Eric schlosser and shauna redford relationship advice

An Interview with Robert Redford, Movies for Grownups

eric schlosser and shauna redford relationship advice

Spouse, Shauna Jean Redford (m. ; 2 children). Eric Matthew Schlosser ( born August 17, ) is an American journalist and author known for. An interview with actor Robert Redford, who talks about the path he took to acting fame, and The Horse Whisperer he explored the complexity of relationships; in The . On the recommendation of a teacher, he transferred to The American in quick succession: Shauna, now 50, an artist who is married to Eric Schlosser. Amy Redford who present her directorial debut at her father's Sundance Film for Shauna Redford; she married writer and university professor Eric Schlosser, After the divorce from Lola, Bob had a brief affair with Sonia Braga, star of his.

But she has a valid reason for feeling awkward in the media glare. For the past two decades, Van Wagenen has been busy carving out her individual identity and destiny. In doing so, she became fascinated with American history as an undergraduate at Goddard College in Plainfield during the early s.

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This field was later the basis for two advanced degrees, an education that is paving the way for the cinematic exploration of some remarkable female legacies. The film traces the perennial allure of the televised pageant, an year-old cultural touchstone that entrances some, offends others and provides a few good laughs for those who see it as pure kitsch.

Asked about this, she is silent for moment. The afternoon sun coming through the window illuminates her straight blonde hair, tied back in a knot that allows random wisps to escape. So has her ex-husband. But the road stretching from the Rockies of her native Utah to the Green Mountains of Vermont is an interesting one, even without the Redford intersection. She was a delegate to the convention that nominated Franklin Delano Roosevelt for president.

Inshe worked in the anti-war movement, specifically with Another Mother for Peace. I had taken some classes, but could never put a whole program together.

eric schlosser and shauna redford relationship advice

So, I dropped everything else to do it. I was driven to do it. The Mormon culture puts a lot of emphasis on education.

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Peace activist Dave Dellinger, of Chicago Seven fame, was her senior advisor. By the mids, Van Wagenen was dividing her time between an Upper East Side apartment and a lakeside home on the Charlotte-Shelburne town line that she had owned for more than a decade. Her children are grown: Amy, 30, is an actress married to a photographer, also based in the Big Apple.

James, 39, is a California filmmaker. The Kindness of Strangers was his look at the issue of organ transplants.

When I thought about teaching, I was overwhelmed by the notion of what an incredible commitment that would be. I have so much respect for teachers, but I began looking for ways to use history that better suited my skills.

eric schlosser and shauna redford relationship advice

Future films will explore women photographers, dancers, comediennes and blues and country musicians. They offer their perspectives on the often-turbulent beauty pageant that began as a promotional gimmick to keep tourists in Atlantic City after Labor Day.

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Ades credits UVM, which she attended from towith introducing her to film. It made me edgy. After a year the school asked him not to return. About the same time, Redford's mother, Martha, died at age His own birth was difficult, and doctors had advised his mother to stop having children.

Her death was a shock. But, in an odd way, it freed me to go off on my own, which I'd wanted to do for a long time. Redford went to work there in the shipping yard, driving a forklift and cleaning tanks. The experience planted the seeds for his environmental activism years later. Now all that [oil] sits underneath the big buildings they've built there.

He had always enjoyed sketching, so he decided to be an artist. They were always running in the streets to protest, so I joined them. It broadened my view of country.

eric schlosser and shauna redford relationship advice

When I went back, I questioned things, which led me into a certain amount of activism. They married in and moved to New York City — he would never live in Los Angeles again, disillusioned by its conspicuous affluence and sprawl — where he enrolled in art school at the Pratt Institute.

I had my first theater job, which didn't pay much. We didn't know anything about SIDS, so the only thing you think is that you've done something wrong. As a parentyou tend to blame yourself. That creates a scar that probably never completely heals.

It was in part that point of view that allowed him to carry on after the death of his firstborn. He and Van Wagenen had two more children in quick succession: Shauna, now 50, an artist who is married to Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, and James, 48, a screenwriter and director. Eight years later, the couple had Amy, an actress. Now a grandfather to seven his eldest is in college; his youngest are infant twinsRedford cites his family as among his greatest accomplishments.

They had first met at Paramount Studios; she remembers following behind him as they walked down a corridor in the administration building. As Redford passed offices, secretaries poked their heads out to catch a glimpse.

Each time she worked with Redford, Fonda admits, she fell in love with him. It was his looks and his manner. There was always a mystery, because he didn't reveal everything. He's got an aura about him.

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He headlined some 15 films — including The Candidate, All the President's Men, and Out of Africa — between then andand critics attributed his success not only to his good looks but to his methods. The eminent acting coach Uta Hagen once observed that Redford's strength as an actor lay in his honesty.

eric schlosser and shauna redford relationship advice

He says he seeks to "cut to the quick of the emotionality of something" in his films. Ordinary People, his Oscar-winning directorial debut, explored in stark terms the dynamics of a family coping with the death of a child. Though he was comfortable with his pared-down philosophy of filmmaking, Redford was less at ease with the larger-than-life persona that people attached to him.

There's a very smart, more complex person beneath that. Utah is no longer Redford's refuge. Jane Fonda says she often imagines her friend sitting on horseback on a hill looking down at Sundance, thinking, "What have I done?

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This was supposed to be a getaway, and it's turned into work. It's in his core ethics to give back. I ask Robert Redford how he thinks he has handled fame.

eric schlosser and shauna redford relationship advice

Each year at the Sundance Film Festival, filmmakers attend a luncheon with Redford.