Elton john and david furnish relationship test

Elton John has revealed who his husband David Furnish now comes second to - Mirror Online

elton john and david furnish relationship test

As the foil to husband Elton John's famous tantrums, David Furnish was always The first time David Furnish went for an HIV test, in his early 20s, the They hadn 't expected the ceremony to change their relationship; they. A Look at Sir Elton John and David Furnish's Incredible Love Story years later — to the date — once gay marriage became legal in the UK. David Furnish I first met Elton in London in , when the Elton John AIDS Naturally, as our relationship quickly developed, I also became very involved in The steps Elton has already stated — getting educated about HIV, getting tested, .

Ed Thompson for the Guardian. Click for full portrait The first time David Furnish went for an HIV test, in his early 20s, the procedure hadn't even been invented.

Sir Elton John's husband David Furnish granted British citizenship after 27 years

I stopped having sex with men. A middle-class Canadian housewife, "She cried for a week. She said, 'You'll never have a family, you'll never have children of your own. And you might die of this disease killing all those gay men in New York and San Francisco. But he didn't exactly give my mother the comfort she was looking for. So I thought, This is too terrifying, I cannot do this.

The last time Furnish had an HIV test, 12 days ago, he wanted the world to know about it.

David Furnish: an unlikely activist | Film | The Guardian

Elton John's husband invited news cameras into a hospital in east London to film a pilot scheme being promoted by the Elton John Aids Foundationoffering every outpatient arriving for a blood test an HIV test as well.

When a fan had the audacity to say hello while he was playing tennis at a hotel in the south of France, the singer demanded a private plane fly him home immediately, declaring he would never set foot in France again. But the documentary was also tender and touching, leaving viewers intrigued by this unassuming Canadian who had captured the star's narcissistic heart. Furnish and John after their civil partnership ceremony in Windsor.

They hadn't expected the ceremony to change their relationship; they thought they were just celebrating the breakthrough in gay rights. Last week, Furnish left his family in Atlanta to spend the days leading up to World Aids Day in London talking to people infected by partners who'd been too frightened to tell them they were positive, or too fearful to get tested.

Some described being ostracised by their families; one woman found out she was positive only when she became pregnant, and though her baby was safely delivered by caesarean, the maternity nurses refused to touch her.

Ed Thompson for the Guardian "It is horrendous. It's like going back to the 80s, when there was no treatment, when there was nothing at all. But we're back to a situation where there is still so much stigma and ignorance, just because our attitudes haven't caught up yet.

You can understand the stigma when you go up in the mountains in India, say.

Elton John & David Furnish Receive the HRC Equality Award

Before meeting John, he'd been in advertising, and talks in the smoothly polished voice of a transatlantic executive. But as soon as he talks about HIV, Furnish becomes very focused, the antithesis of a celebrity endorsing a cause he doesn't know much about.

The only thing — literally the single only thing — that is different is the stigma.

elton john and david furnish relationship test

In the general population, the odds of the next person you sleep with being HIV-positive is one in They met an HIV-positive boy called Lev, fell in love on the spot, and wondered if they could adopt him and his brother. So Elton just said, 'Well, we met this little boy called Lev today, and he's sitting on David's lap, and I don't know if it's possible or anything, but yes, we would be interested in adopting him.

Beyond these personal responsibilities, caring Canadians should also consider the following efforts: Social injustices in the form of racism, homophobia and transphobia, and sexism contribute tremendously to poverty, homelessness, and unjust incarceration.

All of these societal ills create barriers to HIV education, testing, treatment, and inevitably cause more infections. If we want to end AIDS, we have to create a more loving, more compassionate, and more just society.

elton john and david furnish relationship test

If you are at risk of HIV infection, get educated about the disease right now. You may even choose to practice abstinence, if you wish. You have lots of choices for protecting yourself and others from HIV infection.

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If you have tested HIV-positive, please, please, get to a doctor right away for proper medical care and effective HIV treatment. The best thing you can do to prevent passing the disease to others is to stay on effective treatment to keep your viral count low to undetectable, which is completely possible with the treatments we have today. Learn about effective HIV prevention methods and use them consistently.

Finally, seek out a local AIDS organization for continuing information and support to help you stay healthy. Know that you are loved and that there are people out there who care about you and about your health. If your family has turned away from you, please know that you are not alone.

elton john and david furnish relationship test

Find a local non-profit — perhaps a homeless shelter, or a social justice organization, or a needle exchange group, or an LGBT center, or an AIDS organization — that can help you take the necessary steps to care for yourself and develop the social supports you need. How are the hurdles of today different from those of the 90s and early s? We very much wanted to help HIV-positive people to live with dignity.

elton john and david furnish relationship test

During those early years, everything we did, every fundraiser we held, every check we wrote, felt like acts of genuine desperation.

One of the smartest things we did as a fledgling organization was to partner with another organization — the National Community AIDS Partnership, a brainchild of the Ford Foundation — and utilize their already existing grant-making structure and process to select and award grants and get the money we raised into the right hands as quickly as possible. Over time, we developed the expertise and built the proper systems to conduct our own independent grant award process, and now we, in turn, can administer grants for other organizations.

Inprotease inhibitors came onto the scene, highly effective combination therapies were developed, and people who had access to these treatments began to get better and reclaim their lives.