Danish and swedish relationship

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danish and swedish relationship

First of all, the relationship between Denmark, Sweden, and Norway can be you don't know the nature of the Danes, Swedes and Norwegians' relationship. This article studies the joking relationships among the Scandinavian countries sources, we find that Danes tell jokes about the Norwegians and Swedes, while. Denmark–Sweden relations relate to Denmark and Sweden. Both of these countries have a very long history together. These countries were part of the Kalmar.

The Danes have always been proud of the fact that they are closer geographically and in their opinion, also mentally to Continental Europe than their Scandinavian neighbours. But even if they may be a few kilometres closer, you should still bear in mind that Copenhagen is actually perched on a large island on the far eastern seaboard of the country.

In turn this island is connected to another few islands, by yet another few bridges. But for sure, they are further south, meaning less bitter winters and the possibility of travelling by road or rail to Continental Europe.

So much hate for Danish?

Why are Danes and Swedes so different? Well, if you ask a Dane and a Swede, you are sure to get two very different answers.

danish and swedish relationship

My Danish friends say: What makes it even more interesting is that neither the Swedes nor Danes can understand each other's language so they prefer to communicate in a neutral language, English.

Meanwhile, both without admitting it in some way envy their happy-go-lucky neighbours, the Norwegians, who can understand both Danish and Swedish. But is it really a few degrees latitude which sets the Danes apart from their Swedish neighbours?

What is a typical Dane and what is typically Danish? But when I asked a fellow expat the same question about what's Danish, she paused a minute before coming up with Carlsberg, Royal Copenhagen, Maersk Shipping, Danish design and pork. The Danes were named the happiest people in the world in a recent survey and in one way they come across as more easy-going and content than their Swedish neighbours.

But there are, of course, exceptions to this rule.

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Most of them are quite patriotic and content with their homeland. They don't try to be perfect which probably also contributes to the happiness factor.

Worlds apart: The Danish - Swedish culture clash

They don't hold back feelings and are not afraid to shout at fellow cyclists, to flirt openly if they like someone or to be rude if it suits them. This can be a breath of fresh air, or if you have lived a long time in Sweden and been Sweden-ized, it can take a bit of getting used to. Fifteen years ago the Swedes headed to Denmark for cheap shopping. Today things have changed and Sweden is cheaper for almost everything, except alcohol.

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The Danish krone is very strong and you might as well add 20 percent on to anything you buy in Denmark to compare with Swedish prices. But what I haven't quite figured out is why all the Danes aren't rolling across the bridge to Swedish supermarkets for cheaper groceries, unlike the Swedish Volvos I spot on the ferry back from Germany, laden down to the ground with crates of cheap German beer, wine and meats.

For all their reputation for being the shrewdest operators in the region, the Danes don't seem prepared to head to Sweden to save a few kronor. Do they want to support their own economy?

One reason could be that salaries in Denmark are, generally, much higher than in Sweden.

Denmark–Norway relations

But this is essential to compensate for the country's extortionate taxes, considered to be the world's highest. Sponsored content Scandinavian grudge match: Plumoyr January 14th, 8: Depending on who you speak to, this can be followed by a smile, a laugh, the rolling of eyes or even a curse. Similar to the relationship between Canada and America, or Australia and New Zealand, Denmark and Sweden share a special rivalry that manifests itself in a host of ways, most notably on the sports field like in the recent Euro playoffs, and also in the odd difference of opinion, as has been seen during the ongoing refugee crisis.

Denmark at the peak of its power Formed by the ruthless political wrangling of Queen Margrethe, Denmark in pretty much was Scandinavia.

danish and swedish relationship

With borders stretching from Greenland to the tips of Swedish Finland, Denmark was at the peak of its power. Inunder the leadership of Gustavus I, Sweden became independent, setting the stage for the problems that would follow. ByLutheranism was firmly established in Denmark and Norway, leading to close ties between the Protestant kingdoms that lined the Baltic. Crossing the belt line With the balance of power shifting, there followed more than a century of unrest, with both Denmark and Sweden competing for influence over the Baltic.

By the middle of the 17th century it was clear that Denmark was losing the struggle.