For vendetta and evey relationship advice

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for vendetta and evey relationship advice

It's not surprising that a film like V For Vendetta would have an abundance of A young woman named Evey (a fantastic Natalie Portman) gets caught up in V's . V's relationships with other characters also differs in the film, with Finch's .. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. V for Vendetta directed by James McTeigue presents a negative view of Evey is introduced in the film as a young woman who works at British. With V for Vendetta's tumultuous release, the movie had many crazy things The relationships of V with other characters (notably Evey and.

During this time he met Thomas Wintour and the two made their way back to England. Unfortunately for him, he was caught and after three days of torment eventually confessed to the plan. Beginning his career as a production assistant, he graduated to the role of second assistant director on the Australian feature film The Girl Who Came Late.

His big break came when he was chosen as the assistant director on the Ray Liotta prison escape flick No Escape also known as Escape From Absolom and big-budget video game adaptation Street Fighter. This led to work on science fiction film Dark City and The Matrix trilogy where he was given the first assistant director role after his friend was forced to drop out.

Since then, McTeigue has had a varied directorial career, being the man calling the shots on big-budget action film Ninja Assassin, fictional Edgar Allen Poe story The Raven, and spy flick Survivor. He's also dabbled with television, directing episodes of Sense8 and Marco Polo.

for vendetta and evey relationship advice

At one time he was linked to the new Superman film but lost out to Zack Snyder. Everyone involved with the film, from the actors to the crew, where subject to background checks and daily security checks when they entered filming locations. As V used a variety of weapons and featured a number of explosive devices, the special effects team routinely checked all their materials to make sure nothing went wrong during filming.

for vendetta and evey relationship advice

Add to this the locations in the film and planning security for V must have been a nightmare. The crew shot a number of scenes in and around Parliament and Big Ben and these shots could only be done during the early hours of the morning.

Even then the crew didn't have a great deal of control over traffic conditions and people trying to get a peek at what was going on, so security was beefed up to make sure there would be no trespasses or people interfering with the landmarks involved in the filming. With the world still recovering from the September 11 attacks just some five years before, everyone was on alert for any danger, but things went smoothly and no incidents were reported during the film shoot.

The famed Downing Street featured in the flick and it took producers a long time to get permission to film there.

Located off Whitehall in central London and just a few minutes from the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street is the official house of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

It's a heavily guarded area and has appeared in a number of films over the years, although getting permission to film there is no easy task. The production was granted three nights of filming between midnight and five in the morning to get the shots they needed.

As you can imagine, the security was even tighter than normal during these three nights, with not only the film security on hand but dozens of government agents on set to make sure nothing went wrong.

The pressure during filming must have been crazy and you wouldn't want to make any mistakes with the limited time available, but it seems all went well and the crew got what they needed. While previously mentioned locations such as Parliament, Big Ben, and Downing Street were all shot in London, the rest of the film was shot in studios located in Germany.

It's believed producer Joel Silver sent the film over to Germany to film as it was much cheaper than London and enabled the film to feature better special effects. In an interview with The A. Despite that, he did a tremendous job as the fanatical Sutler and was one of the key characters in the film whose acting was second to none. The First Avenger, his portrayal of the mask wearing V was another notch in Weavings already impressive career.

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Stepping in for James Purefoy after he dropped out of the role the enigmatic Weaving ran into a little trouble while wearing the mask. It turns out trying to recite his lines wearing the mask was a bloody tough job, with his words coming out mumbled and hard to hear. A new mask was designed with an inbuilt microphone to pick up all of Weaving's lines but for some reason this didn't work, forcing Weaving to rerecord all his lines from the film after it was completed.

Not only did he have to recite his lines but also those spoken by Purefoy, with the footage he shot still used in the final film. While many actors might have had a tantrum or complained about the extra work, Weaving was a true professional who got on with the job and happily recited his lines all over again for the betterment of the film.

Not only is he a fantastic actor but an all round nice guy. These are actual decommissioned tanks once used by the British army.

As previously mentioned in this article security was crazy tight during filming and the tanks had to undergo rigours testing and checks before being allowed on set. It might sound like they were going to extremes but considering the damage a tank can do and the locations they were being used it's understandable the government were a little weary. The tanks were transported by trucks to the filming locations and escorted by extra security officers. No stops were allowed during the transportation of the tanks, even if one of the drivers really needed to go to the toilet.

How does the relationship develop between V and Evey Throughout the film V for Vendetta?

It all sounds a little over the top but when you take in to consideration the locations and damage a weapon such as a tank can produce it makes sense everyone would be on their toes. Thankfully there were no dramas during filming and everything ran smoothly. What might surprise you was the hardest scene to shoot was in fact the domino scene. In the film we see shots of V's plan coming together intercut with a visual of him setting up hundreds of red and black dominos that fall down and form his symbol.

for vendetta and evey relationship advice

It took them over hours to set the scene, with the shot being filmed several times to get multiple angles of dominos falling.

After Evey escapes Dietrich's house in the police raid, she is bagged and brought to a facility where she is tortured for helping V and refusing to tell them his whereabouts. Eventually she is told she is to be shot, but the door opens and she walks out the front door only to realize she was in V's basement the entire time.

Strangely, although angry at first, she takes this quite well, as she realizes that it will help her become a stronger person. The director does this to show how V's ideal of "the means justifying the end" has rubbed off on her.

For Evey to realize V's troubles, she had to be put through it. V tortured in the same way, which is why he hates the government. The director uses flashbacks to achieve this. In the end, Evey is stronger and is not afraid to die, uttering "I'd rather die behind the chemical shed", showing that she'd rather keep her ideals and die than give in. Essentially in his scene, she is brainwashed, or at least converted to the cause in a strange way.

This follows through with an important talking point the director included, which is "is V a good or bad character", and the means justifying the end. Certainly his way of doing his work is villainous, he kills dozens of innocents, but his goal is rather heroic, in bringing down the government. Brainwashing, is an important fact to consider, or at least the director has. The line "is that what you want to think, or is that what they want you to think?

However, throughout out the rest of the film V is regarded as a good character. The director shows this by using the soundtrack. The soundtrack is contrasted between V's heroic, brassy action pieces and the government's moody, brooding slow pieces, using major chords for V and minor chords for the government, generally speaking. This makes the audience relate V to heroes, and the government to villains even if their actions do not match up.

The use of the torture scene showed how V influenced Evey in V for Vendetta. The third example of V influencing Evey is the final scene of the film.

In this scene, Evey now fully turned to the cause shows up to help V finally blow up parliament. He goes off to kill Chancellor Sutler and Parity Chairman Creedy and ends up dying, and it is left to Evey to send the train off carrying the bombs. Despite Inspector Finch showing up at the last second to stop her, she pulls the lever under threat of being shot and the train goes off and blows up parliament.

As she is fully on V's side at this point in the film, it is obvious that he has influenced her greatly.

for vendetta and evey relationship advice

Despite being under threat of death "stop or I'll shoot", she pulls the lever anyway. This brings back to the torture scene, where "you have no fear anymore" is uttered. Evey has no fear of the government because it couldn't be any worse than torture, because of V.

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This also links back to the "does the means justify the ends" theme, as V torturing her did make her a stronger person. The director shows this by the use of facial features by the actors.

By the end of the film her face is constantly blank, showing she is emotionally empty and simply doesn't care what happens to her. This is another one of V's traits which again shows how he influenced her. She also does a lengthy, cryptic monologue by the end of the film.