Fuu and mugen relationship problems

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fuu and mugen relationship problems

Fuu (フウ, Tanagers) is the tritagonist and leading lady of Samurai Champloo. Following Her relationship with Mugan and Jin is apparently sororal. and is strongly prone to accidents, getting lost, and trouble although she is quite practical. Fuu, Jin, and Mugen part down their separate roads. of continued connection through email, social media, movies, anime, and other media. . they are before the samurai champloo as many of their problems are solved and. I was wondering what everyone's favourite Mugen/Fuu moment is, or what solidified their relationship in your mind. For me it was definitely the He obviously has no issue abandoning it at this point in the series. And if it was actually just the.

Mugen then scoffs, sheathes his sword…and turns to look at Fuu and Jin standing beside each other. Then Koza lays her head on his abdomen, saying she wants to be happy with him too: Most people think it was Koza because they show her face at that exact second. Her mouth is wide in a scream, unlike Koza. Plus, Fuu had a tendency to scream his name throughout the series whenever he got injured. She then cries for Mugen for the first time. Jin will frequently comfort Fuu when she cries over Mugen.

When Mugen is drowning after being again tricked by Mukuro…he sees images of his past. Right before he fades from consciousness, he sees an image of Koza, the first person he really befriended who betrayed him. Then he sees Jin.

fuu and mugen relationship problems

But finally, the last thing he sees before passing out is an image of Fuu scolding him. She chased the pantu away, and they represent his death. The next morning when Fuu spent all night searching for him on the beach, she finds him and begins to cry for a second time and nurses him back to health.

He then grabs her wrist as she turns to leave. It can be seen when it zooms in on his face, and he sighs. Fuu returns and yells that Mugen is gone again. This episode shows their bonding, how Mugen realizes the only woman who cares about him in his life is Fuu. She also brought him back from death when the pantu came to take his soul. His thoughts of her are what made him live; he has unfinished business in life. Mugen and Fuu are for the first time shown getting along, laughing together and talking about food.

Notice how this is after their huge episode last time. He then goes to a brothel to relieve some sexual tension I mean, he refuses to have sex with Fuu because that would unravel his feelings, and disregard how he said she has no sex appeal, plus he just CANT.

He never ends up having sex in this ep btw or any other episode for that matter. Jin meanwhile, had sex with Shino and possibly the two ugly brothel girls in this ep Ep They get into a huuuuge argument. Fuu says that he just wants to travel with a cute girl, Mugen said he never even thought about her like that at all. She grabbed the same right hand, just saying. At the end of the episode after arguing with Fuu last timethey intend to all split up.

He looks rather…upset too. Like, he feels guilty over it.

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He was always the one who asked about her relationship with the sunflower samurai. He was always the one who was curious, more than Jin. They then show Jin. And the love song plays. Mugen gets very defensive when Fuu makes fun of him for not reading… But she actually wanted to teach him, even shooed Jin away so they could have quality time together. Sadly, he got kidnapped by the hippy teacher lol. Fuu is then a prize in a graffiti contest between two twin brothers. When Mugen returns from a day of learning, Fuu brags how guys are fighting over her.

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Again he saved Fuu? Meanwhile, Jin is just…trying to keep the peace.

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Mugen is the one who wakes her up when she got knocked out. He is then the one to really go wild and attack the false Frances Xavier if you watch the scene. Jin was more like support. Mugen saves the day. Mugen and Fuu saw each other naked.

Jin is meanwhile, cleaning his sword that was not a dirty pun btw. But honestly, her crying over Jin at the end of this ep the only time she ever cried over Jin btw w as more goofy that her extremely emotional times over Mugen. And with Jin gone, why the hell would he stay with Fuu alone?! Plus, when Mugen wants something, he gets it. Jin meanwhile…gets attacked by Sara. This is the ep where Fuu confessed her feelings to Mugen through actions.

Instead, the ogre guy did. Up to you to decide. If any of you watched the Japanese samurai movie Azumi, this is the exact lines Hyuga screams to Yae when he is bleeding on the ground dying. Hyuga had feelings for Yae. Fuu again takes care of Mugen, bandaging him and such. At least Shino cried for him right? Umm…Mugen fought off zombies. However there is proof. While Jin dies on the field lmao along with everyone else, and everyone left is still getting killed, Mugen, the ninja and Fuu are the last three standing.

Fuu nods and scoots away. Who knew such a goofy ep showed how he cared about her, wanted to protect her from getting killed by flying baseballs XD Once again, Mugen was the hero of this ep. Really big proof again. Fuu and Jin instead share heart to hearts. But then he looks at the campfire as if with regret. After he said horrible things to her in the past about who the sunflower samurai was; he said he was gay, said he waas probably a guy who raped her and dumped etc, it turns out it was her father.

Maybe Mugen was regretful for that. Ahem…there was no honorific either, showing closeness more than rudeness: What do you intend to do after that? I ought to give that some thought. Connects to ep If I should kill Mugen, would you like me to still keep traveling with you?

Her father was after all a ronin too. I think the reason she cried was because if Jin beat him, Mugen would die. This is why she apologized to him, crying. She feels so terrible for choosing Mugen over Jin. Those are supposed to be the most important males in your life, after all. Little did he know. When he gets it, he shoves it over to Jin…I think again, showing distaste, believing she liked Jin more.

