Batman and flash relationship with god

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batman and flash relationship with god

EXT:BAF GOD QOTD: Mobius Chair Batman or Superman One Million? Trendy Robin wonderwoman flash cyborg superman JusticeLeague Batman and Best Friend: GOTS GUTS Shitty adaptations 2 confirmed romantic relationships. In Flashpoint, he met the dystopia's Batman - Bruce's father. And even brought a What is the relationship between the superhero Flash and special relativity?. Batman and the Flash may not be best friends, but they do have a unique relationship dynamic that they pass down to their sidekicks.

In the multiversal variant known as Earth, each of her children themselves have children with speed-based abilities. One, Jenni Ognats, grows up to become the Legionnaire XSwhile the other, Bart Allenis born with an accelerated metabolism that rapidly ages him, and is sent back to the 20th century where he is cured by Wally West. He remains there as the superhero Impulse under the tutelage of Max Mercuryand later becomes the second Kid Flash as a member of the Teen Titans.

One year after the events of Infinite CrisisBart becomes the fourth Flash until he is abruptly killed by his clone Inertia and the Rogues. When the two teams see their real futures, Barry witnesses his death during Crisis on Infinite Earths as the Grandmaster shows the heroes how reality should be, but nevertheless resolves to help restore the timeline as it is not his place to play God. He talks with Hal Jordan over the similarity of their situation, stating that dying could not be so bad so long as they have left a legacy for others Wally West and Kyle Raynerin their cases to fight for what they believe.

He helps the team get into Krona 's base by using his running on a treadmill to pass the ship through the dimensional barrier. With the Wasphe is ordered by Captain America to find ways through Krona's defences, and alerts the group to a probably lethal force field. During the final battle, Barry saves Hawkeye from being killed when the Absorbing Man breaks the ground beneath him, but both of them are blasted and apparently killed by Dreamslayer. At the end, it is revealed that Barry got the two of them out alive and at Captain America's suggestion they laid low and because of this, Hawkeye is able to destroy Krona's machine with a TNT arrow while Barry distracts him, then Barry takes the 12 items of power.

As a result, reality is restored, Barry disappears and Wally returns. Post-Crisis appearances[ edit ] Wally West, wracked by grief for the loss of his unborn twins at the hands of Zoomregrets the public knowledge of his identity. Barry appears from somewhere in time—stating that he is from a period shortly before his death—counseling his nephew, and talking the Spectre into granting his wish, erasing all public knowledge of Wally and Barry's identities as the Flash Although Wally himself also loses his memory of his identity for a time.

Barry then disappears, telling his nephew that he will come to his aid three times, on the three most difficult days of his life of which this is the first.

batman and flash relationship with god

In fact, when Zoom enlists the aid of the original Professor Zoom to make Wally relive the loss of his beloved twins, Barry is already there, trying to stop his own Reverse Flash ; Zoom apparently retrieved Eobard Thawne from the day that he attempted to kill Fiona Webb, with Barry following his nemesis.

For the second time, he helps Wally to undo the damage dealt by Zoom, also allowing Wally to save his twins, and then he returns to his proper time, dragging his Zoom with him and breaking his enemy's neck in his timeline. After Superboy escapes, Barry suggests that someone has to absorb the whole Speed Force and cross the dimensional bridge back to Post-Crisis Earth. As Bart volunteers, Barry gives him his suit as a last gift, to keep the Force contained, and stays behind.

Wally West did not go because of his wife and kids. Bart says he knows Barry would go if he could, but why Barry Allen could not make the journey himself is not stated.

Art from Final Crisis 2 by J. DC Universe 0 features an unnamed narrator who initially associates himself with "everything". As the story progresses, he begins to recall his past and association with Justice League members, particularly Hal Jordan and Superman. The lettering in which he speaks to the reader is yellow on backgrounds that are initially black. As the story moves forward, the background slowly begins turning red. In the final pages, the narration boxes feature a yellow lightning bolt.

Over time, as he recalls friendships and connections with other people, his mind begins to narrow, remarking "I I am no longer everything. I am a shaft of light split through a prism". Yet he is still the only one able to see "the shadow falling over everything", in the form of Darkseid.

On the final page, the moon appears in front of a red sky, as a yellow lightning bolt strikes diagonally in front of it creating the logo of the Flash, as he remarks "and now I remember".

