Chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship poems

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chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship poems

The TCS Story And Beyond has ratings and 29 reviews. Supratim said: I had purchased this book out of curiosity for India's largest software exp. However, as Linden (Chapter 12) observes, there is no direct relationship between about the quality of instruction in budget schools (Chandrasekaran ; Joshi ). In January , the Government appointed Mr S. Ramadorai. Sep 15, Artistes Nidheesh Kuma, Indu Nidheesh, Pranathi Ramadorai and Shweta Prachande took up the poetry of Bharathiar and set it to a.

For those unfamiliar with the draconian license Raj of India, Ramadorai recalls the ten different licenses they had to get from more than ten different departments of the government to import a computer.

Indian software industry was born, not by grand design but by accident of history because India was short of foreign exchange and we had to earn foreign exchange to pay for the importation of a new Burroughs mainframe I am a believer of less government and a lesser role for public enterprises, especially in the services industry. So I was surprised to read about in the book J.

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Ramadorai shares an interesting data point, in time frame when they had imported the mainframe, 90 percent of a project cost TCS quoted to a client was hardware related, while software and people costs were about 5 percent each. TCS had identified in its early days servicing US clients three things which would go on to define IT outsourcing to India as such — the time difference between Bombay India and New York USA which allows to do round-the-clock delivery, due to attractive salary paid by IT industry and cultural reasons TCS engineers on projects not watching the clock, and, on the job learning especially on migration projects.

In my own experience of working with customers from over 10 countries, I have found global clients to be easier than working with Indian clients. While most of its competitors were busy with exports, due to its Tata heritage TCS was doing domestic business as well. TCS had to prepare a proposal weighing 6.

chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship poems

After taking over from Kohli who tended to authoritative and definitive, Ramadorai follows a style of participative management that involved discussion and suggestions rather than directives from the top. As a manager, he not only listened to what people are telling but tried to understand what they are saying and how they are saying it. In a work environment like in India that was hierarchical, a CEO needed to do this to truly understand what he hears.

Today it is common across most industries but TCS under Ramadorai had created a think tank and brought in Pankaj Ghemawat, a respected professor from Harvard Business School. Today it is fashionable for IT companies to say we are moving away from throwing resources at a problem to automation and machine learning. This approach had enabled TCS to migrate between to million lines of mainframe code for Y2K — far more than anyone else.

In the late s and s when TCS was developing software for Telecom companies in North America like Nortel, software code was sent on tapes back and forth between Canada and India, but as India opened its telecom sector it moved over data links of speeds of 64KBps initially. Moving forward Ramadorai talks about how he setup an HR department under S.

chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship poems

Padmanabhan which enabled TCS to seamlessly hire and integrate people in a year to about 30, people a year in Here I should say TCS really set a benchmark and showed others in the industry that you could do this volume, without which their growth would not have been possible. In early days of Indian IT outsourcing, it was mostly of young engineers then mostly men moving to a western country with their newly married wife.

The young wife often found herself setting up home in a foreign country, with a husband who was too busy to help. Software is a knowledge industry and one that changes drastically often. To be competitive in that world, it is imperative an organisation has a well-developed training programme.

chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship poems

Today it is all assumed, discussions starts and ends with price, features and timelines. Bringing Bharatiar to the stage is nothing new and many artists are constantly looking to his genius for that spirit that transcends language, sect and space.

Bharathi Shakthi opened to a full Narada Gana Sabha under the auspices of the Natya Rangam, the dance wing of Narada Gana Sabha with four bright, vivacious dancers who took up the poetry of Bharathiar and set it to a choreography that was marked by some excellent dancing. Rajkumar Bharathi a musician who does immense justice to his lineage of the activist poet, and brought out some really memorable melodies that not only enhanced the value of the production but also offered promises of more such endeavours.

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Starting with a Pushpanjali that showcased Tunbam Illada Nilaye Shakhti, had all four of them in sync - not only with their movements, but also in their yellow and red costumes that somehow seemed to fit the theme well. Setting it in the idiom of classical Bharatanatyam and concentrating every element of the woman who personifies the Goddess -whether it be Lakshmi, Saraswathi or Kaali, she is also the beloved one where love is pure and yet earthly as evident in Katru Veliyidai Kannamma the word Kanamma has no proper English translation as the endearing quality is expressed so beautifully only in Tamil.

chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship poems

Juxtaposing solos along with the group presentations, and ending in a thillana like Thagathaga Yendra Aadumo, Bharathi Shakthi was mostly an enjoyable experience. It meandered in parts and slowed down the pace, but the good dancing amply made up for the lags and dense portions.

chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship poems

Her voice and notes at times even overpowered the dance on stage. Despite her going off key on that rare occasion, her singing was uplifting and full of passion and strength. Girish Madhu on the nattuvangam, Guru Bharadwaj on the mridangam, K P Nandini on the violin and Sashidharan on the flute, provided excellent accompaniment.