Bleach ichigo and rukia relationship advice

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bleach ichigo and rukia relationship advice

However, there many things you may not know about Ichigo and his Rukia is one of the most popular characters in the Bleach series and it. So, would you like to come with us to the world of Bleach and its most famous Shinigami couple: Ichigo and Rukia?. One of my favorite aspects of Bleach is the relationship between Ichigo and Rukia. The understated aspects of their relationship is actually well.

Rukia realizes she does. You will relinquish your hold on Ichigo at this instant because I promise you that I will not hesitate in causing you harm. He takes another step forward and touches the tip of Rukia's sword with his finger. You are his world. She knows that she shouldn't be getting affected like this — they were trained for this in the Academy, how their greatest obstacle in the face of such events is emotional compromise — but God, she feels sick.

And the Hollow sees it. It makes his mad smile wider and he trails Ichigo's finger along the sharp edge of her sword. She doesn't let anything show. He doesn't look at her as he nicks his finger on the sword and smears the blood on the flat surface of the blade. Not unless you are under his control. She keeps staring determinedly ahead even when, a blink later, dark brown irises appear and Ichigo's lips soften into a slight frown.

He's confused, Rukia realizes, he doesn't know what happened. She only takes a rag, soaks it in warm water, and cleans the blood off of his hands. Rukia doesn't regret telling him what happened. She accompanies Ichigo to see Urahara, to see various Vizards. She sits with him as he starts meditating in the early hours of the morning: Ichigo doesn't reach for her hand anymore. When it is Rukia holding on to his, she can feel the stiffness of his fingers as they curl around hers.

Sometimes he even pulls away. He is still one of the best captains of the thirteen divisions, he is still good and kind and strong.

But now there is a constant frown between Ichigo's eyebrows, the one that had existed back in his youth. His jaw is tense, his eyes fierce. When Rukia is around him, she no longer feels the calm, steady but considerable pulses that Ichigo has tamed his spiritual energy into. Instead she feels him unravelling, a nervous rhythm of power that's justbeing stopped from being unleashed. Perhaps Rukia's feeling this because she's known him for so long. Perhaps their spiritual energies are more aware of the other because she can feel this change within Ichigo while others who are more powerful and aware cannot.

She, Ichigo, Renji, and Byakuya meet for tea at the main wing of the Kuchiki Manor a few weeks later. Byakuya and Renji exchange many looks throughout the visit, and Rukia thinks that they know, they must know that something is wrongwith Ichigo. But later, when she speaks with Byakuya alone, he only says, "You are unhappy.

It's still an adjustment, her relationship with Byakuya; it's difficult to talk about something so personal in nature with someone who she respects and admires so greatly. But Byakuya simply gestures the gardens outside the manor. It's very beautiful, the perfect balance of wild vines and trimmed flowers and small, flowing streams. His expression remains pensive and distant, but he says, "You are welcome to come here, whenever you wish.

This is your home as well. Byakuya does ikebana, the art of arranging flowers, and Rukia thinks it suits him. It's elegant and beautiful, and requires a natural talent that cannot easily be learned. Rukia joins him that afternoon, and finds herself soothed by this task. Rukia leaves the manor with Ichigo and feels calmer than she has in weeks. She stares back at him, eyes unwavering as she challengingly quirks an eyebrow. She knows how he feels and she doesn't expect his response to be a "yes"; but all the same, she is Kurosaki Rukia, and she doesn't take no for an answer.

Rukia has missed this laugh, and she feels joy bubbling inside of her, tinged with only a small curl of sadness. Going out for dinner turns out to mean settling down on the stools of a small ramen stand in the third district of Rukongai. They talk like they're fifteen again, Ichigo stealing strips of beef from Rukia's noodles as she talks about the various dramas going on in her division. They're brilliant but care more about who's going with who to the Autumn Festival than the fact that they can be a seated officer in less than two years.

bleach ichigo and rukia relationship advice

Rukia is giddy as they walk home. There's a strange fluttering excitement in her stomach, something she remembers from the first time she kissed Ichigo.

It's not something that ever fully goes away, but the strength of it — she feels bold and nervous and confident and hesitant, all at the same time. She shouldn't be like this. She and Ichigo have been together for — she doesn't even know. He's been in her life for so long, has made her feel for so long that it's a little strange to think about her life before him.

She knows it existed, she remembers it, she understands that it's all a part of her history. But that's exactly it — her life without Ichigo was then, and with Ichigo, her life is now and always. The house is dark when they get in, and Rukia places her hands on Ichigo's shoulders and pulls him down for a kiss.

His hands are rough when they reach up to cradle her face, but that's okay because she's pretty sure hers are rough as well and— "No," says Ichigo. Rukia doesn't even have a moment to respond before Ichigo's not there anymore. He's halfway to the other side of the room. Rukia purses her lips. Ichigo is nothing if not stubborn. I know why you're doing this right now, Ichigo, and that's why I'm telling you right now that you don't have to.

