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More than likely it came about as the result of an arranged marriage. And Nabal answered David's servants, and said, Who is David? and. 3 At the close of 1 Samuel 24, after David spared king Saul's life at En-gedi, Saul Samuel was a powerful stabilizing factor in the chaotic relationship between 9 Abigail's husband is introduced first: "Now the name of the man was Nabal" (1. What was Eli's relationship to Samuel? Abigail prevented David from killing Nabal, which was her ______. What was Jezebel's relationship to Ahab?.

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However, a servant brought word of David's request and Nabal's rejection to Nabal's wife, Abigail. Fearing that David and his army would take what they wanted by force, Abigail was prompted to act. The fact that Abigail would gather supplies in defiance of her husband's wishes and ride out to meet David herself implies that she was not a woman oppressed by her culture's patriarchy.

Carol Meyers, in her book Discovering Eve: Ancient Israelite Women in Context, writes this of gender relationships in pre-state Israel: This is especially true for complex households such as the extended or multiple-family units that made up a significant number of domestic compounds in Israelite villages. She not only has five women servants of her own, but her husband's male servants also do her bidding, as seen when she sent them out with provisions for David.

Abigail Used Courtesy and Diplomacy Riding a donkey, Abigail was just coming into view of David when she heard him cursing Nabal for his stinginess, and swearing vengeance against all of Nabal's extended family.

Abigail prostrated herself before David and begged him to take his anger at Nabal out on her instead, because she didn't see the messengers he sent and therefore didn't know of his needs.

Then she apologized for Nabal's behavior, telling David that her husband's name means "boor" and that Nabal had acted like a boor toward David. Far more polite and diplomatic than a woman of her standing needed to be with an outlaw like David, Abigail assured him that he has God's favor, which will keep him from harm and give him both the throne of Israel and a noble house of many descendents.

By diverting David from vengeance against Nabal, Abigail not only saved her family and its wealth, she also saved David from committing murders that could have brought retribution upon him.

For his part, David was captivated by Abigail's beauty and apparent wisdom. He accepted the food she brought and sent her home with a promise that he would remember her good counsel and her kindness. There she found her boorish husband enjoying a feast fit for a king, utterly clueless to the danger he was in from David's wrath 1 Samuel Nabal got so drunk that Abigail didn't tell him what she had done until the next morning when he sobered up.

A boor he might be, but Nabal was no fool; he realized that his wife's intervention saved him and their family from slaughter. Nonetheless, scripture says that at this point, "his courage failed him, and he became like a stone. His wife Abigail inherited Nabal's fortune. As soon as David heard that Nabal had died, he shouted praises to God and immediately sent a proposal of marriage to wise, beautiful and rich Abigail.

The implication of scripture is that David recognized what an asset Abigail would be to him as a wife, since she was clearly someone who managed well, protected her husband's interests, and could recognize dangers in time to avert disaster.

Was Abigail a Model Wife or a Betrayer? Abigail is often held up as a model spouse among King David's wives, the epitome of the virtuous woman described in Proverbs However, Jewish studies scholar Sandra S.

Looking for lost donkeys During that time in Israel, wealth could be measured by the number of donkeys a person owned. Thus, rounding up lost donkeys would have been an important task.

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The Lord would later use the analogy of a shepherd for the sheep of Israel in promoting David to the throne. Here, God might have been making a subtle dig at the people by selecting a donkey wrangler. When Samuel met Saul, he assured the young man that the donkeys had been found.

Saul was an odd choice, coming from "the humblest of all the clans in the tribe of Benjamin" 1 Samuel 9: At the end of the book of Judges, Israel went to war with the tribe of Benjamin, nearly wiping it out.

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Therefore, Benjamin became the smallest of the Israel tribes. When Saul was proclaimed king, he was hiding among the baggage. If Abner had wanted he could have fled to a city of refuge. How many cities of refuge were spread throughout Israel? Joab - Blood Avenger or Murderer? Question by author tazman The six cities were: Numbers 35, Joshua 20, Deuteronomy But, at the opening of chapter 25 we are reported of a certain event which strongly hints as to David's motivation to renew his escape from Saul.

What is this event? The Story Of Abigail click to play it. Question by author gentlegiant The death of Samuel "And Samuel died; and all the Israelites were gathered together, and lamented him, and buried him in his house at Ramah. And David arose, and went down to the wilderness of Paran. Samuel was a powerful stabilizing factor in the chaotic relationship between Saul and David. His death must have been a red warning sign for David. Indeed, Saul's obsessive pursuit of David resumes in the next chapter 1 Samuel But, let's stay at chapter 25, and draw closer to Abigail's story.

David flees southwards to the Paran desert a few tens of kilometers south of En-gedi. In 1 Samuel Nowadays Maon and Carmel are settlements in the same location, and En-gedi is a kibbutz at the shore of the Dead Sea. Carmel should not to be confused with the Carmel area in northern Israel Mt.

Samuel (I and II) People Trivia Questions & Answers

The Biblical Story of Bathsheba click to play it. Question by author bigwoo. Taking a bath 2 Samuel Bathsheba as was the custom was bathing at night in the water that was heated by the desert sun that day.