Czech republic and slovakia relationship

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czech republic and slovakia relationship

Separate, yet Together: Reflecting on Czech-Slovak Relations Czechs still mourn the common state and regret the split of Czechoslovakia. Indeed, the relations between Prague and Bratislava are probably better now than they've ever been. The Czech Republic continues to attract. Czech-Slovak relations are foreign relations between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Contents. 1 History; 2 Resident diplomatic missions; 3 See also.

The Czech Nationality Act allowed a grant of automatic citizenship only to those born on Czech territory. For others, the right to citizenship required proof of a five-year period of residence, an "unobjectionable" criminal record, significant fees and a complicated bureaucratic process; this reportedly excluded a rather large percentage of Roma.

Significant numbers of Roma living in Czech orphanages did not have their legal status clarified, and were released from care as adult non-citizens without any right to work or live in the Czech Republic.

czech republic and slovakia relationship

This and the fact that the languages are very similar made almost all people of both nations passively bilinguali. After the dissolution in s the new TV channels in the Czech Republic practically stopped using Slovak, and young Czech people now have a much lower understanding of the Slovak language.

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Also, the number of Slovak-language books and newspapers sold in the Czech Republic dropped drastically. Furthermore, many TV programmes on Slovak TV channels are still dubbed into Czech, some films in cinemas are subtitled in Czech and there are far more Czech-language books and periodicals on the market than before the dissolution. Young Slovak people still have the same knowledge of the Czech language as their predecessors, if not better.

Further, the Slovak Official Language Act passed in did reconfirm the right of Czechs to use their language in all official communication when dealing with Slovak authorities however, the Act explicitly limited the use of Czech in Slovakia only to persons with Czech as their mother tongue. The same is true about using the Slovak language in the Czech Republic owing to the Administration Procedure Act of Sport[ edit ] The official break-up occurred right in the middle of the World Junior Ice Hockey Championshipswhich took place in Sweden.

The team representing Czechoslovakia was called "Czech-Slovak" starting on 1 January. In international ice hockey tournaments, the Czech Republic took over Czechoslovakia's place in the A-groups, while Slovakia had to start in the lower divisions. The team had been selected prior to the dissolution. Jaroslav Sakala won two medals in the individual hill events for the Czech Republic at those games along with his silver in the team event. It was after this that the teams were then officially split up into Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The team failed to qualify after they could only draw their final match against Belgiuma match they needed to win to qualify. The mutual encounters between the national teams of the two countries in many sports are followed by a majority of the populations, and the number of players and coaches active in the other republic is significant.

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Several sports did or do feature a common league, and discussions about having a common football or ice hockey league continue. Since then, telephone calls between the two countries have required international dialing. Most people would have rather had a referendum decide.

Ina Slovak movement called "Czechoslovakia " was established to try to get a referendum by While its leader, Ladislav Zelinka, said he received thousands of emails and calls from supporters, it was unable to reach the necessarypetition signatures.

Slovakia is in some ways currently going through a phase in its national development that the Czechs, Poles, or Hungarians went through at the beginning of the 20th century.

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The fact that the Slovaks have the opportunity to build national identity within their own state only now has partly been caused by the Czechs' lack of understanding for Slovak national aspirations when the two nations lived in the common state.

It is this legacy that makes it easier for politicians like Meciar to create the feeling among ordinary Slovaks that their country is a victim of an international conspiracy in which Czechs play an important role In this context, it is no wonder that Slovaks are sensitive about what they see as double standards. While Slovakia has experienced problems, the country is a functioning parliamentary democracy.

Czech-Slovak Relations in Light of the Debate on the Future of European Integration

If the most compelling reason for NATO expansion is stability, it is difficult for Slovaks to understand why hey are likely to be excluded. And why Slovakia, for relatively minor anti-democratic offenses, is being denied membership in an organization in which Turkey is allowed to play an important role Such real and imagined grievances have played into the hands of Meciar when Havel described him as "paranoid. Expressed by the Czech President, it has caused furor.

And it has helped Meciar to go on the offensive and condition his visit in the Czech republic on Havel's apology. As a result, in the last week, or so, Czech-Slovak debate has degenerated into personal insults If anything, such a situation will strengthen the position of Meciar, who knows how to turn foreign "anti-Slovak campaigns" into his advantage.

czech republic and slovakia relationship

In the long run, a strengthened Meciar who, moreover, no longer feels bound to strive for membership in NATO and perhaps even the European Union and for good relations with Slovakia's neighbors, could easily destabilize the entire region. Reuters, Prague Business Journal - On the other hand, the unlikelihood of the Czech Republic joining the eurozone has prompted Prague to suggest other opportunities for closer integration within the EU, such as enhanced security and defence cooperation.

Apart from belonging to the eurozone and showing a willingness to engage fully at the heart of EU, Slovakia is the only V4 country against which European Commission EC has not launched infringement procedures for non-compliance with their obligations on the relocation of asylum seekers. Similarly, other V4 leaders seem to be of a similarly high opinion of Bratislava, asking Fico to submit to raise with the EC the issue of different quality standards for the same food products in different EU countries.

This is despite Hungary currently holding the V4 presidency. The Czech Republic and Slovakia are working together to strengthen relations with EU partners, primarily with Germany.

Tension between the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The few meetings between the Czech and Slovak prime ministers and the Austrian chancellor in the framework of the S3 have served a means to coordinate positions to be presented to the European Council. The S3 has also become a platform for the Czech Republic and Slovakia to build relationships with countries outside the region. This is confirmed by the August meeting of the heads of government of these countries with French President Emmanuel Macron, convened to discuss, for example, the amendment of the EU directive on posted workers.

S3 leaders have expressed their willingness to intensify cooperation in this format. Conclusions Extraordinary relations between the Czech Republic and Slovakia result from the skilful conversion of historical experiences by both political elites into comprehensive cooperation.