Enneagram 7 and 4 relationship deal breakers

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enneagram 7 and 4 relationship deal breakers

My Ti analyzes everything, and 4 is really introspective. So I get social I'm not the type to force relationships. . But these are dealbreakers. Fours and Sevens bring to their relationship the charge and mystery of their differences—that they think so differently, react so differently, and find pleasure in . Read Top Relationship Deal Breakers from the story 16 Personalities MBTI by This type needs to feel a mutual respect for whoever they're in a relationship.

As the parent and others in the holding environment starts to focus on socializing the child, the child picks up signals and messages that cause him to start losing confidence in these fundamental ways of being.

enneagram 7 and 4 relationship deal breakers

Soon, the child has to start demonstrating her Value rather than having it assumed. She has to perform to gain the acceptance of others—cleaning her room, doing her homework, getting good grades, and so on.

The child receives constant messages labeling who and what he is, filtered through the lenses of other people, and is constantly reminded of his similarities to his parents. The things that adults seem to know, the secrets to navigating life that seem to come so naturally others, are mysteries to her. The child learns that danger lurks everywhere.

The child feels he simply may not have the knowledge and skills necessary to survive—let alone thrive—on his own.

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As parents, authority figures, members of society as a whole, we act in many ways that impede the development of the core qualities in our children. When I teach this material to an audience I joke that as a parent I am fulfilling my social responsibility by stepping on the core qualities of my children, but I try to step lightly.

enneagram 7 and 4 relationship deal breakers

It is unfair, and certainly unrealistic, to blame parents, authority figures, and society as a whole for impeding the development of the core qualities in our children.

We each carry our own inadequacies, ignorance, and wounds into our relationships with our children. And children are flat-out exhausting; it is difficult for any parent to match their energy.

The Core Qualities and Accelerators: Finding the “Heart” of the Enneagram

We can, however, do our best to recognize these budding core qualities and step lightly, being prepared to remedy the unintended consequences of socialization by understanding how to nurture the qualities. However, each personality type seems to have a heightened relationship to the Core Quality located at the Enneagram point that corresponds to their type. The two have a similar feel, and they might seem to be the same when we are functioning on autopilot and trapped in our story; but they are different aspects of the human experience.

When they saw the quality, they should nurture it and give it room to breathe so it could develop and mature, rather than ignoring or repressing it as we have all been taught to do. This willingness to allow the Core Quality to express itself rather than stomping on it is the first and most important step in nurturing them, Eventually, however, I realized that another step was needed, that there were specific practices assisted in the development and maturation of the qualities. The accelerators, however, are actions we can take that will till and nourish the soil in which the qualities grow.

They are the nourishment that helps the mighty oak tree grow. The nine Accelerators are: Enjoyment—Bringing attention to and appreciating activities in the moment rather than thinking about what is next. We all have the capacity use all nine strategies, and we all tap into each of those capacities at different times and to different degrees.

enneagram 7 and 4 relationship deal breakers

When we first glance at a mountain off in the distance, it barely registers with us. Yes, there is a mountain, but it carries no significance to us. When we begin to pay attention to the mountain, we start to wrap concepts around it—we think of our love of skiing and hiking, our fear of falling off the mountain, the marvel of plate tectonics—and the mountain disappears from our awareness.

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When we let go of the concepts, we experience the mountain again, but our experience is somehow richer. But this objectivity starts to fade quickly. Interpretations of past events stick to us like barnacles and we project these interpretations onto reasonably similar experiences that occur later. At the same time, we recognize the need to maintain objectivity—not to rush to judgment, to look for supporting facts, to keep an open mind.

Thus, we have an inner conflict—a brain structured to both rush to judgment and to recognize the need to be nonjudgmental.

enneagram 7 and 4 relationship deal breakers

A similar internal conflict is found at the Core Quality at each Enneagram point. They maintain a demeanor of logic and rationality while struggling to rein in subjective judgments.

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Ones tend to form opinions quickly, hold them tight, and reject that which does not meet their standards or expectations.

I generally recommend to Ones that they focus on one behavior of one person as a starting point for practicing Acceptance. That is, ask questions such as: Unless some strong passion romantic, mental, or spiritual keeps them together, they are likely to fly apart if there are any deep disagreements or conflicts early in the relationship.

Both types tend to be impulsive and to be easily frustrated with others when they are disappointed or if their life circumstances do not go as they expect. Both have high expectations for the kind of attention and quality of interactions they want from others, and if they are not forthcoming, both tend to not give others too many second chances to prove themselves.

While Fours may admire and even secretly envy the Seven's resilience and high energy, they may also find themselves worn down by their fast-paced lives and what feels to Fours like the Seven's relentless plans and activities.

Fours can see Sevens as too noisy, superficial, and insensitive-and occasionally coarse and insulting without realizing it.

On the other hand, Sevens may admire and try to imitate the Four's artistic flair, creativity, and appreciation of subtlety and beauty. But Sevens can also see Fours as hypersensitive, ineffectual, impractical, moody, and self-absorbed.

enneagram 7 and 4 relationship deal breakers

In addition, if the relationship worsens, Fours usually become more withholding and hostile, sniping at the other from a safe distance. Sevens become more impatient, abrasive, and can be verbally abusive. Fours may want to talk about everything that has gone wrong with the relationship in great detail with the Seven.

By contrast, Sevens typically want to move on to something more promising and upbeat. The result is that underlying problems do not get resolved adequately. Once this relationship curdles, virtually everything each admired and was attracted to in the other becomes irritating and insufferable.