Cj and danny relationship quiz

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cj and danny relationship quiz

More relationships and more information on these will be added soon: The POTUS/Toby and Leo/CJ interaction both saw a reduction in season two, and are . It's an apartment, and Danny is underdressed CJ and Danny appear to have . she wasn't, apparently they don't have that kind of relationship. Melissa Fitzgerald as Carol, Timothy Busfield as Danny Concannon, Allison Janney as When Danny suggests they have a "relationship," C.J. makes a list of.

Pounder was also reading very well for the role of C. So we cast Allison. One particular storyline in the episode "Lord John Marbury"in which C. Myers was kept out-of-the-loop with regard to the assassination attempt on former President George H. Bush and subsequently, she assured the press that there would be no more news coming out of the White House hours before the United States bombed Baghdad. Myers was upset with the resolution of this episode's plot, in which Leo McGarry brushes off C.

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cj and danny relationship quiz

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cj and danny relationship quiz

January Learn how and when to remove this template message C. Her father, Talmidge Cregg, was a math teacher at West Dayton High School and begins suffering from Alzheimer's during Bartlet's first term in office first mentioned in the season 3 episode "The Two Bartlets," with a more in-depth storyline in the season 4 episode "The Long Goodbye". Her mother had died some time ago and Talmidge subsequently remarried twice, most recently a fellow teacher named Molly Lapham.

Several jokes are made about C. In Season 6, Episode 10, a media report asserts she was the first player to dunk a basketball in Ohio high school history.

cj and danny relationship quiz

She graduated from West Dayton High School, and in the season 4 episode "The Long Goodbye" set in late or earlybetween the Christmas and Inauguration episodes she attends what is presumably her 20th high school reunion, making her approximately 38 years old in 34 when she joined the Bartlet campaign.

A National Merit ScholarC. She later earned a master's degree in political science from the University of California, Berkeleyand it is revealed in Season 1 Episode 21 that she is considered an expert in polling models; her undergraduate major is never disclosed.

Coincidentally, she is fired from that job on the same day that Toby Ziegler comes to California to ask her to join the Bartlet campaign. He tells her Josiah Bartlet was impressed by the work C.

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She is less than pleased to discover that her Secret Service codename is "Flamingo", a bird which C. During the third season, C. Shortly after going off-duty, Donovan is shot and killed after becoming caught up in the armed robbery of a New York City grocery store in the episode "Posse Comitatus".

cj and danny relationship quiz

In the seventh season when C. We see him one more time as the show ends, three years past his presidency, at the opening of his library. General "West Wing" Trivia 4 click to play it.

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Question by author Sarah Gerald Lord John Marbury acted like he didn't like Leo, but really he was just giving him a hard time. Question by author ladymacb A serious and dedicated young black man, what did Young do that resulted in staff and president being shot? He was a trustworthy and devoted young person who had yet to develop his character and direction.

In season 1 Young started dating the President's daughter Zoey. Television station NBC received real-life racist hate mail about the bi-racial romance, inspiring a TV end-of-season cliffhanger where white supremacists went after Charlie, but instead shot Josh Lyman and winged the president. Jed was a father figure to Charlie, and helped him get into law school, but Young chose a job with the new Administration as Special Aide to the Chief of Staff Josh.

Hill left the show one season early to play Gus in the new show "Psych", but his character Charlie returned for the final episodes of "The West Wing".

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Instead she goes to work on whose campaign? Donna goes to work with Will on the Vice-President's campaign. Blonde, petite and sometimes full of word salad, she smartly stomped staffer Sam Seaborn on a news show.

cj and danny relationship quiz

What was unique about her contributions to the White House? While initially the Democratic staff took issue with her, she soon she earned her place with them. She is called to the White House, where he plans to hire her. She thinks he's going to scold her for jousting with Sam Seaborn on TV: I think that is wrong, and it is inappropriate. It's inappropriate, and I'll tell you what else. What is the name of the boy that they both befriended? Anthony Andrew McFarlane played Anthony.

Anthony lashes out at C. Sam broke his engagement and gave up a law firm partnership in order to go work for Jed Bartlet, who Josh promised was, "the real thing". Seaborn is the Deputy White House Communications Director and sparing partner with Toby Ziegler as they write all of the president's speeches. Seaborn is so patriotic and gifted a mind that the President believes he may someday become president.

Seaborn does leave the Bartlet White House to run for Congress, then returns to take the job of Deputy White House Chief of Staff with the new administration, working under his friend Josh. He falls off a bicycle Yup, he falls off the bike after riding it into a tree! And rumours abound at the White House how badly he was injured. Often butting heads with, well, everyone, Josh would stoop to low levels to protect and promote his senior staff. His assistant Donna Moss remembered his appointments, dressed him, and kept him out of trouble, but she left to work for someone else, because Josh was what?

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When she was wounded overseas he was first by her side, but he otherwise took her for granted. Josh was sharp and savvy when it came to political maneuvering. He was also hotheaded, rash and overly blunt, he was shot, he had PTSD, and he once caused the shutdown of the government.