Australia and china military relationship

China and Australia to strengthen defence ties

australia and china military relationship

Feb 2, Initially, she said that Australia shared similar concerns as the U.S. National Security Strategy – which points to China's expanding military as a. While the Chinese remain displeased about Australia hosting US Marines in Darwin, relations between the Chinese and Australian military remain cordial. Australia-China relations are characterised by strong trade bonds. China is Australia's largest trading partner, while Australia is a leading source of resources for.

australia and china military relationship

China's strategy to avoid dramatic conflict Fourth, China's preferred strategy is to avoid dramatic conflict. Instead, it uses "opportunistically timed progression of incremental but intensifying steps to attempt to increase effective control over disputed areas and avoid escalation to military conflict.

The report documents numerous such instances against the Philippines, Vietnam, and South Korea. China probably has the ability to destroy satellites in space, the report notes. NBN Co Fifth, China wishes to make "major progress" toward "informatisation" — a concept "roughly analogous to the US military's concept of "net-centric" capability: Sixth, China employs cyber attacks to achieve key strategic goals.

These include "intelligence collection against US diplomatic, economic, academic, and defence industrial base sectors". A former Defence Force chief says in our lifetimes, our economy will be devastated, our land seized, our system of government upended.

The intelligence is then used "to benefit China's defence high-technology industries, support … military modernisation, provide the CCP insights into US … [and] enable PLA cyber forces to build an operational picture of US perspectives".

In addition, it provides knowledge about "defence networks, military disposition, logistics, and related military capabilities that could be exploited prior to or during a crisis".

australia and china military relationship

Seventh, China's military ambitions extend to space: Nuclear 'triad' of delivery systems Eighth, China's nuclear deterrence is evolving to encompass a triad of delivery capabilities. The DOD records that "nuclear capable bombers would, for the first time, provide China with a nuclear 'triad' of delivery systems dispersed across land, sea, and air.

Further, China's no-first use policy regarding nuclear weapons is ambiguous. Although it claims it will never use nuclear weapons first, the no-first use policy may not apply if targets that are necessary for nuclear deterrence are attacked, for example. China's first entirely home-built aircraft carrier began sea trials earlier this year. As the report bluntly notes, "China intends to use BRI to develop strong economic ties with other countries, shape their interests to align with China's, and deter confrontation or criticism of China's approach to sensitive issues".

Obviously, "some BRI investments could create potential military advantages for China," particularly in the naval context. China is also likely "to establish additional military bases in countries with which it has a longstanding friendly relationship and similar strategic interests, such as Pakistan".

australia and china military relationship

Sri Lanka should take note. Beware Chinese gifts Photo: The report documents that the PLA's likely preparing for a contingency to unify Taiwan. The conflicting statements from Australian officials reflects this uneasiness about needing to work closely yet separately with two countries that are increasingly distrustful of one another.

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The question over which side Australia should align itself with has been simmering for a couple of years. Turnbull and other political leaders have gradually become more hawkish in their position against Chinese influence in Australia, particularly after reports of Chinese money being used to sway Australian political campaigns and policy.

There has also been a clampdown on Chinese investments in Australian real estate, ports and farmland. In the past year, the administration of U.

President Donald Trump has cast doubt on the U. After mere days in office, Trump threatened to renege on a deal the U. Shortly after, Washington pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a nation trade deal that included Australia.

australia and china military relationship

The situation in North Korea — its nuclear weapons program and the threat that poses to the U. But domestic issues have made U.

China almost has Australia surrounded. But its debt-trap diplomacy has been exposed

Two Strategies To help manage its relationships with China and the United States, the Australian government is pursuing two strategies. Regarding China, Canberra is keeping the focus heavily on business ties. During and after the financial crisis, Australia pulled back from antagonizing China.

As for the United States, the Australian government has demonstrated a willingness to expand its security relationship with the U.

China’s scary warning to Australia amid fears of a rising US cold war

Such moves show commitment to the United States while at the same time strengthening defense ties with other nations. As Beijing continues to encroach on the South China Sea — which Australia is less reliant on due to its geographic position — Australia needs to maintain open trade flows and therefore must have a security alliance capable of ensuring sea lanes remain accessible.

australia and china military relationship

That means it still needs the United Statesbut it is increasingly also looking to regional allies for support, should U. For Australia, the dilemma ultimately comes down to the fact that its key security partner is at odds with its top economic partner.

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