Brandon and sissy relationship in shame

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brandon and sissy relationship in shame

Brandon and Sissy are coping with a similar trauma. Sissy is an extrovert. A performer. Brandon reveals less of himself to the people around. Brandon's sex addiction really gave me a look into a more realistic world That damage connects him and Sissy and that relationship that was. Shame () - Why doesn't Sissy cover herself when Brandon enters the dynamic they had, as children, and forge a new relationship and try to get him back.

And that may be driving part of his anger. She is all kinds of trouble. But sexual addiction does not seem apparent. She only has sex the one time in the film. Getting back to her attempt to smooth things over by getting into bed with him… a behavior shown earlier in the movie without any sexual activity or threat of activity resulting… when he decides to get her to leave… whether because he might find himself unable to control sexualizing her or because he is so angry at her behavior earlier in the night… he raises his voice forcefully.

Why is this so effective? I would argue that this is the best evidence in the film of her history. As soon as he shouts at her, she runs like a little girl trying to get away from a monster. There is no real threat of violence in that moment. But an abusive father? A man who scared the shit out of his little daughter each time he yelled at her?

Even her version of New York, New York suggests an inability to handle aggression. She is small and vulnerable. And when her brother sees this, he weeps. It is her sadness and pain expressed. And as soon as a man pays positive attention to her, she is a pushover. The boss David has no game. But he is scoring fast. Why can he seduce Sissy so effortlessly? His masculine impotence is attractive to her. He is not mean. Her brother, on the other hand, seems to be the only parent on whom it is safe for her to rely.

And when he no longer offers safe harbor, that is when she attempts suicide. The vagaries around the multiple scenes involving this are where I would suggest a lot of the mystery in the film is… not with his relationship with his sister.

No question that she stirs the pot and changes this moment in his history. But his story is mostly his own. One could argue that he is heading for bottom at that moment and with his actions afterwards. Again, an interesting conversation. He might be ready to seek some real help though.

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So in conclusion, for now, I think that both or either sib might have been molested as a child. But the more central theme seems to be about control and an abusive male parent. She hides from that power.

Shame Film by Steve McQueen T.V Scene with Brandon and Sissy. Fassbender. Carey Mulligan.

He embodies that power and then some. He is in extreme control. She has no self-control. I see them as opposite reactions to a similar abuse. Obviously, there can be many variations on this notion. I have heard the arguments. If you strongly believe that there is an argument that incest occurred in this film, I would love to hear the argument. I truly welcome discussion on this. And no doubt, the blonde in the sports car at the beginning of the film will proudly tell her girlfriends the tale of the beautiful man who took her under the bridge.

And I would agree that serial date George Clooney is probably not a sex addict, though a fear of having intimacy withdrawn seems pretty obvious.

brandon and sissy relationship in shame

Flip side, scared, needy, boundary-challenged women and men, for that matter are hardly a rarity and no one is going to want to identify with Sissy.

So something extraordinary must have happened to them. When his computer is returned and the incident seemingly ignored, Brandon has the disposition of a criminal who has been released from the police station after providing the evidence of his crimes. His deepest commitment lies with carrying out ceremonies of vampirism in the Manhattan night. Arousal with Marianne was not possible.

The situation became real. The pervasiveness of his detachment does not necessarily provide protection from conversation.

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It may appear impressive from a distance. And a person might not be able to break through entirely with one move.

But they can drive their hand through the thin wall. They can frighten or enrage the man inside.

SHAME & Incest

It only takes a standard post-first date conversation with Marianne for Brandon to feel threatened. Her honest demeanor and self-respect untangle him from the pornographic cartoon. Kennedy or the escalation of the Viet Nam war.

Sex allows Brandon to maintain the charade. The sexual release is a substitution of an emotional catharsis that he simultaneously desires and fears with every ounce of his soul.

brandon and sissy relationship in shame

The Fake Brandon enjoys his privileges like any person would. His salary and apartment show the world his competence. The detachment he pairs with an innate intelligence allow him to conquer a city he dreamed about as a child. But Brandon is a real person. Steve McQueen and Abi Morgan deserve credit for creating a film that scrutinizes a man driven to powerlessness through his need to control. That would have been a good movie.