Atwt walker daniels and barbara relationship

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atwt walker daniels and barbara relationship

The TV MegaSite's As The World Turns Site is a large fan page with information, links, Walker: Have you ever heard Beethoven's fifth played on a steel drum? .. Barbara: Do you need convincing, Dr. Daniels? just to prove that she was still young -- I have no relationship with my dad, you know that. Comprehensive daily recaps for As the World Turns, dating back to Lakeview Hotel bar, confiding her fears about her blurred vision to Dr. Walker Daniels. Walker covers for Barbara and chivalrously offers to escort her to her room. . Craig keeps needling Jack about Carly's relationship with Paul. How much do you think it's going to cost your relationship? Why are you hanging around Memorial with Walker Daniels when we're supposed to Barbara: Oh, well, we just had some details to go over for the fund-raiser.

Barbara, nobody's giving us a second thought. Well, still, the staff could talk. And they will divine that you spent the night in my suite, huh?

By the way I swagger in? Or the way I savor my orange juice?

atwt walker daniels and barbara relationship

We've shared meals together before. Still -- people talk. Compliments of the house. Are you ready to order? Um, actually I think I need a couple of minutes, thank you. Excuse me -- uh, in case you're interested? I'm crazy about this woman. Congratulations -- you've got excellent taste. But I'm good for you. Yes, you are good for me. A little too confident, perhaps, but -- Walker: Tell me something, have you ever been wrong about anything?

Um, now that I think of it -- no. Which does remind me. Have you given any thought to what I said about Jennifer and Jordan Sinclair?

Look, I know I've been a little obsessed with my daughter and her love life. But that doesn't mean it has to be your mission, too.

My only mission is to become the man that finally makes Barbara Ryan happy. Well then, you should know -- Jennifer is one of the things that makes me the happiest. Then, step out of her life, Barbara. Otherwise, you're just going to push her away. How did we get this place to ourselves for the whole night? I'm wondering where my mother is. Uh, I think we can take a guess. I would rather not. But it is pretty wonderful to have so much privacy.

atwt walker daniels and barbara relationship

You know what I was thinking? Wouldn't it be great if today was some big national holiday, and we could just hang out in our robes together all afternoon -- and all night -- Jordan: Maybe it's an announcement saying today has been cancelled!

Oh, it's for you -- Jordan: James sent you a message here? Yeah, it says that he'll be in contact with me later today. Well, I hope that this means that he's located Rosanna and the baby. Jordan, did you tell James that you were staying here last night? Of course not, Jen.

Then, Jordan -- he's watching you. Your kid is fine.

atwt walker daniels and barbara relationship

Tell me where she is. You've gotta agree to the rules, pal. Are you trying to squeeze me? Is that what this is? Hey, he just said he's going to tell us where Lucy is. Let the man talk. He is talking, Gilligan! And he's talking to you, too. No, but -- Craig: Maybe this is a shakedown. Maybe Sierra's part of the piggy bank. Why didn't he bring Lucy with him? Why are we standing in an alley? If I was shakin' you down, Craig-o, believe me, you would know it.

Your daughter is safe right now -- Craig: I'm trying to keep her that way! My daughter would be sunbathing in Montega right now, if she hadn't crossed paths with you.

No, she would not.

atwt walker daniels and barbara relationship

The same guy who attacked her at Metro was driving her to the airport, Craig. This has nothing to do with me. Someone's after your kid -- Craig: Oh, this has nothing to do with you?

You should be kissin' my feet right now! I saved your daughter from being kidnapped! Why can't you just tell us where she is?

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I'm not givin' up anything, pal, until I have his word. You want to protect your daughter, we do it my way. You are a wonderful man, Walker Daniels, and I bless the day that you were brave enough to walk into my life -- but you do not understand James Stenbeck. And if I may be frank with you -- Walker: I expect nothing less. You can't tell me how to mother my children. But what kind of friend would I be if I were less frank with you than you are with me?

You are -- you are a wonderful, loving mother, Barbara. But sometimes love -- it can have many demands. You loved Will with all your heart. He ended up in a mental hospital. Now, you don't want to love Jennifer so much that you end up pushing her away. You don't pull any punches, do you? You wouldn't trust me with your health if I did. I've been thinking -- about your relationship with Jordan.

You trusted him the whole time you were sick. He didn't betray that trust, did he? Has he done anything to hurt you since he found out that James was his father? Not yet, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. And you know that how? On the surface, Jordan is intelligent, compassionate, charming. And I will tell you, James can exude those same things. But underneath, he is deadly.

How can you say that? Jordan and Jennifer are in love. Now, if you try to come between them, you're gonna be the glue that cements them together. One night with you and you're telling me how to raise my children? You've already raised your children, Barbara. Let them make their own mistakes. Jennifer is my daughter. Maybe Stenbeck is watching me. Doesn't that bother you? The man has been toying with my entire life up 'til now, Jen.

