Ft island and cnblue relationship marketing

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ft island and cnblue relationship marketing

Its no secret that F.T. Island get compared to their labelmates CNBLUE, and Hongki finally came out to reveal his frustration about it. On the May 22nd broadcast. Tuesday, February 11, cnblue, ft island comments I started liking FT Island after hearing Lee Hongki's live and being impressed by . BUT if you've watched cheongdamdong , look at the relationship between HongKi & Sajangnim. .. more advantages, also these boys seems better at marketing themselves. Regardless of the amount of growth in that corner of the market, there rock sound — as opposed to their labelmates CNBLUE who tend to favor a lighter sound — and lead vocalist Hongki at the microphone with his raw voice, F.T Island addresses the hard reality of moving on after a relationship ends.

Five Reasons To Watch FNC Entertainment's Reality Series 'Cheongdamdong 111'

Island's first album, Cheerful Sensibilitywas released on June 7, Prior to that, the members appeared on the Korean television show "Wanna be my girlfriend? Island Chapter", which was according to the genre of the songs. The edition sold 25, copies in December On March 31,an autograph session in Malaysia at the Damansara Cineleisure was held, which was followed by the group's first concert at the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater on the next day.

Island's first Japanese debut album, titled Prologue of F. Soyogiwas later released on June 7, The album consists of eight songs, two of which were newer versions of the original songs "F. The last track, "Always Be Mine", is an English version of "First Kiss" from their debut album though the lyrics are original. Music videos were also released for "Soyogi" and "Friendship", displaying the band's professionalism and playful sides. After their promotional activities in Japan, the band then returned to Korea releasing their second Korean album Colorful Sensibility on August 27, A follow-up epilogue, Colorful Sensibility Part 2, was later released on October Later that year, F.

Island also released "The One", which was their first Japanese commercial single under an indie label AI Entertainment. The single charted at ninth on the Oricon daily charts. Triple and Breakthrough in Japan[ edit ] On January 28,it was announced that member Oh Won Bin would indeed be leaving the group, [16] with FNC trainee Song Seung-hyun replacing him as a guitarist and backup vocalist.

ft island and cnblue relationship marketing

Island then released the music video for their mini-album with the title song, "Bad Woman". Island later released their second Japanese single, "I Believe Myself". For the song "Moonlight Angel", member Jae-jin co-wrote the lyrics and leader Jong-hoon co-composed the song.

Island also toured parts of Asia which included Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and others to promote themselves in the summer of The showcase kicked off in Singapore during June 25 to On the following day, a music video teaser for "I Hope" was released online, featuring kids watching their idols played by the members themselves on TV. Island released their 3rd Japanese single, "Raining", on October A music video of the single was released.

Leader Jong-hoon played the piano for the single for the first time instead of the guitar.

CDD111 Season 2 Ep. 5 Eng Sub (CNBLUE+FTISLAND)

They also began a new Japanese television show which aired on April 7, Island released their new Japanese single "Flower Rock". Island released another single named "Brand-new days", which was written and composed by members Seung-hyun and Jong-hoon.

Island performed a five-city concert tour in Japan after releasing both singles. Island focused on their comeback in Korea in mid-August. They held their comeback performance in Korea on August The title song topped many popular music charts in South Korea and also gained international notice, especially in Taiwan.

In November and December, F. Concert tour, [38] in both Korea and Japan. Whilst promoting their second Korean mini-album, F.

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Island recorded another Japanese single titled " So Today The song, "Boom Boom Boom", was composed by Jong-hoon. Former vocalist and guitarist Oh Wonbin, appeared as a special guest and performed his first single as a solo artist and a brand new song, which had not been released at the concert. Island performed songs in three languages, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Island won favorable comments in the Taiwanese media. Island also broke several records in Taiwan withhits on mobile downloads and 10, hits on music downloads.

Continued Japanese popularity, Return to Korea and rising popularity[ edit ] F. LiveMarch 9, On April 20,F. Island released their seventh Japanese single " Satisfaction " with accompanying tracks, "Friends" and "I Want", in which Jong-hoon participated in the composition of both songs.

The single debuted at number two on the Oricon weekly singles charts, becoming the band's highest charting single in the country. Island released their first major debut album in Japan, entitled Five Treasure Island.

The album ranked first at the Oricon album daily chart. Island returned to the South Korean music scene after almost a year, with a mini-album titled Return.

ft island and cnblue relationship marketing

The album was released on May Title track was "Hello Hello", a fast-paced rock song. The album featured five songs in total. Cuz we are boys we fought physically too. But thinking back I think it was really a small problem. I cooked bibim noodles and previous member Wonbin tried to eat suddenly so we fought.

And after a while, the person who did wrong will admit it cooly.

ft island and cnblue relationship marketing

And if someone seems to feel bad or tired, we care for them. Now we thank the god for how we all met well. Will you confiscate if you become a producer Minhwan: We get tempted by the surroundings easily.

SF9 share advice they got from CNBLUE and F.T. Island

And sunbaenims keep asking is to come out for a drink. Definitely we get easily tempted when we get handphones. Although we used public phones to go out and play when we didn't have handphones. Even if we have our own schedule and go out we call our members and drink together in the end.

ft island and cnblue relationship marketing

We enjoy drinking to a certain extent. We had group dinner after a concert but he drank without eating properly the whole day. There was an interview the next day and Seunghyunnie opened his eyes and couldn't move his body. They said it was serious dehydration.

ft island and cnblue relationship marketing

Maknae Minhwannie is easily touched by hyung's word and cry when he drinks. One member was drinking with japan rock band friends and vomited a lot in front of the toilet. Korea and Japan rock band took the mop and cleaned the floor together. It was really funny. All members point to Jaejin Jaejin: I went on dates with normal people but never went into a relationship.

Hongki volunteers to raise his own hand and the rest of the members point to Hongki and Jonghun Hongki: I've dated famous celebrity before. But because we're busy and there's a lot of overseas activities, the relationship don't last long. I'm too into games these days that I don't have time to meet.

I think Jonghun has similar experiences as me but he meets well without getting caught.

FT Island's Seunghyun admits to feeling an inferiority complex to CNBLUE ~ Netizen Buzz

When we start dating, we tell and share everything. And the rules that our team made is 'Lets not clash girls' and 'Lets not get our parents involved in work' we've been keeping them well so far.

They are older even though they are juniors. Seunghyun almost became a CNBlue member so he's friends with all of them. We are more like friends instead of senior and juniors. We were really happy when CNBlue did well. But because we are our company's first singer there were lots of trial and errors. Since CNBlue is the second the company was more careful with them.

We were slightly upset when we saw that. First always has some sadness'. How do you rate them as a person. We were also like 'why would things that we didn't do become rumors?

So they don't even go out of the house these days.