Fayt and sophia ending relationship

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fayt and sophia ending relationship

YES, I do know that they have a romantic relationship in one of their endings, but Maria explains that she feels an unknown connection to Fayt even early on. For Star Ocean: Till the End of Time on the PlayStation 2, of the major cut scenes involving Fayt and Sophia hint at a romantic relationship. Their relationship, though Fayt would never know it, had begun even prior to the At the end of the game, if you managed to obtain the Fayt and Maria ending.

Nevertheless, none of these powers awoke during her childhood, and a great amount of training was needed in order for Maria to exert a very small percentage of Alteration's deepest secrets. Maria was adopted by fellow scientist Jessie Traydorwho was working with the Dr.

fayt and sophia ending relationship

Leingod, and her husband Richard Traydor. Jessie had to make sure Maria would be good and would survive at all costs, her existence being fundamental to humanity's existence. They both raised her as their own children on Federation Station This idyllic life went on until an Aldian attack caused a malfunction to the Creation Engine of the base, leading to its destruction.

Maria and her mother escaped on a transport ship, but were too slow to evade the pursuing Aldian ship. Jessie sacrificed her life in order for Maria to flee, against her will, in an Escape pod.

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There, she was be saved by its leader, Cliff Fittirand his partner Mirage Koaswho promised to protect her. Maria, having nowhere else to go, joined Quark after becoming friends with Cliff and other Quarkians.

At 17 years old, Maria began searching Federation database information on her true parents, as Jessie, before her death, had told Maria that she was not her true mother. Marietta discovered Maria's search and informed Cliff and Mirage. Even though he was intrigued by this search and why Maria didn't inform or ask him about her efforts, Cliff decided to hide his hand and keep a watchful eye over an unknowing Maria.

Invisible's accident Later on, the Diplo received a distress signal to which they responded, but it was in fact a fake and the ship came to be confronted by the Federation battleship Invisiblewhose captain had decided to end Quark 's existence.

Maria had suddenly a crisis during the attack, speaking of her mother and collapsing while the ship was being gravely damaged by the Invisible. Cliff thought that everything was lost and that they were going to die after doing everything possible to win. Under the word 'give up" said by Cliff, Maria reacts to her mother last word saying she mustn't give up.

Maria stood up and asked to fire a mere torpedo on the Invisible. Cliff, having nothing to lose, said to Mirage to obey. Using her Alteration power, the charged-up torpedoes from the Diplo tore through the Invisible 's shields and destroyed the ship. She collapsed after this. After this incident, she became the new leader of Quarktaking the post that was held by Cliff until now, but that he released willingly.

fayt and sophia ending relationship

Search of the Truth After having found some answers to her question in using her new position, she decided to hunt down Dr. Leingod and find out the answer as to why he experimented on her and Fayt. She feels a connection to Fayt as he was, as far as Maria knew, the only one who had undergone the same treatment; Sophia was also was experimented on, though Maria did not know this. FES is just around the corner Be intelligent, be polite and everyone can get along fine. Not a bad trade off huh?

She's always the one he's thinking of in times of trouble, so I honestly think he cared for her as more than just a friend. Sure, he had a crush on Mirage, but that wasn't ever returned. And he never seemed to see Maria as more than just a friend. Sophia is always the one his heart seems to turn to throughout.

The infinite cycle of rebirth. Amidst that flow, human existence is meaningless.

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EwigD EwigD 10 years ago 8 You don't need to be romantically interested in someone to care for, or worry about when they're in trouble. As has been stated before they are very close, so it's only natural that he would be worried about her.

As for the possible endings, its not so much the endings, but the decision you make during the game, like calling her a sister instead of a girlfriend, calling her a princess or telling her she isn't one, those decisions affect how their relationship will be seen, though then again I only ever took the options that were nice with her.

Fayt and Sophia rest up @ the evac facility