Frankly, this doesn't feel much different. But, what I don't like is that this is frightening you.

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No, I'm okay -- Jordan: The note surprised me. But, Jordan, I meant what I said. I understand why you had to turn to him for help. But, I just feel like no one else cares that Cabot is my child.

Oh, I'm in great company. I love you, Jen. And there's nothing in this world that I wouldn't do for you, including letting you go if this is too much. I can handle this. If he's watching me, he's gonna end up spying on your life, too. So, I wouldn't blame you if you just walked right out that door. I love you, too. And I want to be with you, okay? But I do have to find Cabot. Which means that we might have to put up with him for a little while longer. And I give you my word that I will never bring him back into our lives.

I need you to believe in me, Jen. Can you do that? He nailed it shut. How could you do this to me! My daughter needs to be protected from you! Because if you didn't set up this kidnapping, then your friends did. Not him, I'll tell you that right now. Or any of his group -- Craig: Because they told you so! I walked in on somebody trying to snatch your kid. And I'm not giving her back to you, until tell me you believe me. Dusty, I need more than that. Somebody hijacked her limo.

You think they're gonna give up just 'cause I squashed the first attack? What do you want? What do I want? I want you to be cool, call the cops, and tell 'em what I told you. Don't be a hero. Now, where is she? She's in an old abandoned house, Route 14, on Old Dundee Road.

Route 14, that's like -- a mile, a mile and a half -- Dusty: Listen to me -- Craig: Yeah, you take a right out of here -- you take a right at the church. About a mile down the road, you'll see an old boarded-up minimart.

Right behind it, is the house. Keep an eye out, 'cause you can't see it from the road. If you left her alone, she could have gotten frightened and run off? No, she's in there. I locked her in -- from the outside -- Craig: You locked her in?

Yeah, I nailed the windows shut, too. Maybe if she can't get out, the bad guys can't get in. You ever think of that, Craig? You ever think about a fire? It's not my business! It's not about me! I didn't sign up for this, guy! She better be okay. Well, why don't you find out for yourself. This is to the padlock. We'll take bolt cutters in case the key doesn't work. Yeah, take bolt cutters.

I told you everything. Where are you going? I told you everything! I'm getting as far away from this town as I can get. Oh, God -- [Lucy sobbing] Katie: A few minutes ago you were planning me this huge party, and now all of a sudden, you want me to move halfway across the world? Out of the blue? I just thought we could make a fresh start. I thought that's what we were doing -- here. You're saying we have to go all the way to Australia to do it?

Well, we were always planning on going someday anyway. That was before you ran off. And I ran off after you and got locked in the basement by that psycho while you pretended you were dead.

Look, we're never going to go anywhere near that place. Babe, we'll be in the city. We'll be in the city. We'll live by the coast.

You're gonna love it -- Katie: I just don't understand why we can't stay here, where it's familiar and quiet, and we can focus on getting to know each other again.

This is your home, Katie. What are you talking about? This is our home. You built this from a tiny, wrecked shack into this beautiful place for us. Yeah, and I can do it all over again in Australia.

atwt walker daniels and barbara relationship

It's the greatest place in the world to raise kids. I guess I just never realized you were so unhappy here. It's just that, we've only known each other here. I want to show you -- and share with you -- my home. Sandy was caught in a fire and was horribly burned. Sandy's condition left her terribly depressed and Bob had no choice but to place her in an institution. While Sandy was away, Bob's sister, Penny, who couldn't have children of her own, persuaded Sandy's ex-husband, Roy McGuire, to get custody of Jimmy, even though Roy really believed the boy should stay with Bob.

This put Bob at odds with his sister, especially when Penny talked Roy into marrying her to ensure that he would get custody. Fortunately, Sandy soon recovered and returned to Bob, with Jimmy being returned to them. Later, it was Bob's turn to be caught in a fire. The fire left him blind and the stress of taking care of him became too much for Sandy and she left. Feeling betrayed, Bob divorced her and his eyesight later returned.

Sandy returned to Oakdale a few years later and though she and Bob tried to make another go of their relationship, by now Sandy was too involved in her new career modeling and the two parted ways again. When Chuck learned he was dying, he asked Bob to take care of his family. Bob kept his word and ended up falling in love. Though Jennifer's daughter, Barbara, liked the Hughes family, Rick, who idolized his father, deeply resented Bob and vehemently opposed their relationship, going as far as to tell his mother that Lisa who was now dating Bob's brother, Don was pregnant with Bob's child.

Jennifer saw right through the lie and married him. Unfortunately, Rick's poor performance at Memorial put a strain on their marriage because Jennifer continually accused Bob of being too hard on her son, who was an aspiring doctor. However, Bob refused to condone Rick's shoddy work, which included shamelessly stealing patients from Bob and David and making careless near-fatal diagnosis.

