Daya and bennett relationship advice

14 Couples That Hurt Orange Is The New Black (8 That Saved It)

daya and bennett relationship advice

While Piper has an inferred sexual relationship with her fiancé, all on-screen Daya and Bennett's relationship is born both in the disparity of power and a disruption of that power. share some advice: “I tell you what, grasshopper,” he says. The 5 Hottest Relationships On 'Orange Is The New Black' Bennett tries to stay away from Daya, but he never manages to keep distance for. Matt McGorry talks about the actions of his character, John Bennett, in the explains the reality of the relationship between Bennett and Daya.

Both became depressed due to loneliness although they both handled their condition in different ways. They began to have an intimate relationship in season four, but things were cut short after Poussey passed away at the end of the season.

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Even though they were a short-lived couple, they were just what the other person needed and provided the show with a much needed healthy relationship. Both characters were correctional officers at Litchfield but abandoned their jobs at the beginning of season four when they realize that all of the inmates are escaping. While it was probably a smart move for them to leave their horrible jobs, the characters were absent for the rest of season four and most of season five. They only made an appearance in the fifth season where it was revealed that they were married and expecting a child.

Caputo And Linda Joe Caputo and Linda Ferguson are two people viewers probably never expected to see in a relationship, but it happened anyway.


Linda was often seen putting the finances above the well being of the prisoners, which Caputo was clearly against. After hiring veterans to replace current correctional officers, Caputo and Linda begin to date even though their personalities are vastly different. Their relationship is strained when a prisoner passes away at Litchfield, which obviously effects Caputo. Their relationship continued to break apart during season five when the inmates break out.

Lorna And Vince While Nicky and Lorna share a special bond, some may argue that their relationship would never work outside of prison. After Nicky is sent to Maximum Security, Lorna begins to write to several pen-pals in order to scam them for money.

daya and bennett relationship advice

At one point, she falls in love with a pen-pal named Vince Muccio. Vince also falls in love with Lorna - even after finding out that Lorna was initially going to scam him for money. Lorna proposes to Vince in season three and the couple is wed in the visitation room soon after.

Luscheck And Fischer Orange is the New Black has several relationships between inmates, prison workers, and an inappropriate mixture of the two. Having Susan Fischer and Joel Luschek date in season two is just a common example of the show trying to fill up time for a full-length episode.

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There was really no reason for Luscheck and Fischer to become romantically involved, but it happened for a brief time. Thankfully, the two realized that they were just too different to have a romantic relationship and decided to call it quits.

Fans of the show were probably just as happy to see this relationship end as Caputo was, since he had a huge crush on Fischer. That being said, the dynamic between Caputo and Figueroa was much more interesting than Caputo and his other lovers.

daya and bennett relationship advice

Figueroa and Caputo have an affair after Figueroa continues to have marital problems with her secretly gay husband. Their relationship continues throughout the following seasons despite Caputo seeing Linda Ferguson. The two may have initially been seen as enemies, but the writers did a good job of evolving their characters into a romantic couple.

daya and bennett relationship advice

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