Chichi and gokus relationship

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chichi and gokus relationship

Chichi isn't an amazing character, but she does have great qualities to her. She's a great wife for Goku due to the great dynamics between them. let's address the elephant in the room, they barely had really any romantic moments together, everytime we see then they are arguing about. Goku and Chi-Chi have never really had the most normal marriage, and these facts their relationship in Dragon Ball prove it!.

As the daughter of the Ox-King, she was trained in combat since her early days. It is funny how she was introduced in episode 7, as the classical lady in distress running away from a dinosaur, but while wearing a bikini probably a reference to Star Wars? BUT, Chichi suddenly confronts the dinosaur and cuts its head rather easily. So guys, do not cross her. It is true Chichi starts off as a shy girl constantly crying in battle, but by the time Chichi becomes a teenager, she is strong enough to participate in The World Martial Arts Tournament.

In Episodean opponent called Anonymous fought against Goku in the Tournament. Enraged because he did not remember her, Chichi released her fury in the combat! She also can go Kaioken and it is implied that she learned the technique faster than Goku. Now, that is a strong woman, but of course, that is just who Goku needs by his side.

Because Goku and Chichi keep their relationship going on Episode So, brutal strength alone is not the only thing we need in a battle or when we are in love. People also have to negotiate their relationships. Let us remember that Goku did not know at first how to treat the flirty Chichi, but he got used to her. Goku also thought a bride was a type of food when Chichi asked him if they would get married when they became adults, so of course, Goku agreed.

Yet, even when he realized his mistake in EpisodeGoku proposes to Chichi in public and married her, keeping his childhood promise. Throughout the Dragon Ball saga, it is evident that Chichi and Goku stick together through both good times and bad times.

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And that is some commitment, being the wife of a warrior who is constantly in danger. For example, in EpisodeChichi is shown caring for Goku when he contracted the Heart virus. Also, during the Majin Buu saga, Goku reassures her he is going to miss her when he leaves in order to master the Fusion dance. Yes, keeping relationships together is tough, but it also has its good side, as we will see in the next reason… 4.

She not only yells at him for not being an ideal husband, but she is also rude to her sons. Viewers excuse her behavior as being a stereotypical Japanese mother.

chichi and gokus relationship

Chi-Chi's awful actions have earned a reputation as being a terrible character. She doesn't stop nagging Goku until his tragic passing. She spends months crying over what happened. Chi-Chi regrets not being kinder to Goku while he was still alive. She still has a chance to make sure Goten is happy. Chi-Chi begins to relax on her strict methods and allow Goten to both train and study. When Goku finally returns to Earth, Chi-Chi learns to appreciate the man she married more.

When Goku is off fighting, no income is being made. They are forced to live off of Fire Mountain's treasure until it's destroyed. Chi-Chi often nags Goku about providing for the family. It turns out that it's not the method of making money that counts. She just wants Goku to bring home some cash. He feels guilty about taking the credit to defeat the alien.

chichi and gokus relationship

Goku brings home the cash, wondering what to tell Chi-Chi. She's thrilled about the suitcase of money, which is an estimated one million dollars.

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Chi-Chi doesn't care much about what Goku does as long as he brings home the Zeni. Aliens are just happy to face him in battle.

They don't expect that they could find another worthy opponent on a small planet. Aliens don't scare Goku as much as his wife. Chi-Chi spends more time angry at Goku for fighting than getting along with him. It's gotten so bad that he will sneak off to train.

Goku doesn't want to refuse a request from a friend. It could be a matter of life or having the entire planet explode. Chi-Chi doesn't understand Goku's intentions. He's well-aware that returning home after leaving a family meal means he will get scolded. Goku is so scared of Chi-Chi's wrath that there were some nights that Goku just didn't return home.

Goku agreed but eventually forgot her name. He never learned what a bride was until she explained it to him.

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Good-natured Goku agreed and proposed to her. Chi-Chi agrees happily and confesses her love to him. He didn't know what that means either, so she kisses his cheek. Sat Feb 22, 2: She's a great wife for Goku due to the great dynamics between them and thus made the series better for it. ChiChi thought she was following the appropriate steps for marriage but ended up doing it in the most unconventional way possible with the most unconventional guy possible.

It's ironic when you think about it. Goku's purity led to him accepting marriage even though he doesn't have any romantic feelings for ChiChi and women in general. It took an unconventional guy like Goku, who goes against the idealogical pure hearted person, to court someone like ChiChi who attempted to follow the idealogical steps for marriage but by marrying Goku did the opposite due to not being very bright similar to how Goku misunderstood marriage by not being very bright himself.

Honestly, if it were up to Goku, I doubt he'd ever be into woman.