So why should he take her purse? At the end, the man who wants to kill Mugen, Umanousuke follows Fuu. When Mugen finds out she was taken hostage, he gets realllly pissed. Fuu loves Jin in his eyes. But then, Jin has a flashback of that scene where Fuu cried into his chest about Mugen.

Fuu believed that Mugen would always leave her, and never bother to save her if there were no more strings attached. Fuu always depended on Mugen to save her. Mugen grits his teeth.

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When someone tells him what to do, he does the opposite. The only person he listened to was Fuu reluctantly. Plus, Mugen must always defeat and opponent stronger than him. Jin smiles as he leaves. He totally ships them just as much as I do. Mugen swims the entire distance, his hand bleeding out, exhausted. He has to save her.

This is where he says he loves her. He gave up his sword. No home, no money, no nothing. His sword is his life, the only thing that kept him alive. He gave it up for Fuu alone. This is similar to how Jin gave up his samurai swords to the brothel for Shino. Notice how he never gave his up for Fuu, only for Shino. He wants her to survive.

fuu and mugen relationship problems

And he might die. Have some faith in me, will ya? Jin fell backwards, Mugen following soon after, straddling the older male and pressing another demanding kiss to the the dojo samurai's thin, yet additively tasty lips. When air was once again necessary the two of them broke apart, a string of saliva falling onto Jin's chin due to gravity.

fuu and mugen relationship problems

Jin's chest rose and fell slowly as did Mugen's, although not as heavy as the older man's. Keeping eye contact with the older man the whole time, the Ryuken leaned in closer to Jin's face and dipped his head to slowly and seductively lick up the wet trail left on the samurai's chin. A breathy groan met Mugen's sensitive ears which caused him to smirk evilly, curving his mouth upwards in means of kissing those incredibly tempting lips again But hands yielding against his shoulders made him stop.

He sat back slowly, an incredulous glare and tense posture meeting Jin's timid-like hesitation. He looked into the eyes of the man above him, the man he wanted so badly, but all insecurities still kept him from wanting to move on.

Being insecure was something the black-haired man wasn't too fond of and no matter how he tried to avoid it, those certain memories just kept coming back Mugen's loud scoff brought the dojo samurai suddenly out of his thoughts, jerking his head forward from shock only to helplessly look into the Ryuken's eyes as he started to speak.

You've been practically begging me to take you somewhere nice and quiet to take you, but now that we're actually here you want me to stop? Hands were placed on either side of Jin's head, Mugen keeping the older samurai from moving as he talked to him seriously. The two of them held a sort of staring contest before Jin finally looked away, suddenly uncomfortable with the situation. He tried to speak, to explain the deep feelings within him, but all that came out were muffled mumbles.

When the older samurai felt Mugen shift the weight on his stomach in means of moving away, he turned his head forward to watch the man's next move. A large hand reached for his arm, and before Jin could react, strong arms pulled him up and into a sitting position.

Mugen grabbed the older man's pale and smooth hands, smothering them with his own big hands.

fuu and mugen relationship problems

Slowly, the Ryuken kissed both sets of hands gently, a surprised intake of breath coming from Jin's lips as he watched in adoration while Mugen repeatedly ran his lips over Jin's knuckles, kissing and nipping affectionately. It wasn't the fact that Jin was repulsed by Mugen, but because what the Ryuken man said made him uncomfortable. And Jin knew better than anyone that Mugen had almost no tact.

Mugen sat up fully at the sight of Jin moving his hands away, eyes narrowing in confusion. The black-haired samurai shook slightly, arms crossed, fingers gripping onto his arm sleeves and wanting his anxiety to go away. He took a deep, shaky breath when Mugen gave him some space, watching him carefully the whole time.

Even something that happened years ago could affect someone like Jin this deeply. That day in the forest when they were younger Memories flashed through Mugen's mind and he grit his teeth in remembrance. He looked at Jin worriedly when he realized that the older man was shaking ever so slightly, hiding his face from Mugen's view. The Ryuken man hesitantly came closer to Jin, hoping not to scare the man away.

Big, gentle hands reached out and took a slim body into a hug, Mugen holding Jin close. He wanted to express his deep feelings for the Ryuken man, but didn't know how to express such feelings. Apparently, he didn't have to. Sure, the younger male seemed highly immature at some points, but when he was serious, Jin would think he was with a different man.

Mugen released Jin from their hug, motioning for Jin to follow him to the floor. The older samurai was hesitant at first, but with Mugen's gentle caress, Jin followed the Champloo-styled samurai down to the floor of the Inn. Jin settled himself comfortably on Mugen's exposed chest when it was offered with a gentle leading of hands. There they laid in each others' arms and enjoyed one another's company, Mugen holding onto Jin's lower back, the older samurai's hair tickling the Ryuken man's face.

Jin sighed happily, caressing Mugen's bare chest with a slightly chilled finger, making the muscles twitch under Mugen's skin. Jin took a deep shaky breath, moving closer to Mugen's warmth.

I want to tell you something. He was finally going to tell him. In response, Jin closed his eyes and focused on the gentle sensation of Mugen's hand. His hair fell into Mugen's face for a second before he took the loose hair and tucked it collectively behind his ear. The two samurai looked deep into each other's eyes, searching each other for the answer to their insecurities.

Finally, Jin finished his sentence.

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