Dan and runo relationship poems

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dan and runo relationship poems

Runo, your everyday punk. Dan the popular jock. What happens when they are forced into a marriage together? One thing though, they HATE each other. Battle · Couple · Dan and Runo always in love Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Couple Cartoon, I Love Anime + Relationship Quotes And Sayings. If only I could. Focus: Anime/Manga Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Since: Founder: Oneshots based loosely on songs. Bakugan Runo is nexpectedly kidnapped and taken to New Vestroia where she is 2 bcome Prince Hydron's bride. At 1st she.

She pulled out the poem she had written and read it to herself.

dan and runo relationship poems

Your pretty smile always catches my eye. I know you will never love me, you say this love is never what you want, it is against what you believe. But sadly my heart belongs to you, and only you.

Whenever you smile I smile. When you're hurt I'm hurt.

Even if I can never be with you, I will always be by your side and my love will never change. You see I have fallen for you and that is that. Everyday I shed tears knowing that you will never like me back. The proof is on my wrists you see.

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All my pain is there, all because you stole my heart, and it will always be yours. Once again you see my love will never change. Alice felt a tear roll down her cheek and onto the paper as she finished reading.

She looked towards Runo as she threw a paperball at Dan. He looked at it mumbled a few words and threw it right at Runo's face right on her nose.

Alice gigled as she looked a Runo's expression. Dan continued writing then folded the paper and said. Alice watched Shun silently open the note with a blush and a giggle he tried to hide on his face.

She looked again at the poem 'Should I give this to her? Looking up at the clock it was 3: Dan quickly snatched it and read it.

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Anyways, here's something to make all the dissapointed fans cheer up! As the title says, this, is how is should have ended. And Thank you for taking your time to read this, it's much appreciated, and Much love to those who review: Of Course fate had to choose them as each other's mates!

Hope you like it: During her first day of school in America, she encountered the Campus Prince of the school. T - English - Romance - Chapters: With some guy she just met. Takes place after the last episode of Mechtanium Surge.

dan and runo relationship poems

Rated for slight language. When her family move to Wardington, will a couple of new friends, the threat of enemies and one cute boy change her point of view? Kusaki fanfic Bakugan Battle Brawlers - Rated: It's Runo's birthday party, and Dan still hasn't returned from God knows where. Depression doesn't fuel very good writing from me They were losing and getting desperate. They used their enemies' greatest weakness against them to gain control once more. Little do the Gundalians know that this one little idea can lead to the unraveling of secrets buried deep in the unknown.

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Dan comes back from his trip after leaving to let other brawlers have the chance to be number onebut he isn't welcomed by Runo. What should he do? The Guardians of the Universe have chosen a small group of people from all around the galaxy to save the Earth; but what happens when: Love, Betrayal, Jealously, Hate, and murder comes into the group of people who are Earths last hope? A Cinderella Story by Mirjaan reviews Just as the Title says, A Cliche story, yet filled with surprises, where Runo has a cyber-crush on a guy who happens to be the Mr.

Popular of the school, much to her dismay, while he hides a secret himself, He might actually start developing feelings for the blue-headed geeky girl himself, much to Mira's dismay.

Dan and Runo, Shun and Alice.