Borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship poems

borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship poems

Zer0 Character Type Playable character (Borderlands 2)NPC (Tales from the Borderlands) Quotes. ECHO recorders. Main article: Zer0/ECHO Recorders . (When finding Maya's assassin); He hangs in the air / The breeze stirring his body. Read Chapter 3 from the story Borderlands 2 lilith x male reader by When Zero suddenly finds out that Maya is in a relationship with Axton, how far will her go. Lilith plays a noticeable role as NPC in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Roland ended his relationship with Lilith in order to focus on Hyperion and the Crimson.

Friendship, purpose, and more blooms in the most unlikely of places. How will this change the story we all know and love? T because Borderlands and may change to M if I'm feeling really pervy by the time I hit a certain point Rated: I listen to explode you.

I'm stuck on you. T - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: However, their bright scientist, Dr. Clay, has better ideas for the super company.

borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship poems

He sets out to make the perfect assassin, but will his thirst for recognition lead to his downfall? T - English - Drama - Chapters: Wilhelm x Felicity Skipper Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: What he didn't count on, was the adventures he would have and the relationships he would encounter. Join Axton as he traverses this strange alien planet for fortune, glory and redemption. But there's no stopping Lily when her mind's made up, and everyone is just going to have to accept what happens next.

The Hero by B. Think of this as an alternate version of Borderlands 2, where Jack is one of the good guys.

borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship poems

I do not own any of the character's in this except for my 3 Vault Hunter OC's. Accompanied by the annoying AI the two set of on a mission to find Tim, Jack's old body double. If it turns out shit, I'll just delete it, because a lot of you probably don't give a fuck. Anyways, let's get to the point.

I started playing Borderlands 1 again, trying to get the last two trophies I never got, which were getting to level 40 and getting to level Before I continue, let me explain that I've beaten BL2 quite a few times, listening and paying attention to every little detail.

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I may have some messed up facts, so please, feel free to correct me when I'm wrong. I got to the Dahl Headlands, to the mission where you free Lucky. Scooter goes on about how Lucky messed with Scooter's mom who we all know is Moxxiand that Scooter is going to kill him. When you activate the mission, if you read the description, you realize that this is Lucky Zaford. Zaford should ring some bells.

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Anyways, 5 years pass between the end of BL1 and the beginning of BL2. You progress through BL2, picking up minor details as I did, hopefully. To point something out, we all know that Scooter and Ellie's mom is Moxxi. Who is their dad, though? Some say it's Marcus, and some say it's Jimbo Hodunk. I say it's Jimbo.

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There are too many details arguing that it's Jimbo. They always refer to Ellie, Scooter, and Moxxi as ex-Hodunks. Also, Moxxi supposedly killed the leader of the Hodunks, who was not Jimbo at the time, and left the clan, because Ellie was supposed to be the clan wife. Ellie even talks about this during the Clan War side missions. Anyways, as you go through the Clan War missions, fighting back and forth for the Hodunks and the Zafords to initiate a war between the two groups, breaking their truce, you notice some things.