The title of the story is revealed to be "Let There Be Lightning". Final Crisis Barry makes his corporeal return in Final Crisis 2. On the second to last page, Jay Garrick and Wally West feel vibrations to which Jay remarks, "but, don't you recognize those vibrations? Not after all these years Not after all this time.

Meanwhile, Wally and Barry run a few weeks into the future. When they come to rest, Wally asks Barry if it is really him.

Flash (Barry Allen)

Lamenting on Orion's death, which he was unable to stop, Barry wonders why he is now alive after being dead for so long. Barry stops to see his wife Iris and save her from the slavery of the Anti-Life Equation.

batman and flash relationship with god

Seeing his wife again for the first time in years, Barry is overcome with emotion and gives his brainwashed wife a deep kiss. While kissing her, the Speed Force sparkles out of his body, enveloping Iris and freeing her from the Equation.

The Allens and Wally West are left to fend in a conquered world. Rebirth[ edit ] Main article: Avoiding the parades, parties, and other celebrations of his return, Barry instead contemplates why he is alive again. A visit to the Flash Museum and from his friend Hal Jordan is not enough to put his mind at ease as he runs off as the Flash.

When asked by Hal late for what, Flash replies, "For whatever the rest of the world needs me for. Flash describes this as "the only one open case I left behind. When Flash manages to put his hand on Savitar's shoulder, the villain screams in agony and crumbles into dust, not before telling Flash, " You were the beginning, Allen It causes pain once again to all the speedsters, though Wally West manages to catch a glimpse of Allen directly afterwards, and sees him as the new Black Flash.

Max attempts to tell Allen that his becoming the Black Flash is not his fault. When Max and Barry are pulled into another pocket of the Speed Force, the real culprit reveals himself: This led to the hero's reappearance during the Final Crisis.

batman and flash relationship with god

Afterward, Zoom transformed himself into "a new kind of speedster and created his negative Speed Force to contaminate Barry and the other heroic speedsters. Before Barry can fight any further, Zoom fades away. Wally enters the Speed Force to retrieve his uncle, and after venturing deeper into the Speed Force, Max reveals to Barry that it was Allen himself who created the Speed Force.

Meanwhile, Wally manages to reach Barry and Max, and the three begin their escape. He reveals that everything horrible that happened to Barry, including the murder of Barry's mother, was caused by Zoom. Zoom then decides to destroy everything by killing Barry's wife, Iris, before they met. They reach Thawne, becoming the lightning bolt that turns Barry into the Flash as they are able to stop Zoom from killing Iris. As the two Flashes push Zoom back through time to the present, they see that the Justice League, the Justice Society, and the Outsiders have built a device specifically for Thawne.

Barry tosses him in and activates the device, severing his connection to the negative Speed Force. The Flashes tie Zoom up to stop him from running. With the threat ended, everyone celebrates by welcoming Barry back and the speedsters in general.

Later, Barry closes the case on his mother's death and opts to take all the other cold cases they had after his death. Barry spends some time with Iris before racing to Washington to celebrate his return with the Justice League, apologizing for being late. Cover art to Blackest Night: The Flash 3 by Scott Kolins. This reflection turns to the pair looking at their own deaths, comparing the sadness that Barry's death engendered in others while Hal's death produced anger. Hal sums it up by telling Barry, "I died a sinner.

You died a saint. The conversation moves on to the world becoming "more dangerous" after Barry's death and observing that the deaths of Arthur Curry and Martian Manhunter cost the Justice League its "heart and soul".

batman and flash relationship with god

As they leave the cemetery, Barry expresses hope that their dead comrades will be returned to them. He specifically cites Batman noting, "If there's an escape, you can bet Batman's already planning it. Recently, in a fight with Black Lantern J'onn J'onzzhe found a mysterious black residue at Bruce Wayne's grave—a black form coagulating much like blood that started corrupting him by partly decaying his skin and muscle during the fight against his former friend, who is intent on killing both Hal and Barry, seeing how they both died, and in the eyes of the Black Lanterns, must return to that state to keep the universe in balance.

They all realize that their deceased members would come after them and decide to strike first at Iron Heights Penitentiaryunaware that the undead Rogues are ready for them.

