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Despite Fenris's harsh opinions, Constantine “Anders” Anderson did .. When someone as gorgeous as Mr. Gatti showed up, he just had to flirt. I don't know if you've tried the Fenris romance, but I really.. really He's such a gentleman to be honest, I think thats why its so fun to flirt with. and just because someone is a flirt doesn't mean that they are going to I like Fenris's romance as a male hawke, but only when I'm a mage. When it comes to the endings, I always choose Destroy because of Anderson.

Nick smiled and left Anders's office, almost skipping in excitement. Anders sighed and did one last check-up, letting his magic flicker over the kittens before he left, assured that they were healthy and happy and would make a full recovery. Anders knew Victoria Gatti. She was a small, skinny elven girl with dark red hair and an energetic manner. She was on Nick's soccer team and a student in his second grade class. Moreover, Anders knew Victoria's father.

Fenris Gatti was slender, like most elves, and awfully grim. He sulked in the back of PTA meetings and tended to keep his mouth shut, preferring to be a brooding presence that lingered and terrified the other parents. He constantly dressed in black, and Anders was convinced that the man's sour personality was what turned his hair prematurely white. He would be handsome, Anders thought, if he would only attempt to smile and try to engage in the PTA meetings.

Of course, it could be that Anders noticed the frowns because he most often received them. He had no idea what he had done to offend Fenris Gatti so much, and he had long given up trying to discover what it was. But Nick had made a friend, and the boy had so much trouble making friends. Anders could make peace with Fenris Gatti for the sake of his son. He would just put his best foot forward, and try not to shove that foot in his mouth.

Fenris glanced towards the door and stood up from his desk, where he had been calculating the latest electric and water bills. He straightened his plain shirt and hoped that Nick's father wouldn't take offense. Victoria was friendly but had so much trouble making friends, her elven heritage and magic already stacked against her in the more conservative city-state of Kirkwall.

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He wanted to make a good impression, if only to help his daughter keep a friend she spoke so highly off. Fenris sighed and straightened his daughter's pigtails before the front door to the dance studio swung open with a jingle of bells and two people, a small boy and his father, stepped inside.

Fenris's entire body froze as he took in those Maker-damned nurse scrubs with the smiling cat faces. Her lips thinned and she took on an expression that looked too much like his own, her own dark eyebrows slanted down to give her a rather impressive scowl for a girl who only just turned eight. Anderson knelt down and gave his son a kiss on the center of his forehead.

Fenris thought it was a little over-dramatic, but did not comment on the moment.

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Victoria tugged on Nick's arm, still glaring at her father. Fenris sighed and rolled his eyes, gesturing towards the hall that divided the downstairs space into two studios- one for Isabela and the other for himself. Do not use the oven or any magic unless I'm there to supervise. Fenris was just waiting for him to start ranting because wasn't that how it always was at the PTA?

Anders brought the cookies and then started shouting, usually about magic classes and unjust punishments for mage students. Only Fenris's excellent control over his body prevented him from shuddering as Anders's fingers lightly brushed against his own and he felt the twinge of magic running up and down his arms. He was used to magical discharge because of Victoria, but dealing with a rambunctious child's beginning spell work was completely different from feeling the sheer mass of power this man let sleep just under his skin.

The only people who wielded this sort of force- Fenris took a deep breath. This was not Tevinter, and he was no longer helpless. Nothing could happen here. So I can call you in case there's a problem. Kirkwall Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Fenris flipped the card over and barely made out Anders's scribbled down number.

At least he cares about his son, Fenris thought grudgingly, even if he dresses like a lunatic. Had he been taking Victoria to a friend's house, he was sure he wouldn't be able to relax until he inspected the entire household for danger. Anders's request for a personal phone number was perfectly reasonable, Fenris reminded himself.

It only felt invasive because he was such a private person. This was for Victoria, and he would bear any troubles for her sake. Fenris exited his office and practically shoved his card into Anders's hand. If Nick was anything less than that, Fenris would take it and be grateful. But the man brought over pure sugar, obviously for the children.

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How was Fenris going to handle two mage children hyped up on sugar cookies? The man must have done it on purpose, Fenris concluded.

Even down here Victoria's loud, clear voice rang through the halls. Fenris tried not to wince. She forgot to close the doors again.

Not even Aunt Isabela got this far in the level! It was that new game Isabela purchased for Victoria's birthday, Nug Racers or something. He was obnoxious, but he was a father. Fenris knew that he would be anxious to leave Victoria at a stranger's home as well.

