Bernie taupin and elton john relationship

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bernie taupin and elton john relationship

Bernie Taupin is the creative genius behind Elton John's classic lyrics, . that has such a relationship with its flag as this country does,' he said. Oscar festivities generally are frantic times for Elton John, who relationship for 49 years, his fated connection with lyricist Bernie Taupin. Bernard John Taupin (born 22 May ) is an English lyricist, poet, and singer. He is best known for his long-term collaboration with Elton John, having . Rowston Manor, and others about his relationship with his brother and grandfather.

bernie taupin and elton john relationship

So everything I learned, I learned in the next 20 years on the road. I just thought there had to be more to music than playing to people who are not interested and just eating fish and chips or chicken and chips.

Bernie Taupin

I look back at myself then — I was quite chubby and very insecure, but I loved music. I wondered, have you always been that visual?

BT I was raised on Western movies; the music I listened to when I was a kid was basically traditional country. Where I came from, there was very little opportunity, and my play time, my down time, was always immersing myself in stories of fictional lands.

bernie taupin and elton john relationship

EJ Bernie and I have written hundreds of songs. As he became educated and got more musical and wrote and recorded his own songs, it became far more sophisticated. EJ We were like kids in a candy store.

bernie taupin and elton john relationship

This was the land where all the great music came from. Brian was a genius. We knocked on the door and we stood there, so frightened.

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John and Taupin resumed writing together on at first an occasional basis inwith Taupin contributing lyrics to only three or four songs each on albums such as The Fox21 at 33 and Jump Up! However, by 's Too Low for Zerothe two renewed their partnership on a full-time basis and from that point forward Taupin was again John's primary lyricist.

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John often works with other lyricists on specific theatrical or film projects such as 's The Lion King and 's Aidaboth of which featured lyrics by Tim Rice. I wanted to make it sound like a country singing it. The process is still fundamentally the same, with John composing to Taupin's words, but the two interact on songs far more today, with Taupin joining John in the studio as the songs are written and occasionally during recording sessions.

The secret behind Elton John and Bernie Taupin songwriting partnership

Taupin and John had their first Broadway musical open in March with Lestat: On 25 MarchTaupin made a surprise appearance at John's 60th birthday celebration at Madison Square Gardenbriefly discussing their year songwriting partnership.

Taupin and John also composed several songs for The Uniona collaboration album between Elton and his longtime hero Leon Russell released in October They also collaborated on five original songs for the Miramax movie Gnomeo and Julietincluding the Golden Globe -nominated "Hello Hello".

The duo collaborated on their 31st studio album, " The Diving Board ," which was released in September Their next studio album, " Wonderful Crazy Night ," was released in February Henley's presence creates a bridge between the new albums and an earlier homage to the John-Taupin songbook.

Elton John and Bernie Taupin: ‘The hardest thing is to write an uplifting song’

Among the other participants on that collection: Leonard Cohen, George Michael, k. Bernie Taupin photographed in Beverly Hills in March It peaked at No.

One key difference between those earlier recordings and the new ones, Taupin noted, is generational. They hadn't grown up with them, they hadn't lived them. She's a Texas girl, man, she's no-nonsense.

bernie taupin and elton john relationship

It was such a cool experience. When you meet people who are such geniuses, so iconic and they are so nice and normal, it is so inspiring.

bernie taupin and elton john relationship