With Rick a constant source of strife in the marriage, Bob and Jennifer's started coming apart. A singer, the widowed Kim was performing in Florida and she and Bob became reacquainted and had a fling. Afterwards, Kim, smitten with Bob, followed him back to Oakdale and observed for herself the deteriorating state of the marriage. Then came a shocking twist—both Jennifer and Kim ended up pregnant.

Knowing there was a baby on the way changed everything and Kim decided to cover up the fact that she was pregnant with Bob's child - keeping the secret even from Bob himself. Although Kim had resolved to raise the child on her own, she quickly fell prey to Bob's rival, Dr. John Dixon, and fell for his arguments that she marry him to give the child a name. Later, one night, Bob and Jennifer fought and Bob ran out of his house and was hit by a car, in a delirious state, he blurted out to Jennifer that Kim was pregnant with his baby.

Though shocked, Jennifer placed the brunt of the blame on herself and resolved to be a more understanding wife. Late that year, as Jennifer gave birth to their daughter, Frannie, while Kim was told that she had suffered a miscarriage.

Kim stayed in her loveless marriage to John while Bob and Jennifer resolved to patch their marriage back together. Though things got easier when Rick left town, tragically, Jennifer would lose her life in a car accident, leaving Bob to raise Frannie alone. Norm Garrison's death and Val Conway[ edit ] Not long after, Sandy returned to town, running from her abusive husband, Norman Garrison.

Soon, Norman followed demanding that she return to him. Accusing Bob of having an affair with Sandy, Norman suddenly suffered a heart attack and was admitted to Memorial where he later died after having another argument with someone. Soon an investigation, instigated by John Dixon, was conducted to see if Bob had caused Garrison's death.

Bob Hughes

Bob was able to prove it was a woman who argued with Garrison the day he died, thus causing his death. After an uneventful relationship with Kim's former sister-in-law, Valerie Reynolds Conway, Bob found himself intrigued with a woman named Karen Peters, who confessed to running off with a file that would clear her father a judge of the wrongdoing that he was accused of. Walter Vested tried to persuade Bob to retrieve the papers and give them to him, but, sensing something was wrong, Bob refused.

Shortly after, Karen's hotel room was ransacked and she fled town, but Vested lured her back by having his thugs go after Bob. Seeing Karen, Bob warned her not to trust Vested since he believed he was corrupt.

Soon, Vested caught up with them and pulled a gun on the pair, but was killed in a struggle over the gun. Not long after, Bob was shocked to learn that Karen herself was also involved in the white collar crimes and she was placed in jail. Relationships with Lyla and Kim[ edit ] Years later, Bob became involved with Nurse Lyla Montgomeryand they fell in love and became engaged.

However, trouble came during Dee Stewart's rape trial against John when Lyla was forced to admit that John was the father of her oldest daughter, Margo. Distressed that Lyla never told him about knowing John, in fact she led him to believe that she never knew him until now, Bob told Lyla that he didn't know how he felt about her.

Sadly, Lyla returned his ring. Next, Bob briefly married Miranda Marlowe, an international criminal. At one point, Miranda learned that her daughter, Bilan, was alive.

Seventeen years earlier, Miranda, fearing for Bilan's safety, was forced to abandon the child after Bilan's father was murdered by Mr. Sympathetic to her plight, Tom and Margo agreed to locate the girl and convince Bilan of her mother's love.

Unbeknownst to them, Mr. Big was hoping to uncover a missing treasure that had belonged to Bilan's father; he was also looking for the teenager. Tom and Margo traveled from a convent in Paris to the island of Drasue where they found Bilan in a jungle village—but Mr. Big's men had followed them. Luckily, Bilan was able to escape and made her way to the US.

Despite having some issues with her new stepmother, a nearly grown up Frannie became friends with Bilan.

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Unfortunately, when Frannie did this, she shunted aside, just a bit, another friend of hers, Marcy Thompson. Marcy started to believe that Frannie didn't like her because of how poor she was and so when Frannie, who was volunteering as a candy striper at Memorial, introduced Marcy to her dad, Marcy decided to get Frannie back by kissing the older, rather shocked, Bob. At this same time, wealthy Kirk McColl, who was starting to date Marcy after Frannie spurned him, got mad at Marcy because she started developing a crush on Dr.

One day, Marcy went to Bob's office and literally threw herself on top of him unto his couch. At that moment, in walked Miranda, Bilan, Kirk and Frannie. Although it was innocent on Bob's part, that event helped bring about the end of Bob and Miranda's marriage. Although truth be told, Miranda found the Hughes family hopelessly provincial and, when her suave old flame arrived, he was easily able to persuade her to leave Bob.

Marcy would continue to have that crush on Bob, until Lisa finally set her straight. Soon after, Bob was finally able to marry the love of his life, and long-time friend, Kim. Soon after their marriage, Bob and Kim became involved in a mystery surrounding a young woman from England named Sabrina who looked an awful lot like Frannie.