Big brother luke and ashleigh relationship quotes

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big brother luke and ashleigh relationship quotes

Oct 17, Ashleigh Hughes has revealed why she dumped her Big Brother Discussing their relationship outside the house, Ashleigh says. Jun 8, BB Luke A, Ashleigh and Sara were favourites on the show (Image: . ' Tomboy' Lauren Carre, 22, developed a very flirty relationship with. Jul 31, A tearful Becky Hannon threatened to quit Big Brother after finding out housemate Luke Her second nomination was for Ashleigh because she is two- faced. to quit Big Brother after discovering housemate Luke A mocked her weight Approves No Cost Solar ProgramEnergy Bill Cruncher Solar Quotes.

However, after completing these challenges, they were told they had each set their personal best and would have to take part again to beat this. As all three housemates were successful, they won a hamper of treats.

Armageddon Week Tasks On Day 38, the house was transformed into a post-apocalyptic wasteland for the beginning of Armageddon Week. In teams, housemates had to collect as many fish as possible from a sewage pipe and then had to scavenge for items in order to build a raft that could hold a housemate afloat for the longest time.

In 'On the Ledge', new housemates tried to knock original housemates off of a ledge by reducing the ledge's size through moving a wall.

big brother luke and ashleigh relationship quotes

Original housemates had to remain on the ledge for the duration of the task. Later, in 'Fool the House', original housemates had to correctly identify whether statements from newspaper stories, etc. Original housemates won the task.

Original housemates did not discover Christopher was on a task, and new housemates and Christopher were rewarded with a meal in the garden. Later, in 'Judgement Time', original housemates had to correctly identify who new housemates had selected as the answers to a series of questions in VTs that were recorded before new housemates entered the house. Original housemates correctly identified the majority of the new hosuemates' answers and won back hot water and access to the bathroom.

On Day 40, Big Brother revealed to the housemates that Ash, Ashleigh and Marlon were the three housemates that received the most nominations. Between the three of them, Marlon was the one with the most nominations and was therefore evicted. The three new housemates; Biannca, Pav and Zoe, decided which one of them was to be evicted on Day Them and Christopher received a takeaway reward. Teams had to choreograph, practice and perform a headline act, with Big Brother selecting the winning team.

Zoe and Ash were selected as the winning team's groupies and also attended the party. The teams were pre-selected by Big Brother so that the most confident housemates were on the red team. The teams went head-to-head in a number of challenges, with the blue team believing that the team which won the most challenges would win a luxury shopping budget and the losing team would have only basic rations. However, the challenges were rigged so that the red team would always win, with the red team being aware that the real shopping task was to convince the blue team that they were all losers.

If the red team won this challenge, all housemates would pass the shopping task, however, if they lost, they would all fail. After the reds won the task, the housemates received a luxury budget. Big Brother deemed him to have failed this task. Following this, the Power Alliance nominated Pav and Zoe. Ash was saved and replaced with Ashleigh. Mark was later sent to the 'naughty step' a second time for continuing to eat the winners' reward. On Day 48, they also nominated Pav and Zoe. Later that day Steven, Ash, Pav and Zoe had to choose one of themselves to become safe and one Power Alliance member to replace them; they chose Ash to be saved and Ashleigh to face eviction.

Housemates had to learn dance moves performed by professional dancers via a pre-recorded video. As he was voted for, Winston automatically received his letter, and then chose Ash, Ashleigh, Helen and Pav to receive their letters, therefore deleting Chris, Christopher, Mark and Zoe's.

Housemates passed this part of the task after the videos each received more than 1, hits. As Ash's video received the most hits, he won a bottle of champagne.

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They failed this part of the task. Housemates passed this challenge. They had to answer all questions honestly. On Day 57, as part of People Power, housemates watched a viewers' focus group, presented by Matt Johnsonwith members of the public giving their honest opinions on the housemates.

