Batman and flash relationship marketing

batman and flash relationship marketing

Batman was among the first wave of Superman copycats. honorary member the Flash to help out with a charity drive for war orphans. It was an immediate hit, and Marvel took immediate steps to reenter the superhero market. Given this, the relationship between Batman and Superman had remained. Affleck talks about Batman and Flash's relationship in Justice League at the on- set, JL press-bonanza. The dynamic is mentor/mentee, but don't. From the London set of Justice League, Ben Affleck talks about Batman's dynamic with Ezra Miller's Flash and Jason Momoa's Aquaman, which.

They look up to the Batman and the Flash, and each try to live up to the expectation of being a sidekick. In time, they settle in as heroes.

It helps that they are able to form their own super hero team, the Teen Titans. This allows their bond to deepen, as they are able to spend more and more time together. They become incredibly close.

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So much so, that when Wally returns to the Universe after fixing his Uncle Barry, he wants to help his best friend remember him. To Wally, Dick is just as important as his own flesh and blood. They are both heroes that not only change the world, but change the lives of their heroes.

They are the first sidekicks: And when the time comes, they each don the respective cowls their father-figures would have wanted to see them in.

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But now, they are making a name for themselves, figuring out what to do in a Universe that never wanted them together in the first place. Jason Todd It is unfortunate that Jason never got to befriend a speedster. With his personality, it would have been fun to see what a great dynamic could have played out between them. If he had someone like Barry or Wally in his life, maybe he would have had an easier time letting his frustration go.

He could have had someone be there for him and listen to his problems. Instead, he has to take out his feelings on criminals.

batman and flash relationship marketing

Gordon tells Batman that his new nemesis, Joker, has "a taste for the theatrical, like you", while Joker, consistently coded as queer, reminds Batman that "to them, you're just a freak … like me". Camp is part of Batman's personality. Theatricality is at the heart of his identity.

batman and flash relationship marketing

His closest relationships are always with men; his heterosexual romances inevitably flop, and are often revealed as just a social front. So Batman coming out would only be telling his closest friends what they already know.

The heroes would disperse, and life would go on exactly as it did before. But maybe something would change.

batman and flash relationship marketing

Bruce would be a little happier, a little less uptight, a little less tortured. He wouldn't have so much to prove, so much to hide. He wouldn't have to act like such a badass all the time. He might not growl so much. And that's why Batman can't come out: Batman is a dynamic figure, wrestling with different sides of his own personality, constantly shifting between different forms and resisting any single definition.

Batman can't come out as gay – his character relies on him being in denial

The leading explanation is that he was distracted and upset, which is only fair if you ignore the fact that this is supposed to be the greatest superhero in history. He has all the skills to prevent this, and he doesn't. To make things worse, he totally bails after it goes off instead of helping first responders.

batman and flash relationship marketing

He proceeds to blast it to bits with the Batmobile, nearly destroying the tracker in the process. Not only does he show little regard for the cargo's safety, but he fails to catch it, so he breaks in to LexCorp and steals it all anyway.

Why damage the truck so much? Is the tracker in case the truck gets away? If that's the case, then why not just wait until the kryptonite arrives at LexCorp?

It might be vulnerable in transport, but Batman breaks in without a hitch. Why so inefficient, Batman?

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What do we know about their relationship other than the fact that they like to make out in the bathtub? In this movie, they're already living together.

Their relationship never really evolves on-screen, and it only seems to exist because Lois Lane is usually Superman's love interest in other media. Clark's relationship with Lois is an ever-changing aspect of his life. Why doesn't this get more attention? The world's greatest detective can't see past those glasses, huh? Sure, this is always a big nitpick when it comes to Superman stories, but it stands out even worse in Batman v Superman. Why can't Bruce Wayne figure out who Clark Kent is under the disguise?

You could argue that he's never been photographed close up, though that is unlikely. Maybe he blurs his face by moving it like the Flash — also very unlikely. Even if those were true, Lex Luthor figures out Clark's identity pretty quickly, so it sounds like Batfleck is slacking in the "detective" department.

One of the most important aspects of Lex Luthor's plan is to frame Superman for a shooting that Lex himself orchestrates. It makes sense that some people would believe this.

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Superman is already a controversial figure in their world. However, why does Lex think this'll work? He knows that Superman doesn't use guns. Wouldn't he have arranged something more despicable to frame Superman for? You could argue that he anticipated people's gullibility, but why risk ruining the plan by fabricating something that isn't normal for Superman? It might have seemed powerful for Batman recoil at the sound of his own mother's name.

It might even have seemed like a clever way for him to accept Superman's inherent humanity.

batman and flash relationship marketing

It's drawn out, overly-melodramatic, and cringeworthy at best. Why does Superman wait so long to say this?