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She's almost a middle ground between Rock and Revy. She'd be an ideal Black Lagoon and Roanapur shares its verse with Metal Gear. Oh, man. Rock and Balalaika have a deeply personal relationship in the second season. .. Chang is giving her advice and counseling on how to play situations like this. Revy was. So, almost done with Black Lagoon: Second Barrage, and something . One is the weird indirect kiss Rock and Revy had in episode after the. black lagoon funny · Revy Rock kiss by Gamira18 Skull Sketch, Black Lagoon, Anime Ships, Face Claims Guns, dogs, muscle cars, advice, and my life.

Black Lagoon belongs to Rei Hiroe. His hair spiked and black with eyes of light gray. He wears a typical outfit of a bartender for a fancy restaurant. Ryo works in the seven-star restaurant known as the Tori Dragon Palace which is two blocks away from the Pixel Palace.

There, some of anime's most popular celebrities pop in to have a drink. Sometimes, they share stories, and even secrets. Because—as we all know—what the bartender hears is confidential Now Rebecca is a complicated case of a woman. Screwed over and in.

Surprising, if you peel the hard exterior, you can find a sensitive soul. With me, our friendship was rocky, but she opened up. So really this the place where she comes for advices and spill on issues. So tonight, she sits in and orders a…cranberry juice. I was a bit disturbed by the choice as I pour one out for her.

The maid was rebuilt and will return again? Revy laughed at that and said, "I wish. That would have been easier than this. And now I'm stuck with the fucker. I'm sorry, but that was funny! Rebecca went redfaced and demanded I stop laughing. You can't be that mad about that. Would you rather Eda get her hands on him? So you do care. She let me go defeated and lets me know there's more. Sure, they aren't as crazy as before but he insists on raising them.

I'm creeped the hell out by them and they call me, "Mom"! Ok, my author's notes are almost as long as some of my fics.

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Once again, I do not own Black Lagoon. The businessman from Japan had intentionally positioned his bed so that every morning the sunrise would beat down on, waking him up. This morning however, Rock's bed sat perfectly made with its occupant nowhere to be found. On the other side of town however, Revy's bed had been working double duty, triple if you count the abuse her and Rock had put it through during the night. Rock and Revy sat at the bar drinking away the pain of a long days work.

Not more than a month ago had Rock watched a sixteen-year-old Yakuza heiress force a blade through her throat, leaving him wondering just where he stood in the scheme of things. He knew he would never be like his brash, gun slinging partner to his right or the nameless thug to his left, but after spending so long in the darkness of Roanapur, he wondered; would he ever be normal again?

Having no further desire to ponder life's woes, Rock drowned his thoughts with a shot of when his inebriated partner felt the need to ask him a question, "Did you have a girlfriend back home, Rock? While he had become accustomed to Revy's obscenity plagued vocabulary, the tone of her inquiry and his already sullied mood made him somewhat disgusted, "What do you care? In her line of work, Revy wasn't afforded the time for a relationship, nor did she desire the attachment that came with one.

She got what she needed, when she needed it; no names or strings, just the occasional, casual screw to tide her over. While interoffice relations were never a good idea, when they were alone in Japan, Revy had begun to muse over the prospect of attempting to bed Rock.

That he was handsome didn't help her plight, nor did the fact that the abundance of time she spent with him was time she didn't spend taking care of "business". Rock knocked down the fresh shot Bao had poured him while Revy replied, "I never asked and you never told. The rules don't apply when you're drunk, dipshit," and drunk they were.

While her intentions couldn't have been anymore selfish, she had never intended to hurt him. She sorted through her thoughts before coming to her best version of an apology, "Must've been lonely.

Yeah you get on my fuckin' nerves sometimes but we're friends right? Revy felt a void in her build as she silently observed Rock's saddened state.

In these past few months, he'd become the closest friend she'd ever had and seeing him this way slowly started to affect her too. In that moment of viewing him so clearly upset, she felt the desire to cheer him up.

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She racked her brain searching for something that might at least snap him out of it. While it wasn't the greatest thing for her to say, it did perk him up somewhat, "Why the hell would I want you to shoot someone? I don't get off on watching people die. In fact, I think a little piece of me dies every time I see someone get killed," Rock replied. Her guilt over Rock's condition quickly vanished at his condescending tone. She chuckled slightly though her tone never turned nasty, "One of these days Rock.

Take whatever the fuck you can whenever you get the chance, because one day, you'll be nothin' more than worm food. You're sitting there like your best dog just died and for who, for what? Gimme a fuckin' break. Just as he raised his glass to his lips, Revy's words replayed in Rock's head, "Take whatever the fuck you can whenever you get the chance…" He slammed the glass onto the bar and quickly stood from his barstool.

After almost falling over, Rock gathered his balance and proceeded towards the bathrooms. The door to the ladies room was just closing behind Revy and Rock stumbled into it, pushing the door open before she could lock it.

Immediately on the defense, Revy shouted, "What the fuck are you doing ass--" Before she could finish her thought, Rock forced his hand down the front of her shorts.