Carnage and venom relationship quiz

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carnage and venom relationship quiz

70% Of Marvel Fans Will Fail This Spider-Man Quiz. by Joshua . Which X-Man did Spider-Man pursue a romantic relationship with? Storm . In Maximum Carnage, Spider-Man teamed up with which of his villains? Venom. Take this quiz to see how many of the web head's baddies you remember. Carnage Venom Tarantula. Spider-Man has a lot of popular villains, but none are . The relationship that Spider-Man has with this character has. Payback. 2. What Symbiote is this. A. Toxin. B. Venom Cat. C. Riot. D. Carnage. E . Payback. 3. What Symbiote is this. A. Spider-Man. B. Venom.

However, he's not generally a bad guy, as he has bright intentions and wants to bring good to the world rather than harm.

Spider-Man would initially align himself with Tony Stark and reveal his identity to the public. His loyalty would also result with him getting a new suit that was fitted with all kinds of bells and whistles to help him take more blows and deal out more damage.

He lost the suit when he defected to Cap's side. Question 16 Spider-Man's first appearance occurred in which series? His first appearance features a cover that is perfectly iconic, as well as bringing to light many events that would become permanently attached to the character, like being bitten by the spider and losing his Uncle Ben. It was in this comic that he learned his first lesson about responsibility and what it means to be a true superhero.

It would define his character forever. In it, Spider-Man is tasked with taking down a massive roster of his greatest foes, but the developers didn't stop there.

carnage and venom relationship quiz

They also took the opportunity to introduce a unique villain to the mythos and have it act as the final boss battle. It was not only a test of everything the player learned, but of all the challenges Spider-Man faced.

Venom Carnage Silver Sable In Maximum Carnage, there was a new villain in town who proved to be stronger than any other bad guy that Spider-Man ever faced. Because of this, he knew that he needed a heavy hitter of his own to even the playing field. He went to one of his long time foes, and the two worked together to take down this common threat.

They had to follow the path of destruction and bodies in order to catch this brutal killer.

carnage and venom relationship quiz

Question 19 What villain does J. Jonah Jameson's son become? Trapster Man-Wolf The Rhino One defining trait that makes Spider-Man villains stand out so much is that they have personal connections to not only the wall crawler, but Peter Parker himself.

carnage and venom relationship quiz

One of them was JJJ's son. Being an astronaut, he went to the moon contracted a strange condition. It wasn't long before his body began to change and he became a monster that needed to be stopped. He would be fought several times by Spider-Man, and it would take extra care from Peter not to severely harm him. This suit gave him the most impressive set of abilities, and enhanced the ones that were already there.

With it was a new and much more cosmic suit, that signified just how much of an impressive power shift he had gone through.

Which Symbiote Are You?

He used the power to defeat foes much bigger than himself, but it didn't last, and Peter eventually had to give it up for the greater good of the Marvel Universe. Question 21 Which villain was confirmed to be in the canceled Spider-Man 4? However, the poor reception of the third entry in the franchise caused him and Sony to cancel their plans.

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In that time, Raimi has discussed what he had in mind for the future of Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man, including the villain he was going to bring in for the next entry in the series, before it was inevitably canceled of course.

Question 22 What was the name of the girl who was bitten by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter? Jessica Drew May Parker Gwen Stacy When Peter was bitten by the radioactive spider, little did he know that the arachnid had one more bite left in it before dying.

The girl who was bitten was taken away and not heard from for several years.

carnage and venom relationship quiz

She ended up resurfacing with the same set of spider powers and met up with Peter Parker. Despite not having any sort of romantic connection, they were instinctively linked through the bond of the aforementioned spider.

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She then became an ally of Spider-Man. Homecoming featured a much more relatable take on the character, having inspiration from a John Hughes movie.

carnage and venom relationship quiz

Riot, Agony, Phage, Scream and Lasher. Another dream sequence happens after Venom attempts to stop the Shocker from robbing a jewelry store. Now, nothing against the Shocker, but we all know he's a pretty low-level super-criminal.

However, once Shocker begins hitting Venom with shockwaves from his gauntlet, the symbiote flees from Eddie's body in fear, almost as a self-preservation technique. In this second dream, a mother pushing a stroller is attacked when it's revealed her baby is a screeching symbiote. But could the symbiote be referring to something other than Eddie that it has to protect?

Revivals And Reveals Before Eddie can get some answers from his partner, he's met by the familiar face of F. With the help of other agents, the F. However, before being taken into custody, Eddie pleads with Claire to know why she's turned her back on their previous partnership. Claire promises to do everything in her power to make sure Eddie walks away clean, but she can't have Eddie and Venom working together again, especially with what's about to happen.

Finally, Eddie learns the truth -- Venom is about to be a daddy. As we mentioned before, this isn't the first time Venom has reproduced.