Employer and employee relationship paper

employer and employee relationship paper

The Warwick Papers in Industrial Relations series publishes the an increasingly central issue for employment relations research and Acas. Download "International Employment Relations" Essay ( Words)! ☘ has increasingly influenced the world of business and work. This includes the. considerable amount of research conducted to identify the impact of supervisor relationship on employee commitment. In this paper, the researchers specifically.

Careers International Employment Relations Globalization is a phenomenon that has increasingly influenced the world of business and work.

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This includes the relationships among employees, employers and business partners throughout the world. Several interesting phenomena have resulted from globalization, particularly when comparing the industrialized world with developing countries. Women and minorities have for example received increasing opportunities to become prominent members of the workplace.

employer and employee relationship paper

The exploitation of children for cheap labor has diminished, and general workplace abuses have become subject to regulation and investigation. On the other hand, some researchers have also found that, in many cases, the workplace has become an issue of greater uncertainty than was the case before globalization. Globalization meant a differentiation not only in the employer-employee relationship, but also in the relationship between the employee and his or her work.

The impact of employer-employee relations on employee commitment: a case from Sri Lanka

While more job opportunities now exist than ever before, these opportunities are inherently uncertain in terms of contractual obligations from the viewpoint of employers. A trend among employers is to increasingly discard the stability of the long-term employee contract in favor of more short-term arrangements.

Union relations have also significantly changed, with more complicated negotiations regarding contract terms and honoring these terms for all employees.

Furthermore, the management of multi-national companies have also become important in terms of globalization.

employer and employee relationship paper

Whereas a centralized relationship among workers and top management was the trend in the past, businesses are increasingly decentralizing by means of international expansion and franchising. The relationship among employers and employees have changed significantly with the rise of globalization and the increasing use of the Internet and other communication technology.

Although the workplace have become less stable as a result, it has also become more exciting and brought better opportunities for all sectors of society. The Role of Unions With globalization and the differentiation in the workplace situation, Unions have also differentiated according not only to the specific needs of workers, but also according to their involvement in the wider contexts of politics and economics.

Martin and Bamber Current union organization often has an inherent element of collective bargaining in a decentralized way. They are moving away from industry-level bargaining, as was the case before globalization, towards a more decentralized aspect, where enterprise-level collective bargaining takes place.

According to Martin and Bamber In Germany, on the other hand, industry-level unionism has remained, while in Poland, this level of unionism never developed. In general, however, the authors note that unionism has become more individualized in terms of employer-employee relations, and how these relationships are facilitated by union involvement. Job Stability In the globalized world, several authors mention the fact that job stability in terms of contract duration has been significantly reduced.

While growth and employment opportunities have therefore increased with globalization, the specific forms that these take has brought several challenges Auer Workers who are uncertain about their workplace situation for example experience a significant level of increased stress and strain.

Increasing global competition, which could result in mergers and acquisitions could also result in job displacement and job loss. Companies are therefore under pressure to integrate their economic activities with the rest of the world by means of exports and expansion.

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Large businesses that fail to do this are likely to fail entirely. For countries that do not take part in the global arena, this means a reduction in growth and employment with an increase in poverty. Countries that do not take part in the global economy cannot offer their businesses the opportunity to grow beyond the country's borders. On the other hand, participation is not without its problems. In labor markets, for example, the creation of new jobs occurs in concomitance with job losses as a result of globalization.

According to Auer Hence, losing a job in one sector or country does not necessarily guarantee that an individual will regain employment somewhere else without first adjusting his or her education or skills. In addition, Auer This occurred as a result of the rapid adjustments that businesses are often obliged to make in response to the demands and increased flexibility of globalization.

Kalleberg also addresses the issue of workplace stability and security for individual employees. In the United States specifically, the author notes that the "most recent era" of uncertainty in the workplace began during the mids, a decade during which the global market place began to play a significant role in the nature of the workplace Kalleberg Under the common-law 20 criteria test, an employer-employee relationship is present between Mary and Little Lamb Company.

Employment at-willOne critical employment law issue affecting employee handbooks and policy manuals is employment at will.

Law Employer/Employee Relationship Essay

Employment at will is traditional common law perspective that an employee may seek work and quit at any time, and likewise, that the employer may hire and fire at any time for any reason or no reason.

Employees always have the right to quit their jobs, no matter how inconvenient their departure may be for the employer. Some employees work under a written contract that specifies exactly the circumstances under which they can be terminated. If the agreement sets out a termination procedure, then it is a breach of contract to terminate the employee without following the procedure. That means you cannot terminate workers if the discharge infringes on a protected right or goes against public policy Falcone, When employees are classified as reduction in force, it should be clarified that they are not at fault.

On the other hand, if Mary was a contractor, then Little Lamb would have broken the employment contract which would be illegal. There are five key exceptions to the employment-at-will doctrine: If a contract exists, you must adhere to its terms and conditions, including notice requirement, least you breach the contract. Where an employment contract exists for a fixed period of time for example, three years and is silent concerning grounds for terminating the contract, many state courts have ruled that employers have an implied obligation to discharge only for just cause.

Similarly, unionized employees are governed by the terms and conditions of a collective bargaining agreement-they are not at-will employees.

Dismissals are illegal when based on age, sex, national origin, religion, union membership or any other factor protected by law. Potential problems arise any time you fire someone in a protected class. In addition, you are prohibited from discharging long-term employees just before they are due to receive anticipated financial benefits known as an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. Because of these limitations, you must attempt to protect the at-will employment status at all costs.

And that requires regular reminders about the at-will relationship you have with employees, as well as progressive discipline Falcone, Conclusion The law governing the relationship between an employee and an employer begins when an offer for employment is made by an employer to an employee. Labor law regulates the entire relationship between employer and employee and the initial hiring process, job duties, wages, promotions, benefits, employment reviews and termination of the employment relationship.

employer and employee relationship paper