved this personal issue.

It was there that he showed natural talent as a soldier, ranking 1st in mobile suit piloting, hand-to-hand combat, and knife-fighting, even going as far as to beat the renowned knife-fighting instructor "Fred of the Knife".

With his natural experience as a pilot and high scores at the academy, it's very surprising that Kira Yamato was able to match him with skill alone. It is likely that Athrun's technical skills as a pilot are thanks to his long-practiced hobby of creating robotic toys, such as Kira's Birdy and Lacus's Haros.

Athrun's resolve in battle is often profound. He debates "truth", "war" and even the real difference between "right" and "wrong" on the battlefield. These thoughts never cloud his mind in the sense that they hinder his abilities. However, his anger or desire for revenge often make him act in a way that he later regrets.

His only weakness as a pilot is his good nature, which leaves him troubled when faced with having to kill Kira, his best friend. Ultimately, his "perfect solider" mentality and his father's expectations blind him to what he truly wants.

This may account for some of Yzak's hostilities toward Athrun. Memories of their friendship keep Athrun from attacking Kira which gave Murrue enough time to recover and shoot at him, forcing him to step back. Pursuit of the Archangel Athrun engage Kira in battle several times thereafter as he and the rest of his team try to get the Strike.

Before withdrawing, Athrun asks Kira his idea of justice and vows to rescue Lacus at all costs. Neither Kira nor Athrun want to fight each other and they often think of one another and their unfortunate circumstances. Despite this, both declare to one another that they will shoot to kill the next time they meet.

Athrun is later appointed head of his own team - the Zala Team, and clashes with some of his fellow pilots on several issues especially on their failure to recover or destroy the Strike Gundam. Athrun successfully lands his mobile suit on an island. There, he encounters Cagalli, who is also marooned there.

After being shot at resulting to an armed conflict between the two and having to deal with the awkward revelation that she was, in fact, a girl, Athrun takes Cagalli prisoner, binding her wrists and feet together. While trying to get to Athrun's mobile suit in her tied up stage, Cagalli accidentally ends up almost drowning in a small but deep puddle made by the rain where Athrun rescues her. An exchange of humorous banters is had between them that results in Athrun setting her free because she seemed like she couldn't be any serious threat to him.

While waiting for retrieval, the two talk. Their viewpoints about the war clash, but they listen to each other with Athrun being the one to give up first knowing that it would get them nowhere. He falls asleep on her, giving Cagalli an opening to steal his gun that she eventually throws away, resulting to it misfiring with the bullet grazing Athrun's side. This eventually leads to a mutual truce between them and they exchange names.

They later rescued by their respective forces. Neither tells anyone about what happened on the island. Yzak, Dearka and Nicol wish to kill them, but Athrun defuses the situation, letting them know they were new to the place themselves. Though suspicious, Lowe and the others blew it off and accepted it. When Birdy escaped from Kira, it flew to where Athrun was and the two boys confronted each other briefly. The intended ambush goes poorly thanks to Kira's sudden improvement in battle, Nicol in the badly damaged Blitz is killed by Kira's hands after he tries to protect Athrun, sparking the unbridled hate that would decide the aftermath of Athrun and Kira's next encounter later on.

Spotting the Archangel, Athrun rushed in and got ready for the final battle. Athrun and Kira meet in combat again. Angered by Nicol's death, he charges at Kira and fights slowly draining Aegis' energy. Even though Athrun's team fought with full anger, Kira managed to take down Yzak and Dearka. In the end, Athrun remains as the only one standing and begins the all out battle.

Tolle Koenig, Kira's good friend then comes to help. Athrun and Kira begins the most brutal battle, neither side not wanting to lose. Each person destroying out parts of their Gundam, Athrun and Kira appears to be evenly matched.

Running out of energy, Athrun decides to grasp on to strike and kill Kira with the Scylla energy Cannon. However it was seconds till the Aegis ran out of energy. In a last attempt to kill Kira, Athrun uses the Aegis's self-destruction system on the strike, escaping at the last second. He is caught by the shockwave of the blast, injuring him to some extent. When Athrun regains consciousness, he finds Cagalli points a gun at him, demanding to know what happened to Kira.

Athrun, obviously distraught, says that he has killed his best friend, Kira. Cagalli angrily asks why while aiming the gun point-blank at his face, Athrun snaps back that Kira has killed several ZAFT comrades and his anger had finally reached its peak with Nicol's death with him eventually stating that Kira was his enemy for not being on his side, on the side of ZAFT. Cagalli snaps and calls him an idiot, asking why he could do something terrible to his best friend.

It is here that Athrun breaks down into tears as Cagalli explains some of the teachings her father, that killing for vengeance will never bring peace but simply more conflict and asks him again how his thinking will ever bring about peace. Before returning him to ZAFT, Athrun calls Cagalli strange and wonders if he should thank her and just resigns to saying that he really doesn't know.

He eventually finds Lacus and saves her from assassination. Lacus tells Athrun that Kira is alive and is the Freedom's new pilot. She tells him to think about what he should really be fighting for. Instead of following his father's orders or feeling bound to his military duty, he should determine what he believes to be right. Lacus then tells Athrun that he should go to Earth and speak with Kira. Athrun launches in the Justice and arrives on Earth. Before attempting to locate Kira, he visits the wreckage of the Aegis and the Strike.

There, he encounters Reverend Malchio, who gives him an update on the war. Athrun watches, wrestling with his own loyalties, until Kira is slowly overpowered by the enemy. Athrun then makes his choice and steps in to save his friend. As the enemy mobile suits retreat, the two friends try to work out their differences.

But in order to do this, both friends would have to abandon their respective nation's militaries. Uncertain at first, Athrun makes no promises, but he eventually aids Kira during the fall of Orb, instead of fighting him and retrieving the Freedom like he was originally ordered to do so.

Athrun then follows the survivors of the battle into space. During a heated argument between father and son, Athrun's father reveals that he intends to drag the war on until all the Naturals are exterminated as revenge for the death of his wife, Lenore.

Athrun is shocked and angered by his father's revelation, and is shot in the arm by his father then arrested for refusing to reveal the location of the Justice and the Freedom. During the final stages of the war, he and Cagalli develop a romantic relationship. The two of them even shared a kiss in episode 48 after he tells her that he will protect her when she said she was going to join them in the battlefield.

Afterwards he is seen exiting the mangled remains of the Stike Rouge before being caught in a teary-eyed embrace by Cagalli. Athrun nearly dies during this battle, but is rescued by Shinn. Before leaving, Athrun silently slides a ring onto Cagalli's finger, which leads to an awkward moment before they regain their composure and share an emotional farewell, including a kiss. The Shattered World, this kiss was reanimated into a light peck on the cheek.

Athrun meets with Chairman Durandal, who convinces him to use his power to keep the world on the right path. Athrun is somewhat of a mentor to Shinn, though the two do not always get along well. His romantic life becomes more complicated. Lunamaria develops an interest in him.

Athrun and the others disagree strongly on many points. In return, Athrun is told that Coordinators have attempted to assassinate the real Lacus, which means Kira and the others do not trust Chairman Durandal. Much is still unresolved after he leaves. Since they have failed to fully convince him of their cause, they were preparing to frame him as a traitor using photographs of his meeting with Kira and Cagalli.

Athrun's situation probably was not helped by his defection in the first war. Rather than be arrested, Athrun flees.