For passing her task, Zoe was rewarded with a showbiz cake. Their first task was to decide who should be immune from eviction this week. They were faced with a number of different challenges to test their physical strength, mental strength and willpower.

After all the challenges, Helen was announced as the strongest housemate overall. She was rewarded with a luxury meal and chose Mark to join her. After previously making mistakes whilst cutting Christopher and Mark's hair, Helen was given the opportunity to cut Ash and Winston's in the same way if they chose to accept.

However, as both Ash and Winston refused, no more money was added to the fund. The public then voted Ashleigh as the best judge of character. Ash, Chris and Mark all decided to take the money, however this was a lie. The real task was that Ashleigh, the best judge of character, had to predict which three would take the money.

As Christopher, Mark, Pav and Winston received the most nominations, they face eviction. However, this was then lost by Ashleigh in the final task. They were then interviewed by Big Brother. This included a mystery box, gunge, a face-to-face nomination, hair removal and chilli eating. Big Brother judged housemates in the task based on entertainment and performance.

Ash was announced as the winner, with Christopher second and Helen third. The other housemates had to do everything the divas asked for. They then had to be papped by a photographer in a number of situations. These included Ashleigh in bed with whom she thought was the sexiest housemate and Pav smooching with the housemate he thought would win.

They were then interviewed by a superfan, Lucy. However what they did not know was the interview was fake and the questions were actually being asked by Chris and Helen.

The housemates were faced with questions from the public whilst ex-housemates Danielle and Zoe returned to give them media training and judging their answers. Steven and Winston returned to teach them. Unbeknownst to them, Chris was also fake evicted and moved to Big Brother's spare room where he joined Helen. Helen was then announced as the winner of Big Brothermeaning Ashleigh finished second.

Here's the lowdown on the Big Brother 13 housemates: The couple were evicted on the night but, two months later, they split with Ashleigh blaming the break-up on maintaining a long-distance romance. Luke Scrase Luke was angry when best mate Conor 'betrayed' him Image: Getty The ambitious year-old revealed his true colours when he offered to ditch girlfriend Ashleigh during a fake job interview in the house.

Benedict Garrett Porn star Benedict wasn't a favourite Image: Getty Teacher turned porn star Benedict, 32, caused havoc when he mixed curry powder with Arron Lowe's protein powder. He was voted off third and made off with a white chair from the BB house as a souvenir.

Becky Hannon Becky was mad at Luke for his insensitive comments Image: Channel 5 The year-old drama student was an extra "wildcard" housemate, who moved in four days after the show started.

Big Brother contestants 2012: Luke A, Deana Uppal, Benedict Garrett and the rest

Towards the end of her stay, she threatened to walk when Luke made a comment about her size but she was eventually came fifth. He formed a strong friendship with Deana and Luke A with the threesome being labelled as "the outsiders" by other housemates.

Caroline Wharram Caroline caused controversy with her comments about Adam Posh student Caroline, 20, sparked a race row when she called Adam a "gorilla" and compared him to Martin Luther King. She received a chorus of boos and abuse when she was evicted but insisted to host Brian Dowling that she was "not a racist person. Channel 5 Doorman Chris, 21, went on a date with Caroline during his stay in the house, but she later declared "he has the IQ of a palm tree".

The strong silent type was voted off second and put his eviction down to there being "too many players" in the house.

big brother luke and ashleigh relationship quotes

In a cruel twist, the year-old was given the option to take half the show's winnings and run, or share with his housemates. He took the money. Channel 5 Model Arron, 23, formed a "bromance" with personal trainer Conor on the show. He was booted out in a four-way eviction with Conor, Becky and Deana. Afterwards, he accused Adam, Luke and Deana of making his life difficult in the house.

Deana Uppal Deana came in third place Image: Channel 5 Beauty Pageant queen Deana Uppal, 26, didn't quite warm to her housemates, receiving the most nominations of the entire series.

The former Miss India UK dubbed the reality show 'the worst days of my life'.