Elephant and mahout relationship

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elephant and mahout relationship

"When I first saw an elephant in Kumli in Kerala, I fell in love with it," The relationship between mahout and elephant often lasts for decades. A mahout is an elephant rider, trainer, or keeper. Usually, a mahout starts as a boy in the family George Orwell's essay "Shooting an Elephant" discusses the relationship of an elephant to its mahout: "It was not, of course, a wild elephant, but. Find Thailand's most ethical Elephant Camps here.

Gradually she started to train as a mahout.

elephant and mahout relationship

Usually, a mahout starts as a boy when he is assigned an elephant early in its life. They are attached to each other throughout the elephant's life. I spent three months here. I came early in the morning and left late in the evening. So it is full-time elephants for me. I learned the routine. She made another trip to India this summer. Now, she is getting trained by Elephant Junction - a private firm which provides elephant safaris. Elephants have played a major part in Indian history and culture.

Until the introduction of artillery in the first battle of Panipat they were used in large numbers on the battlefield.

Tusker elephant roaring in conflict with its mahouts

A large section of Hindus venerate them. They continue to play an important role in Hindu temple rituals of south India. Kerala has a long history of domesticating elephants. Even now it has a number of working elephants owned by private individuals. Elephants were once used in large numbers to transport wood from the forest.

But legislation banning logging in the forests has made many of them redundant. Yet many elephants are still used for pleasure trips - similar to the ones used at the centre where Laura is getting trained.

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Language barrier "Last year I trained with Ganga. There is barely enough jungle left to support the wild elephant populations that exist now.

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Without adequate space and food sources, hungry elephants venture out to eat farmers crops. This leaves farmers understandably upset and can lead them to kill the elephants in order to protect their livelihood. Enter tourism and elephant camps. Some animal rights groups have argued that tourists should not visit elephant camps, claiming it promotes cruelty. There are without a doubt camps that exploit or mistreat elephants.

Elephant Ethics: Thailand's Elephants and Mahouts

That is inexcusable and should not be tolerated. But, there are many more that seek to provide a humane refuge for these magnificent creatures and a livelihood for their mahouts and their families.

Elephant camps invest a huge amount of money in their elephants and their upkeep. It is not in their interest to mistreat their animals.

elephant and mahout relationship

The cost of rescuing, housing, feeing and caring for these elephants is enormous and cannot be done without ongoing revenue. When tourists visit these parks, they become more deeply invested in the elephants welfare and the ticket price ensure the animals will be cared for and valued. Many parks also educate visitors about the plight of the Asian elephant — both domestic and wild.

Instruction Manual for Mahouts As the mahout way of life becomes more difficult to maintain, many have been forced to sell their elephants and seek work elsewhere or they may choose not to pass the vocation on to their sons. This is a sad loss. There is an art and a science to being a mahout. The wisdom and training that was once passed down through generations through daily hands-on training might eventually be found only in books and manuals.

The loss of traditional mahout culture would leave a tremendous void. By definition their loss would be filled by less experienced recruits, some without the deep connection, understanding, and commitment to the elephants that their predecessors had.

Thailand’s Elephants and Mahouts

Advertising Even though Sajid and his family hail from the Raebareli district of Uttar Pradesh, the zoo is the only home he has ever known. All the memories of our lives begin and end here.

elephant and mahout relationship

My grandfather, Mohammed Yusuf Khan, was the first to take up a job at the zoo several decades ago after which my father followed his footsteps. Sajid was trained under the watchful eye of his father, for eight years. At the zoo, I was a worker just like everyone else. The kind of bond one makes with an elephant is unique since no two elephants will have the same personality much like us and I loved the thrill and challenge of the job.

He pointed out that the first step to building a relationship with an elephant is to understand the way an elephant communicates.