Rukia knows that he's doing this to protect her, because he's Kurosaki Ichigo and he's fierce in his love for others, in his love for her. It's hurting him, and it's hurting her, yet somehow, inexplicably, she loves him all the more for it. She understands Ichigo in a level that she doesn't even understand herself.

She wishes she didn't, wishes she could be angry at him for being the way he has been for the last few months. But she can't, because she understands, and instead of anger, there's just an overwhelming grief. Grief for Ichigo, who is standing there and looking at her with intense eyes and pursed lips. Looking at her like she's breaking his heart. She considers touching Ichigo's cheek, thinks about taking his hands.

Her voice is a little hoarse as she says, "In my life, I haven't made many bad decisions. If anything, I've helped people like you avoid bad decisions. So believe me when I say that I trust you with my life—" Humourless laughter escapes Ichigo's mouth.

You — I know you, Ichigo. You would sooner die than stop anything from happening to me or anyone else in your life. He genuinely believes this, even when he laughs a little disbelievingly. No one is safe with—" "Other than complete jackasses, there's not a single thing alive or dead that's not safe with you," says Rukia.

How can you—" And it's the way that Ichigo says it, as though it's a fate that he's long since accepted, that is the final straw for Rukia. Because there is absolutely no obstacle that Ichigo comes across that he can't overcome. But you have not. Who I see in front of me right now—" And now, finally, Rukia reaches forward and puts her hand on his arm. You will listen to me because I am right. You are living a life that should not be imposed on anyone — your soul contains the pinnacle of darkness but that is not you.

It is a possibility that came to be but it should never have. Do you understand me? The fate of your soul was taken into another hand, one that changed its very nature.

The existence of your Hollow is not your fault. If anything, it is mine. He looks at her with rapt attention, a little bit of wonder, a little bit of awe. Only Ichigo looks at her like this. Like she is— Like she is his world. Rukia's throat is dry, but she continues. You took part of a ritual that had every chance of turning you into a monster. You did all this willingly, and you did it for me. You went on a path that could have turned you completely into a Hollow, for the wisp of a chance of saving me.

She closes her eyes, tries to not think about the heavy beats of her heart. Tries not to think about the extent this man would go for her. It's all too much. But, as it turns out, she doesn't have to. All the good that I've done, how strong I've become, any peace that I have — none of that would have happened if you hadn't jumped in through my window that night.

He looks at her as though there is nothing else in existence. It was your right. She kisses him and kisses him and kisses him. They are impossibly close and trying to move even closer still; Rukia's hands are in Ichigo's hair, pulling him towards her, and Ichigo's fingers are gripping her hips, her waist, pulling her towards him.

It's not Ichigo who lets go first. When Rukia eases her mouth away, she sees that his eyes are still closed. Her hands are small, and they don't quite manage to cup his face, but her right hand gently rests against his left cheek as she looks up at him. You will not only overcome this but you will defeat it because you are Kurosaki Ichigo and you do not know how to lose.

He doesn't need to say anything for Rukia to know that he's thinking, no, this isn't going to be the thing that'll beat me. That night, Ichigo touches her in a way he hasn't for weeks.

Rukia wakes up the next morning and sees his bare arms and shoulders peeking out from under the dark blue blankets.

He's already awake, watching her with those dark, dark eyes. It's something that baffles her because though Rukia knows that Ichigo isn't the paragon of integrity and virtue, he is the closest that any soul has ever gotten to reaching it. However, once someone — and this is usually Rukia — manages to beat some sense into his head, Ichigo is head-strong and assured, and nothing can shake the determination that he holds. The weeks in which Ichigo had withdrawn from her are a distant memory. There is no self-blame or guilt in Ichigo's gaze, just warmth and resolve.

He holds her hand and runs his fingers through her hair and draws her into long, deep kisses. He is not afraid. She doesn't think she can live in a world where Ichigo fears being near her. Perhaps she would have been alright, once upon a time, but not now, not when she knows what she can have with him. Ichigo starts to paint. For therapeutic purposes, he explains when she finds the polished wooden brushes, cheeks tinting pink with embarrassment even as he glares at her defiantly. Because it soothes your soul or something.

What was that, a mutant crossbreed between a rabbit and a monkey? But then Ichigo takes her hand in his larger one and links their fingers together, and when he tugs, Rukia lets herself be pulled forward. Of course I'm going to suck at it. Something warm curls in Rukia's belly when she thinks that even now, months, years, decades of being together, Ichigo still pushes the locks of black away from her eyes.

Her hair is longer now, reaching just past the middle of her back. It's a hassle to keep it loose so it's usually tied back into a bun, but the shorter strands constantly fall across her forehead. She could grow them out, but she knows Ichigo loves it.