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Barry decides to go to Gorilla City to seek aid from its ruler Solovarunaware the gorilla leader had been killed years before. Finding the city attacked, Barry assumed Grodd had struck only to be horrified to learn Solovar was now a Black Lantern. Their fight was shortened by Barry racing to Coast City.

Nekron reveals that all the resurrected heroes are tied to him, because he allowed them to rise again. As such they belong to him. Barry and Hal find themselves being targeted by black rings and are forced to flee or risk joining the others as Black Lanterns. As Barry and Hal rejoin the heroes against Nekron and his army, Ganthetone of the Guardians of the Universe and a leader of the Blue Lantern Corpssummons a blue power ring and Barry is chosen as a Blue Lantern so he would be more effective during the battle.

During the battle, Barry is forced to fight his own grandson, who his ring detects is still alive but would eventually die if not free from the black ring soon. Barry is shown to be skilled with his ring in creating energy constructs based on his imagination and an ability of flight possibly because of the understanding with Hal's ringas he is able to create images of Bart as Impulse and Kid Flash against him in order to make him feel again. Barry's plan almost works as Bart reacts to the images of his past and the constructs begin to attempt to take the black ring from him, but later is interrupted by the Black Lantern Professor Zoom and Solovar.

Wally and Walker later join Barry to fight against them. After the events of The Flash: RebirthBarry Allen is reintegrating himself into life in Central City. Under the cover of having been in witness protectionAllen returns to the Central City Police Department's crime lab and returns to the streets as the Flash.

While readjusting to life as the Flash, a man appears out of thin air in the costume of Flash rogue the Mirror Masterand promptly dies on the street. Hearing of another portal appearing, Barry transforms into the Flash and runs to investigate. When he arrives, a group of people in costumes similar to the Rogues, called The Renegades appear and tell Barry that they are from the 25th century, and that he is under arrest for murdering the "Mirror Monarch".

Barry tells the crew that he has not killed anyone, to which their leader, "Commander Cold", tells him, "Not yet. Barry saves everyone in the building, even rebuilding the building in minutes, and goes on to search for the true killer of Mirror Monarch. He is attacked again by the Renegades, but only before Captain Boomerang shows up, now wielding explosive energy boomerangs. Boomerang fights both the Flash and the Renegades, and a confused Top one of the Renegades from the 25th century questions his teammates on whether or not Barry Allen is the man they are looking for, pointing out that in their timeline, Boomerang never showed up.

An all out brawl ensues as the Rogues battle the Renegades.

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To Barry, Bruce is an amazing scientist with an analytical mind that, like him, uses his skills to help make a difference in the world. And to Bruce, Barry is a light that shines bright with his innate goodness, even when facing terrible odds. Barry trusts Bruce to make the right choice, while Bruce trusts Barry to make the best choice.

These views shine through in other ways, particularly through their actions. Barry always runs to Bruce during crises. He knows that no matter what problem arises, Bruce will always know how to beat it.

And even though Barry runs to Bruce, Bruce believes Barry is the one who can make impossible things seem possible.

batman and flash relationship with god

He knows that if anyone could return from the dead, it would be Barry Allen. Because Barry can make miracles happen, like giving Bruce one final connection to his father — a letter Bruce takes back with him to the New 52 timeline.

Bruce and Barry trust each other because they understand each other. Those roles belong to Clark and Hal, respectively. They are with their families for a short time before tragedy strikes, and then stay with their respective heroes.

They look up to the Batman and the Flash, and each try to live up to the expectation of being a sidekick. In time, they settle in as heroes. It helps that they are able to form their own super hero team, the Teen Titans. This allows their bond to deepen, as they are able to spend more and more time together.

They become incredibly close. So much so, that when Wally returns to the Universe after fixing his Uncle Barry, he wants to help his best friend remember him. To Wally, Dick is just as important as his own flesh and blood.

They are both heroes that not only change the world, but change the lives of their heroes. They are the first sidekicks: And when the time comes, they each don the respective cowls their father-figures would have wanted to see them in. But now, they are making a name for themselves, figuring out what to do in a Universe that never wanted them together in the first place.

Jason Todd It is unfortunate that Jason never got to befriend a speedster. With his personality, it would have been fun to see what a great dynamic could have played out between them.