Dos and donts in a christian relationship counseling

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Dating Do's & Don'ts From Six Therapists DON'T be overly influenced by expectations of family and friends such as, “Does she practice the same religion?. Whether you're new to Christian dating, or simply looking for advice, our guide to the 7 most important do's and don'ts will help you make the most of it. I'm the president of Connect2 Marriage Counseling. I worked in high-tech 7 Do's and Don'ts For Staying Connected as a Couple During Grief.

But really, it has to be said. There are far too many people out there trying to be someone they are not- or even worse- unaware of who they actually are. In order to be yourself, you have to know yourself. How easy is it to get so hung up on this dating stuff that it becomes more stressful than enjoyable?

Getting to know people should be a rewarding time of learning about others.

Christian Marriage - Dos and Don'ts for Christian Marriage Success

Look for Him at work in your interactions with others, and have a good time. Leave with No Regrets: The easiest way to live a life of little regret is to make good choices. Making good choices involves setting healthy boundaries and limits in your emotional and physical exchanges with others.

The best way to enjoy healthy dating is to do it in a way that leaves you with no regrets. Yet it is expected for all of us. One of the tasks of grieving is to convert the relationship with the person who has died from one of presence to one of memory? After the initial shock, there are two kinds of grief: It is unlikely you will get to these stages together. Be patient with each person's journey through grief. There are many good books on this topic. Certain deaths are stigmatized and make it much more difficult to get the support you need.

dos and donts in a christian relationship counseling

Examples include suicide, drug overdose, AIDS, even the death of an old boyfriend or girlfriend. Support groups can help normalize your experience with these.

Let yourself grieve, and make time to grieve. There are many health issues, both physical and mental, that arise from not grieving. It can be very difficult to watch your partner grieve; it may activate your own grief that you wanted to take a break from. It is excruciating for many men to see their wives or girlfriends cry. Make time and space to grieve in your own way.

Offer support and attunement see below for description. Do a daily check-in Gottman, This is minutes a day where you take turns sharing about your day while the other listens closely.

Ask questions and show your care. Do not give advice, try to fix, or minimize his or her experience. Here are open ended sentences you may try: What does that mean to you? How are you feeling? What are you feeling in your body? What is most important in what you're telling me? That must be [hard, sad, etc.

Take breaks from grieving. It's okay to laugh, see a movie or distract yourself in healthy ways. Schedule dates, even if it feels like just going through the motions.

dos and donts in a christian relationship counseling

Do things you like to do individually and together or at least you liked them before your loved one died. Seek support from a wide range of people so it is not all expected from your partner. Family, friends, support groups, clergy people and therapists will listen, too.

People really do want to help? I encourage you to specifically ask for what you want and need. Be prepared for a resurgence of grief on special days, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.

Make plans for those days ahead of time. Attend to your body.

6 Christian Dating Do’s and Don’ts

Have sex and attend to your sexual relationship. Sex is life affirming. Sex can be a complicated issue between couples at the best of times. Sex can make you feel vulnerable, and maybe feeling vulnerable is too hard. Stay in the present, and talk about it with your partner. Eat healthy food and drink lots of water. Seek professional support if grief turns into depression e. Don't try to fix, give advice, or pass along the Kleenex too soon. This is one of the hardest things: Grief is a natural and healthy response to death.

It is not a medical condition that needs fixing. Don't judge his or her style of grieving, timing, or needs. Don't drink too much. First lay the foundation; then build the house. In the first level of communication, the focus is on sharing facts. Level 2 conversation is a little more intimate, revealing more of the self as you express opinions and ideas.

Instead of just talking about the weather, you talk about your favorite season and share your favorite autumn moment. Level 3 is the most intimate level of communication because it reveals the deepest part of a person — the heart. At this level, conversation involves expressing feelings and opening up about struggles, joys, and fears, as well as sharing hopes and dreams.

7 Do's and Don'ts For Staying Connected as a Couple During Grief

The most important thing to remember about the three levels of communication is that they are progressive. They reflect the slow and steady deepening of communication as trust is earned. You may use them as a guide to help you protect your emotional world, as well as that of your significant other. Healthy dating relationships call for an accurate understanding of your emotional temperament as well as the gradual building of trust.

Protect yourself by guarding your heart, your mind, your time, and your conversation. Take control of your relationship; otherwise, it will take control of you. Your Turn To the ladies who are single or dating, what are ways you are preparing yourself to emotionally guard your heart, mind, time, and conversation to whoever your future spouse may be? To those who are already married, what advice would you give to the single ladies out there or for those who are currently dating?