Elphaba and glinda relationship test

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elphaba and glinda relationship test

Find out whether you are more like G(a)linda or Elphaba in this quiz! Do you have a close relationship with your parents? A. Yes. B. No. 2. That's one of those celebrity nicknames for the relationship between Elphaba and Glinda (actually, I'm not sure who did it first—the paparazzi or. 11 — “Wicked” returned to the Wharton Center this week, and the on the relationship between Glinda (Amanda Jane Cooper) and Elphaba.

elphaba and glinda relationship test

In Wicked, the relationship between Elphaba and Glinda takes centerstage heh, see what I did there? They meet at Shiz as total opposites, and through a misunderstanding become roommates. But the two bond and become friends. She seems to believe her sister that Glinda has turned against Oz.

But once Oscar Diggs meets the beautiful Glinda, whatever relationship they had is doomed. She encourages Zelena to let go of her past and join her and her sisters. For a time, things go well, and Zelena loses her green coloring and her hatred of Regina. But then Dorothy appears. But Zelena gives in, and she tries to kill Dorothy. When she fails, Zelena fakes her death and, posing as the Wizard, gets Dorothy out of the picture and Glinda banished to the Enchanted Forest.

This is a hard one. Their relationship seems more distant, like Glinda as failed mentor to Zelena. Which is odd, because that encounter never even happens in Once Upon a Time.

Novels About Queer People • Okay. Let's talk about Elphaba Thropp.

Still, I think this one goes to Zelena. This of course leads to speculation as to their history, and each of these works provides a very different answer. When they first meet, he calls himself a fatherly man who only wants to take care of people. Overcome with remorse, he agrees to leave Oz.

She hung all her hopes on Oscar Diggs, and he turned out to be a fake.

Political undertones of "Wicked" even more potent today

He managed to become a good man, while she became a Wicked Witch. Notably, at the end of the film Oscar looks incredibly guilty for what he did to her, and how she has changed, so how he changed from that into the man who ordered her death is a mystery.

Like in Wicked, the future witch of Once Upon a Time goes to the Wizard as a young woman for help with a problem, only to find he is a fake. She then turns him into a flying monkey for revenge. This dynamic between the witch and Wizard is disappointing — it is so short-lived, and uncomplicated. Sort of a sequel, probably more of a companion piece. Check out the sequel "In the After" Rated: The Real Relationship Test Glinda bit her fingernails nervously as the carriage bounced along the edge of the Gilikin forest towards the Quox border, and she inwardly sighed.

It was an old childhood habit that she'd finally broken just before entering Shiz, and now all those years of successfully refraining from the habit were wasted.

elphaba and glinda relationship test

Momsie would be horrified if she knew, Glinda thought to herself and resolutely pulled her hand away from her mouth. It was immediately picked up by the man sitting next to her, who gave it a reassuring squeeze despite the nerves and apprehension barely hidden on his own handsome features. I'm sure it will all be fine. How much longer do you think, Chistery? Glinda sat back with satisfaction and sighed. Despite her nerves, she always loved the now familiar drive to Aleppo in Quox; and of course, the chance to see Elphaba and Fiyero.

This would be her sixth visit since discovering her best friends were alive, but this would also be her first visit that was longer than a weekend since the birth of her goddaughter. Aerin would be one in a few days' time, and Glinda had refused to miss the celebration, planning to stay for ten days. And as she and Lysander had been courting for the past six months and their relationship was becoming… well, serious; she had decided this would be the best time to introduce the most important people in her life to one another.

She was perfectly aware that this was the biggest test of her and Lysander's relationship so far, she was almost placing the safety of Elphaba, Fiyero and Aerin in her faith in Lysander; but if something was to go wrong, it could all end horrifyingly bad.

Which Witch is Most Wicked? The Recent Backstories of the Wicked Witch of the West

Elphaba and Fiyero knew and approved of the plan, and knew Lysander must be important and trustworthy if Glinda was willing to potentially compromise their safety; but that didn't stop Glinda from being a nervous wreck. Despite her nerves, Glinda couldn't help but giggle to herself as she recalled the conversation she'd had with Lysander a few weeks ago, where she'd revealed to him that the Wicked Witch of the West was in fact alive, in Quox, married and with a small daughter. Lysander's face had been amusing at these revelations to say the least, but nothing compared to when Glinda had added she was going to visit in a few weeks' time, and he was invited.

Lysander had accepted, she suspected in part to satisfy his curiosity and partly to show Glinda her faith in him had not been misplaced. Chistery had offered to drive them, he never passed up a chance to visit Elphaba, although he had pretty much taken on the role of postal service between the two women, as they exchanged letters frequently.

Glinda also knew Elphaba would be apprehensive about meeting Lysander, after all he was a stranger, and few people from Oz had ever taken to her initially, especially once seeing her skin colour.

Lysander wasn't sure what he'd been expecting as they approached Aleppo. Although Glinda had told him the real story about Elphaba and Fiyero, the Wizard and Morrible's propaganda campaign and everything that had happened; he was still unable to rid his mind of the stories about the Wicked Witch of the West that had spread through Oz even still to this day, and the 'evil, wicked' deeds she had supposedly committed against the Animals of Oz.

So, he couldn't deny he was surprised as the carriage pulled to a stop outside a small, humble cottage on the outskirts of town. It had a small garden, thatched roof and had a homey feel to it- nothing that screamed the 'wicked witch of the west lives here'.

The front door opened and a tall, fit man with blue eyes, brown hair and a wide smile came out to meet them.

elphaba and glinda relationship test

Again, Lysander surprised himself. He and Glinda both knew how serious their relationship was, and Lysander was hoping it would become more serious in the near future, following the success of this visit. He only cares about having a good time and partying at school and does not seem to care about studying.

We learn that he is in fact the Winkie Prince. He decides to arrange the students of Shiz to go out to a dance because no one seems to do anything fun around there. Galinda wants to go out with him because he is one of the cool guys and due to his prince status.

In class, Elphaba seeing a scared lion cub casts a spell out of anger and for some odd reason, it did not affect Fiyero. The two run off into the woods to free it. This is one important scene.

elphaba and glinda relationship test

If you pay attention, there are clues that Fiyero might have a crush on Elphaba, but at the time he might not realize it. He still is involved in a relationship with Galinda, but in reality he might be falling for Elphaba. The way he is talking to her and interacting with her gives clues that he might be developing a crush for her.