Right away it becomes clear that Ichigo doesn't succeed in painting portraits or landscapes. He simply doesn't have the patience to stay within the boundaries of reality.

But he creates these beautiful pieces where the canvases are filled with blurs and streaks of colours. Somehow, though, they aren't messy. There is a certain theme to it. Rukia's favourite one features various tones of purple, violet, blue, and black, with the occasional presence of white peeking from the edges.

It reminds her of night, but it doesn't invoke an overwhelming sense of darkness in her. No, there's something soft about the painting, the way the different shades phase seamlessly into each other to leave something that makes her feel comforted. There's a certain mystery and wonder, but there's also warmth. Like being curled under a blanket with Ichigo's fingers stroking her arm.

He's sitting on the wooden floor, brushes and paints spread out in front of him. Kurosaki Ichigo doesn't dohappy. Rukia walks up to him, kneels down to rest her arms on his shoulders. It's the barest quirk of lips, hardly noticeable, but it's enough for Rukia; enough for her to know that they are okay, and they always will be. They just have to keep trying. They receive an invitation for dinner from Renji and his girlfriend.

Their story is a sweet one, something out of a romance novel: Renji was out on the thirty-sixth district of Rukongai with a squadron of new recruits to take care of a minor Hollow disturbance; Yamazaki Megumi was also in the thirty-sixth district, carrying a basket full of embroidered clothes from her home to the market. Their paths intersected, a Hollow was destroyed, Megumi's clothes were saved, and the shinigami were harassed into eating a meal at Megumi's small home as a thank you.

And that, as they say, was that. Or some asses will be majorly kicked. And it's this that has her and Ichigo in Rukongai. Its early summer, and the sun is out even though it's well into the evening. The thirty-sixth district isn't as extravagant as the first and second but neither is it consumed in poverty like the seventy-ninth and eightieth, like what Rukia remembers from her childhood.

They walk up the path to the small house, Rukia holding a package of steamed buns in her hands. They had picked up a gift on the way over at Rukia's insistence on propriety. Ichigo had rolled his eyes and muttered something like, "It's Renji," but Rukia thinks her glare was effective enough to stop him from elaborating further.

Because true, it is just Renji, but it's still a formal invitation to his girlfriend's homeand she can't live with the shame of showing up empty handed. Rukia misses them too, sometimes, but she doesn't complain as she has always thought that Ichigo looks the best in rich, earthly colours — something that the faded denim of his jeans can't properly capture. And true enough, Ichigo looks so good at that moment, fidgeting with the sleeves of his deep green kimono that Rukia ignores him in favour of thinking about the body underneath the loose fabric.

It's Renji who answers.

bleach ichigo and rukia relationship advice

Rukia throws the buns at him because she's Rukia and he's Renji, and she can't help but laugh as he fumbles with the package. Ichigo claps Renji on the shoulder as he steps inside, and grins when Renji grumbles, "Dunno how you put up with her. I'm already regretting this dinner and you have to livewith that thing. You'd think that I said the guys from the eleventh were comin' or something. Rukia glares and kicks his shin in response, but since her shoes are off, it doesn't have as much of an impact.

Rukia is trying to flatten her bangs when Megumi walks in to the room. She looks older than what Rukia expected. Perhaps closer to Byakuya's age than Rukia's own. But age has always been relative in Soul Society, and Megumi could easily be younger than Rukia. She's tall, easily as tall as Ichigo, with her long black hair twisted into a braid; she's in a kimono so simple that even though Rukia isn't wearing anything extravagant, she feels overdressed in comparison.

The smile on Megumi's face when she sees them is warm, slowly unravelling on her face like clouds drifting away to reveal the brightness of the morning sun. She's not particularly talkative, nor does she have a noticeable sense of humour, but Rukia thinks that's fine because between herself, Ichigo, and Renji, there's enough bolster to occupy a single room. Instead, Megumi is an attentive listener — and a fantastic cook — and makes jokes in such a matter-of-fact tone that it has Rukia bursting into laughter and choking on her food.

They all love Renji. She's not sure why it hits her so hard, but it does, and is only snapped out of it when Ichigo says, "You didn't have to do that because of us. I — well, I don't come from a big family, but, you know. Rukia learns a lot about Megumi, the girl who's had Renji in a daze for weeks after they met. And now he remembered. Ichigo rolled his eyes.

When Keigo, Mizuiro, and Ichigo had a date with some hot girls they met at the gym, Keigo and Mizuiro had no idea they would end up accompanying Ichigo to the vet. Did they finally meet the hot girls? Did they meet some flurry animals that stink? We promise to meet them at 4 p. We can't be late! H-o-t, no, I mean v-e-r-y h-o-t chicks are waiting for us!