He could look over bills another time. Right now he had not one but two mages who needed supervision. Fenris was certain Nicholas would be as irritating, obnoxious, rude, and outspoken as his father.

He was surprised to find that the boy was completely not what he expected. He was quiet, just as Victoria said, so quiet that Fenris almost forgot he was there. Victoria's loud chatter covered almost everything the boy said. His clothes were neat and surprisingly normal, considering his father's penchant for ridiculous fabrics.

His curly hair kept tangling up and getting in his face, and he balanced Victoria's energy with a peaceful sort of calm far more mature than his age. He let Victoria talk and talk, and paid great attention to her every word before adding a few words of his own.

And the rudeness Fenris feared? Two weeks ago it was oranges and carrots, this week it was tomatoes. At least she loved her fruits and vegetables, Fenris thought. Better than the sugar and caffeine that other parents stuffed their kids with. While Victoria washed her tomatoes, Fenris turned his attention on the boy. Nick's gaze was focused somewhere near Fenris's feet, and he was standing very straight, his hands clasped in front of him.

Nick slowly lifted his head, his gaze settled firmly on Fenris's chin.

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The worried look in his eyes pierced at Fenris's heart. Nick didn't want to say the wrong thing. Fenris knew the look from his own youth- to say something wrong meant punishments of all kinds, and Fenris understood that anxiety. He knew that fear- but what could this boy possibly be afraid of? The boy was shy. His behavior was so easy to understand, because Fenris knew what it was like to be uncomfortable and uncertain of your place in the world.

How could he have ever thought this boy would be like his father? Nick, do you want apples? There was a minor emergency at the clinic with a stray nug and the jelly donuts in the break room, but Anders was certain Lirene could handle taking care of one nug overstuffed with jelly and sugar.

He rushed to the dance studio and raced up the steps, waving a quick hello at the very gorgeous, very familiar swarthy woman downstairs teaching the tango to a flustered blond man and his petite partner. Gatti said with such fondness that for a second Anders wondered if this was a different man in front of him.

But no, the dark, tight clothing were the same, as were the long legs and the clear, dark skin and bright lines of white tattoos running down his limbs and long-fingered hands. And no one could mistake those eyes, green as elf-root and twice as sharp. He knew it was a stupid idea, by Andraste's ample assets he knew it was idiotic, but Anders never had the best self-control. When someone as gorgeous as Mr. Gatti showed up, he just had to flirt. It was a part of his nature.

Were his eyebrows black? No one calls me Mr. The room was surprisingly cheerful, Anders thought. Fenris's severe personality was such that Anders thought his home would be as bare-bones and harsh as he was.

But the kitchen was clean, the breakfast nook's walls were painted a buttery yellow. The bookshelves in the living room were cluttered with books, and the walls covered with pictures. This home looked lived in, Anders realized. Lived in and comfortable. The pictures featured a series of a serious faced Fenris and a grinning Victoria together throughout the years.

Occasionally they were posing with the beautiful woman downstairs, eating ice cream or staring at the nug exhibit at the zoo. There were also a few photos of Victoria and Fenris with a tan, blue-eyed, auburn-haired man. One was of Victoria dressed in her soccer gear and kicking a ball to the handsome stranger while Fenris sat back and watched. She was bandaging Victoria's knee.

It was a recent photo, Anders was certain of it. Then there was one of- was that Hawke carrying a tiny Victoria on their shoulders? Anders was positive it was Hawke. I hope this works. But yeah, I have the same problem! I've done everything right so that I have the red band around his right hand I slept with Isabela tho. But when I'm doing the Alone quest, it doesn't give me any romance options! I can not say that he has me on his side, just the normal options.

This really bugs me because, I've already once started it all over because of problems with Fenris relationship! This is so frustrating! The first time i played I was able to romance him. He slept with me in ch 2 and dumped me. Then came back to me in ch 3. But in my 1st playthrough i didnt know about Isabel and friendship levels before ch 2 ended. My Fenris Friendship meter wasnt super high either at the time.

Because of teh isabel mistake i started Ch 2 over. And i got Fenris friendship even higher. I did All the romance dialoge options. This time tho i flirted with Meril and Isabel to get their friendships up. Isabel and Merril both showed up at my house at diff times, and i turned them both down for sex because i didnt want to ruin it with Fenris.

After that thing with your mom at the end of Ch 2, on my first play through Fenris came to cheer me up. But now on my 2nd try Avelline came to talk to me.