Catherine zeta jones and michael douglas relationship

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catherine zeta jones and michael douglas relationship

Catherine Zeta-Jones is known for being very candid about her relationship with Michael Douglas, who she has been married to for almost two. Catherine Zeta-Jones thinks honesty and openness is an important part of her relationship with Michael Douglas. Catherine Zeta-Jones gets candid about her 'very open relationship' with husband Michael Douglas after 20 y.

They parted ways in and divorced in February Sincehe has been married to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas.

catherine zeta jones and michael douglas relationship

The couple had two sons—Ben and Willard—before divorcing in He was then married to Melissa Mathison from to and is currently married to Calista Flockhart since Before calling it quits inthe two had a daughter Katherine born and a son Kevin born Their son, Cameron, was born in However, they split only two years later.

They separated after one year of marriage and Heard filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

catherine zeta jones and michael douglas relationship

They went through a rocky divorce as Heard alleged that Depp physically abused her. The divorce was finalized in They have a son—Trey Smith born —together.

Catherine Zeta-Jones on making it work with Michael Douglas: ‘You’ve got to be open and honest’

In Septembershe filed for divorce which was finalized in August She went on to marry twice again—Bruce Willis m. The actor was also married to Denise Richards m.

They separated in and got divorced in June She was also married to musician Bill Hudson m.

Face Reading for Successful Relationships: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

Since earlyshe has been in relationship with actor Kurt Russell. After getting divorced on Dec. She is currently married to Ned Rocknroll m. They announced their separation in Mayand later got divorced in Next, she married actor and comedian Nick Cannon m. John later maintained that he had realized that he was gay before he married.

Catherine Zeta-Jones' open relationship

Earlier inhe had come out as a bisexual during an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine. Inhe had a civil partnership ceremony with David Furnish after being together for 12 years.

When gay marriage was legalized in England inthe pair wed on the ninth anniversary of their civil partnership.

catherine zeta jones and michael douglas relationship

His spokesman denied these reports and portrayed Douglas's conversation with The Guardian as general and not referring specifically to his own diagnosis. He announced it as throat cancer upon the advice of his physician, who felt it would be unwise to reveal that he had tongue cancer given its negative prognosis and potential for disfigurement, particularly because the announcement came immediately before Douglas's promotional tour for Wall Street: They acted as co-masters of ceremony in the concert celebrating the award given to Iranian human rights activist Shirin Ebadi.

InDouglas was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters D.

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He is an advocate of nuclear disarmamenta supporter of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundationsits on the board of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, and is an honorary Board Member of the anti-war grant-making foundation Ploughshares Fund. Douglas made several appearances and offered his opinions: The conference is an opportunity for UN member states to build on the Program of Action and to encourage countries to strengthen their laws on the illicit trade, During the documentary film, Douglas interviewed children, and estimated that they were amongother children worldwide who have been conscripted or kidnapped and forced to fight.

catherine zeta jones and michael douglas relationship

Of one such child he interviewed, Douglas stated, "After being kidnapped by a rebel group, he was tortured, drugged, and forced to commit atrocities. I'm in an enviable position