I really can not wait!

bleach ichigo and rukia relationship advice

The door was opened. Ichigo showed up, he was wearing his favorite basketball team jersey and a pair of shorts. He was not ready to go. One more thing, he was holding a puppy in his arms.

How dare he, how dare he ruined his beautiful day! Don't think I can go," Ichigo told them. His hands were playing with the puppy's fur. I didn't even agree to come along from the beginning. You two go without me," "Easy for you to say, mister! You know Anitha, Yume, Sonoko, and Tara agreed to go on a date with us because they couldn't take their eyes off you!

If you're not going, they are not going either! I didn't ask them to go on a date, you two did! You choose to spend your Saturday night with this little-not-too-cute puppy instead of some hot, sexy, sporty chicks with big boobs?

You had a hectic week with your medical study. You had been forcing yourself for your exam, you need some en-ter-tain-ment. You need to clear your head! And since when do you have a dog? And this ugly dog is not mine. He has been ill for the past 2 days. Rukia's really worried but she can't take it to the vet, so I volunteer. She was so happy when I told her I am going to take her puppy to the vet today.

Can't break my promise, can I? You tell Kuchiki-san that the vet is closed on Saturday And-" Mizuiro could feel Ichigo's drawing hole on his chest with his death glare. So you just let Anitha, Yume, Sonoko, and Tara go only because of this tiny bastard with cute eyes and fur? Crazily in love with Kuchiki-san. Oh please not this again. Say that again and you two will be Rukia's ugly puppy's dinner. Kon was kicked out from the house or Kon was given to Yuzu or Kon was given to Ishida.

This time was not different. Lesson for everyone especially Kon, never disturb Kurosaki Ichigo when he was doing his medical study task except We can eat later," Ichigo finally answered. But to Ichigo, Rukia was impossible to be ignored. It became harder to concentrate when he could feel her presence right behind his chair, his back.

He couldn't ignore her scents; jasmine, vanilla; and he absolutely couldn't ignore her arms that now were around his neck and her fingers that now were running on his chest, and he could feel her breath tickling his ear. He couldn't ignore that either. Ichigo never minded about their closeness. They were Ichigo and Rukia. They had known each other for years and they were friends.

Some skin contacts, some touchings never really bothered Ichigo. If you were Kuchiki Rukia, one word was enough to make Ichigo stop studying. But if you were Kon He bit Ichigo's ear. Kon was on the floor.

Ichigo and Rukia: 5 Reasons They're Our Favorite Shinigami Couple

Ichigo's foot on his body. You were fine with Nee-san doing that before! The orange haired shinigami didn't reply. Was that an act? You act like a gentleman around Nee-san! If you're hungry then eat, it's none of my business! Just because you're in love with Nee-san you treat her differently! Kon was dead meat. Once again Kon was on the floor. Ichigo's foot was on his body.

Oh wait, we also could see tears in his eyes. When Tatsuki and Ichigo hang out, they simply hang out at the doujo where Tastuki was teaching at.

They talked a lot, they shared stories, and of course they sparred. He was kind of sweaty. Tatsuki was quiet difficult to be beaten. I'm not," he frowned. Guys always say that," Tatsuki said back. There was a comfortable silence between the old best friends.

[Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Ichigo and Rukia are our Favorite Shinigami Couple

That's what bothering you. What stupid thing did you do this time?

bleach ichigo and rukia relationship advice

She looked so excited. It was dangerous but she felt honoured to be chosen as the team leader, and she said she would be gone for a month," "And I didn't let her go.

Overprotective boyfriend are you? Ichigo wanted to argue but decided to ignore Tatsuki's previous comment. Then she told me I wasn't being supportive and I was just like Byakuya," "She said I should stop being an idiot, she said I didn't understand her and she also said she didn't want to be protected by me all the time," "I am with you so far," Tatsuki commented. I just want her to be safe. And I don't understand her? She wants you, the person that she trusts the most, to trust her too," "I never think Rukia is weak, Tatsuki," "I know.

You just can't stand it if she's out of your reach. You're afraid you can't be there if she needs help," Tatsuki said.

Ichigo let out a nervous laugh. You sound cheesy but that's partly true," he said, scratching the back of her neck. You can't handle a month without her," Tatsuki grinned. It was always fun to tease her best friend. Well that was partly true too. So how do you apologize to Rukia? Have something in your mind? You two have kissed before, a lot. Someone was going to break your bones. When Orihime confessed her feelings for Ichigo, he was really sorry to turn her down but even himself couldn't answer why he couldn't return Orihime's feeling.

For Kurosaki-kun for a pretty long time Kurosaki-kun doesn't have to answer now," "Inoue," he started again. Orihime couldn't look at Ichigo. She was afraid of what he was going to say to her. She was broken hearted, of course. But somehow she felt relieved she got her answer, the truth.

Thank you for being honest to me, Kurosaki-kun!